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Ref No: MT/ BI/ PL-ALL/ VBB/ Q3-07/ 1.


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Micro InfoTech Park, Plot No: 16,
Sector: 30A,Near Vashi Rly Station,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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Micro VBB Economy Classic Elite Navigator
ARM/DISARM using Remote (Remote Key less Entry) O O P O
Door Opening Intrusion message alert P P P P
ARM/ DISARM the System via SMS P P P P
Remote Vehicle Immobilization via SMS P P P P
Lock Unlock the Vehicle using SMS P P P P
System Status via SMS Globally P P P P
Alert calls on Intrusion apart from SMS O O P O
Add-On-Users with Customized Information Access O O P O
Battery back up upto three hours stand by
(1 hour in Operational) O O P O
Low Battery Indication O O P O
Know about Vehicle Battery Voltage O O P O
Visual alert for Intrusions O O O P
Control Transfer Globally P P P P
Find GSM Based locality of the Vehicle P P P P
Two way voice communication O P P P
SOS message O P P P
Car Audio SIM Removal Alert O P P P
Alert on Attempt to Remove SIM card O P P P
Alert on change in SIM Card O O P O
Real-Time Vehicle tracking O O O P
GPRS Network Configuration O O O P
SMS tracking in case of unavailability of GPRS network O O O P
Web Interface for vehicle Tracking O O O P
Replay and analysis of trip logs O O O P
Features Standard Accessories with the package Add-on Accessories at extra cost
Economy Classic Elite Navigator Economy Classic Elite Navigator
Siren O O O O One One One One
Remote Vehicle Immobilization One One One One O O O O
Wiring Assembly One One One One O O O O
Remote Key Fobs O O One pair O O O O O
Door Switches Six Six Six Six O O O O
Telematics O One One One O O O O
Towing Indicator O O O O O O One
Diodes Four Four Four Four O O O O
Back Up Battery O O One O O O O O

Product Details MRP

Micro VBB Economy 9,499
Micro VBB Classic 3.2 13,200
Micro VBB Elite 15,500
Micro VBB Navigator 19,200
Accessories Details
Telematics 900
Head Phone 400
SIM Tray 150
Wire Harness 1,500
Towing Sensor 1,500
Battery of VBB Elite 400