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Which of the following combinations of colors of car and game

played is not Correct?

(a)Yellow-Polo (b)Green -Tennis (C)Black-Cricket

(d)Red-Hokey (f)None of these

(8) Read the given information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1 .P, Q, R, S, T, and U are six students procuring their Master's degree in six different subjects -English, History,
Philosophy, Physics, Statistics and Mathematics.

2.Two of them stay in the hostel ,two stay as paying guest (PG) and remaining two staying at their home.

3.R does not stay as PG and studies Philosophy.

4.The students studying History and Statistics do not stay as PG

5.T studies mathematics and S studies Physics.

6.U and S stays in the hostel. T stays as PG and Q stays at Home.

yf)Who studies English?

(a)R (b)S (C)T (d)U(e) None of these,

(2)Which of the following combinations of subjects and place of stay is not


(a)English -hostel (b)Mathematics-PG (C) Philosophy -Home

(d)Physics -Hostel (e) None of these.

(3)Which of the following pairs of students stay one each at hostel and at
home ?

(a) QR (b)SR (c)US (d)Data inadequate (f) None of these

yf4)Which Subject does Q study?

(a)History (b)Statistics (c)History and Statistics

(d)Data inadequate (0 None of these

(5}Which of the following pairs of students stay at home?

(a)PQ (b)QR (c)RS (d)ST (e)None of these

(9) If TAP is coded as SZO ,then how is FREEZE coded?


(10) If in a Certain code ,TEACHER is written as VGCEJGT, how

would you DULLARD be written in the same code?


(e)FWNNCTF (0 None of these