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Sun/Pluto aspect provides her with an extremely strong will and determination, as well as a fearless nature, so it's of no surprise that she would not object to performing her own stunts, Vonus is rising in her chart and conjunct to hor ascendant—the rising sign. Venus brings heauty to the area where she is placed in ou charts, and Angelina can beknownforherunusualsenseofbeauty,mostparticularly hr fascination with tattoos. The scare that Angelina's Venus receives from Uranus attributes to this offbeat alluseThe influence of Pluto lends a sense of darkness and mystique to Angelina, as docs the planet of illusion, Neptune, which is in opposition to her natal Sun Fortunately, hor natal Neptune is well-aspected by her natal Moon and Mars givingthis illusory actress a great deal of instinct when itcomesto playing herparts. Jupiter widely conjuncts her Moon and Mars and, f not for the foriunate placements of these planets to her natal Neptune, she more than likely would have entered the world of substance abuse thatsome Hollywood players aro notorioudly known for. Another factor to her dark boautyis that her Venus is located in hor twolfth house, thchonseofthemysterious By 1995 at the ageo! 18, Angelina haddecided toparsue acting full. time, Her first role was in Cyborg I Gless Shadow, which was less than memorable. Soon alter, Angelina nabbed a role in Hackers, alongside Matthew LillardandJonnyLecMiller Tholilm got good reviows for Angplina, but incredibly bad reviews for the film. At that time transiting Jupiter trined her natalSun, expanding hercareer opportunities regardless of the films less- than-stellar successes. This was a time for her to lay the foundation for her career, as transiting Saturn was also playing its part in the solidification of her future, TnMay of 1996, Angelina married herco-star from the film Hackers, Jonny Leo Millor, though thoy aro now divorced. During the coremony she wore black rubber clothes,onemoreexampleofthedarkeccentricity thatshe exudes. Other illustrations of her mystique include her extensive dagger collection and the several tattoos. she sports, one of which is the Japanese word for death, appropriatelyplacedonlershoulder,foreverareminderol whai'stollowing her. ‘Dblor peviele la Beka a) Awe careates ataraa he critically praised 1998 HBO movie GIA. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal (Carangi who died of AIDS. Ai the time, it was said that Ea Jolie tends toabsorb herself in her reles.particularlyby frends whowere worried thatshe might have gotten too much into Gia’ character. This is an example of how the Neptune influence in her chart can have anegative cllect on her existence. At times she may become #0 engulfed in her roles that it may be difficult for her to separate fiction from reality, Angelina'ssecond marriage came when she met Billy BobThomton while filming Pushing Tin The two married in a smallLes Vegas wedding in 2000.t was reported that Angelina checked herself into UCLA for paychological examination only four days prior to the wedding Once again,the influence of Neptunceswellas asignificant Pluto transit, forced her to redefine her life and eliminate the unnecessary She once said of Thorton;“Im obsessed with Billy,Lalways want more. can't heveenough ofhim." Shealsocontinwed her obsession with blood and tattoos, wearing an amulet with Billy Bob's blood around her neck and tattooing his nameonhorarm Thisunusual obsossionishorn ont of Billy Bobs Uranus making both an exact conjunction to Angelinas natal Vonus and an exact Square to hor Uranus. Given both her dark nature and Uremus's influence,it'sno wonder she wouldhave anobsession with this bold and courageous Leo. Shorily efter adopting a bebyboy from Cambodian 2002, Angelina and Billy Bob divorced. More than likely, the Plato transitthatpassod spurredhor to realizo her trie nature and to undergo a complete metamorphosis of her life, Pluto influenced her natal Saturn, which is her marriage partner, in a way that caused her tomake he necessary decisions in herlife that would be suitable forher own existence. Ashe moves through {vom 2004 onwards she will again experionce a significant Pluto transit, as well as hor first Satur roturn.Pluto opposes her natal Mercury, so sho may find herself redefining her belief system and bringing about a significant change inthe relationship with her brother, which, might add, hasbeen anything batatypical biother/sisterrelationship.tn her chart, her brother is someone who isalways a friend to her,and the influence of cecontricity of this rolationship. anus in hor chart contributes to the Angelina splits her time between New York and Los two residences, sate. of the bisexual and heroin-addicted supermodel Gia Angeles-its a very typical trait for a Gemini to have 32