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FORMULAS FOR REFERENCE SPHERE CevLINDER cone PRISM PYRAMID Surfer Aves of crv surface Avon of curved surface Volume Volume Volume an 2h ah Leek 7 a are % height 1 4 tase se x baht + r SECTION A (99 marks) Answer ALL questions i his section ‘There is no need wo sar each question ona fresh pose, {I qestions 1-2, working stops are not requeed and you need to give the answers oy » @ ® © ‘Wats the snp interest on $100 for 6 month 3% pa? 1 Fgue 1, fd ~ Figure 1 In Figure 2, nd Figure2 x in Figure 3, ida point (¢,) in he add epon Gntaing the Boundary at which the vale of + 23 is (grates, (iy et What re thse gett ad kt ales? 2m eto BEE nat ey ()M aey 23 = express y intems of x © Simptiy (Find the remainder when 3? 6a? ie divided by = 1 © Find We H.CF. and LEM. of 62? and 4% = DA ree find Ponds © omy 3. soe BEES 2 fr oF go < 307 mats) A Seve te ingaliy F220 Hace se We iagay (Y= 10} = Q = 1m) = 2-0 mt) 5) eB find x ©) Smit apa it tine (2) (nas ‘Te eagth a andthe bath ofa esting photograph ave te root he oqaton 24? = mx «S00 = 0 The peng is mound (pice of etngalar aoa, leaving uniform border of with? 1 shown in Figure (8) Fed the art ofthe photograph ©) Find, in terms of me, (te peimse of te pagent, (0) tear ofthe border, © mis) SECTION B (60 marks) “Answer any FIVE question fom this eton, ach question carries 12 mark. 7. The following frequency tbe shows the distin ofthe sears of 200, students ins Mathenat examinnton. Prequeney Table Comulatve Frequency Table F ‘Sore | Comulative Sow [Frweey | | stem) | Frqecny 3-3 | a 35 ww] « Bs n=] @ Bs wo | 3S wo | ws 2-9 | 0 ws © Copy te curative frequency tbl ont your anes book and fi o © © inthe Basie (mats) © Draw te cumulative frequency polygon on the gph paper (©) and determin he negate fnge, (0) 16 eps percentage i set 60%, determin the pass ore from the cami feqencypgeoe ‘6 ms) Find he mean and standard deviation ofthe dsbtion of sores (Woking sep nex a0 shown) Gack) ‘The teacher found thatthe scores weet low. He add 20 cach cre. Write down the mean andthe sand devin of te new mt of oer (@ marty Question 7 i ne above and We ths sheet INSIDE your ansmer the details inthe Fist thee ook, &