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CHING, Warren S.



I really did not know what to expect for this was the first time I attended a retreat

in my whole life. At first I thought that I do not need this kind of things but when the

activities started I really had a good time and at the same time got me thinking especially

when we were told to think BIG questions regarding my life. The Solidarity Meal was

one of my favorites. That activity got me talking about God with my friends because God

is not one of our topics in our “tambayan.” In the middle of the retreat, I finally realized

that I am not doing my all to have a close relationship with God. I think this is because of

the distractions in school, at home and many more. I guess a little quiet time to reflect

once in a while would be very beneficial to me. For a first timer in a retreat, it was very

enjoying and I hope I could attend another one in the near future.