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NAME:________________________________________________ DATE:__________

Biography work for Arthur Miller

1. Date of birth:
2. Place of birth:
3. Date of death:
4. Cause of death:
5. Most famous play
6. Famous person he was married to
7. Dates of this marriage
8. Date and reason of this wife’s death
9. What happened to his family in his
childhood that had a great influence on
10.Hobbies as a child:
11.When did he graduate from high school?
12.What did he do when he graduated?
13. What influenced him to become a writer?
14.What university did he go to and what
did he study there?
15.Did Miller go into the army in WWII? If
he did- what part of the army? If he
didn’t, why didn’t he?
16.Name of first wife
17.Number of children from first marriage
18.What awards did All My Sons receive?
19.In Miller’s plays, how are families often
20.What influence (from ancient theatre)
influenced Miller?
21.What was Miller accused of in 1956?
22.Why did a character in Death of a
Salesman commit suicide?
23. Compare the reasons for this to the
reasons of the suicide in All My Sons