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Candidate Number | 2003-CE MATH Centre Number PAPER 1 Seat Number L HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AND ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY : HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 200 ker's | Examiner's Use Only | Use Oni MATHEMATICS PAPER 1 * + . Marker No. | Examiner No. Question-Answer Book ‘Section A 7 Marks Marks 8.30 am - 10.30 am (2 hours) citesion a) - This paper must be answered in English 13 45 67 1 Write your Candidate Number, Centre Number and 8 Seat Number in the spaces provided om this cover. 9 2. This paper consists of THREE sections, A(1), A(2) and B. Each section carries 33 marks. 10 3. Attempt ALL questions in Sections A(1) and A(2), " | and any THREE questions in Section B, Write your answers in the spaces provided in this Question- 5 ‘Answer Book, Supplementary answer sheets will be ¥ i supplied on request. Write your Candidate Number _ ‘on each sheet and fasten them with string inside this 13 book. = Section A 4, Write the question numbers of the questions you have Total attempted in Section B in the spaces provided on this ee Checker's Section A Total 5. Unless otherwise specified, all working must be Use Only clearly shown. 6. Unless otherwise specified, numerical answers should Section B | be either exact or correct to 3 significant figures. Question Now | __ Marks = 7. ‘The diagrams in this paper are not necessarily drawn | to scale ‘Section B Total *To be filled in by the candidate. OCFHEFRRAKR mB Checker’s coe Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Use Only {Section B Total ‘All Rights Reserved 2003 2003-CE-MATH I-1 Checker No. | FORMULAS FOR REFERENCE SPHERE Surface aiea = nr? 4p Vo = Sar lume ; CYLINDER Area of curved surface = 2arh Volume = arth CONE Area of curved surface = rl Volume darth 3 PRISM Volume = base area x height PYRAMID Volume 4p base area eight 2003-CE-MATH 1-2 Page total SECTION A(1) (33 marks) Answer ALL questions in this section and write your answers in the spaces provided. 1. Make m the subject of the formula mx =2(m-+c) . 2, Find the range of values of x which satisfy both 2—2%22~x and x+8>0. 3. Factorize 2003-CE-MATH 1-3