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It can be seen from the data that when the size of the PMOS is made larger than the

NMOS, the time when VIL and VIH occur is much earlier compared to when the size of the
PMOS is just equal to the NMOS. Ideally, the size of the PMOS transistor is twice the
size of the NMOS transistor.

The exercise made us understand what a CMOS inverter is by getting us acquainted with
the software Electric. Electric is a software tool that can produce schematic diagram.
Another software discussed was WinSpice. WinSpice on the other hand can simulate the
schematic diagram Electric produced. We constructed the CMOS inverter using Electric
and simulated the circuit using WinSpice. WinSpice was used to show the amplitude vs
time response of the circuit. The circuit showed, as expected, an inverter circuit which
has an output of low when the input is high and vice versa.