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World Religions Report - 1 -

World Religions Report Stephanie Webb Axia College University of Phoenix HUM 130

World Religions Report - 2 Introduction The Catholic religion in the new world was led by ordinary men that wanted to form a church in similar structure to the church in England. Catholics during this time period were a minority as the first settlers of the new world were primarily Protestants. So Protestants during this time period outnumbered Catholics. Catholics wanted to keep the peace but at the same time they wanted their church to enjoy the same influential status as they did in England. For this reason Catholics agreed to separate church from State affairs. So the first settlers of the new world adapted to political and societal influences that compelled them to separate church from State. This in turn allowed a restructuring of religion. This restructuring permitted new religious denominations to form in the new world. Thus religion in America has been based on forms of ancient religious traditions comprised of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Catholic faiths. Catholics and Protestants being the primary religions that helped influence societies moral values and beliefs in the new world (Dolan, 2004) Background The earliest forms of Catholicism were formed under five patriarchs. These five patriarchs included bishops from Jerusalem, bishops from Antioch, bishops from Alexandria, bishops from Constantinople, and bishops from Rome. Conflicts arose between the divisions due to political and societal influences. These conflicts led to the separation of the Catholic Church. According to Haselhurst (2011), England, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Scandinavia, and much of the rest of Western Europe were in the Western camp, and Greece, Russia and many of other Slavic lands, Anatolia, and the

World Religions Report - 3 Christians in Syria and Egypt who accepted the Council of Chalcedon made up the eastern campp.5. This division formed what is known as known as West and East. Then during the 16th century another division occurred when members of the Catholic Church in the West decided to denounce their Roman Catholic leadership. These members formed a new group called the Protestants. The Roman Catholic Church today comprises more than one billion members. The Roman Catholic religion claims to be the original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ. Catholics follow beliefs based on seven sacraments that include; baptism, eucachrist, penance and reconciliation, confirmation, anointing the sick, holy orders, and holy matrimony. Catholics believe in finding salvation not just through faith but by fulfilling Gods work through good deeds. Catholics believe in hell or purgatory as a place where both men and woman go to pay for their sins. If women or men are sentenced to purgatory they have to be burned by fire in order to rid themselves of their sins. A Catholic church is led by an ordained priest. Members of the church go to mass several times a week. During mass they pray, sing, and rejoice in their faith (Haselhurst, 2011) The Baptist faith formed under the Protestant movement that separated from the Roman Catholic Church of the West. Baptists believe that there is one God formed by three persons. These three persons include God as the Father, Jesus as the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Baptists believe that the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus Christ through the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, they believe that Jesus is God, and that God is man. They believe that Jesus was sent to earth to serve as a mediator between God and man. They believe that Jesuss role was to help save mankind from a life of sin. Baptists believe that God created an angel and assigned him an important role in Heaven. This angel fell from

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the good graces of God due to pride. This angel is often referred to as the Devil or Satan. Baptists believe that Satan and his demons try to coerce people into committing sinful acts that reject Gods word. Baptists believe that all people are born into a life of sin and must become baptized in order to be saved from eternal damnation. When a member of the Baptist faith becomes old enough to declare their faith and renounce their sins they can be baptized. According to Hanson (2011), Baptism means that a believer is bodily immersed in water followed by being raised up out of the water again p.4. At this point their sins are washed away and they are welcomed into the arms of their God. A Baptist church is led by a pastor who acts as a shepherd to Gods children. Baptists go to church several times a week to pray, sing, and rejoice in their faith. They often pray for salvation and for a life free from sin (Hanson, 2010) Analysis Catholic religion findings based on interview with Derrick Wood a member of the St.Marys Catholic Church located at E 10th street The Dalles, Oregon. List of Interview Questions: 1) What does the term Catholic mean to you? 2) How long have you been a practicing Catholic?. 3) What are some of the beliefs and principles that Catholics follow? 4) How does one become a Catholic? 5) Please describe in your own words what happens during a Catholic Baptism? 6) What associations does the Catholic Church affiliate with? 7) Do you believe that women should be allowed to become Priests? 8) What are the important holidays and traditions of your religion? 9) How has religion shaped your life? 10) What are the challenges, if any, with practicing your religion? Summary from Interview

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Being Catholic means leading a good life through the eyes of God this includes following the seven sacraments. At infancy children are baptized to protect their spirit from corruption and to welcome them into the world as Gods children. Later as an adult or adolescent Catholics receive confirmation of their faith through another baptism. Catholics follow a number of traditions including but not limited to; penance and reconciliation, reciting the Lords Prayer and Hale Mary, singing from hem books in church, and making the sign of the cross at four points on the body called the mind, spirit, body, and heart. The sign of the cross symbolizes paying homage to the father, the son, and the holy ghost (spirit). They take communion through the eucachrist where bread symbolizes Christs body and wine symbolizes his blood. They believe in following the holy orders also known as the Ten Commandments. Catholics recognize Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, and Palm Sunday as important Holidays. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. On Palm Sunday members of the church spread palm leaves to protect Jesus feet from walking on hot sand. Furthermore, they believe that doing good unto others will lead to good events in their life. Then if they choose to do bad deeds then bad things will happen to them in their life. This is why Catholics believe in finding salvation not just through faith but by fulfilling Gods work through good deeds. In order to become a Catholic one must attend classes at a Catholic Church to learn about the Catholic religion and they have to be confirmed through confirmation or baptism. Most Catholic Churches in the United States belong to the United States association of Catholic Bishops. Women are not currently allowed to become ordained priests but some Catholics believe that

World Religions Report - 6 women have a lot to offer the Catholic Church including new perspectives on religion. Often Catholics believe that their religion is looked down on in the United States by other religions such Lutheran and Methodists. Lutherans and Methodists have tried to persuade Catholics that their religion is wrong. So defending their religion has been a constant challenge (Wood, 2011) Presentation of Findings The Baptist and Catholic religions are similar in nature. Both religions believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Baptists believe in following the Ten Commandments and Catholics believe in following the Holy Orders. The Ten Commandments and the Holy Orders are virtually one and the same. As well both religions take communion during church ceremonies. They believe that taking bread represents Christs body and that drinking wine represents Christs blood. Through the act of taking communion they are accepting Jesus Christ as their savior. As well both religions recognize some of the same holidays including Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas. Both religions pray during church ceremonies, they sing from hem books, and rejoice in their faith. Both religions believe in following Gods word. Even though both religions share similarities they do have differences (Hanson, 2011) Catholics believe in baptizing infants as a way of protecting the infant childs spirit from corruption. Catholics believe that by baptizing children at infancy they are welcoming the child into the world as one of Gods children. Baptists on the other hand do not believe in baptizing infants. Baptists believe in baptizing adults or children old enough to understand and declare their faith to Jesus Christ. Baptists do not believe that

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being baptized alone will save them from damnation. Instead they believe that following Gods word by primarily living life by the Ten Commandments will help them lead a good life. They pray for salvation from sin and for a life free from sin. Baptists also believe that it is their duty to spread the word of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ. Catholics on the other hand believe that following the seven sacraments throughout their lifetime will lead to their salvation. They believe that no one can be saved without following the sacraments that are defined by the Roman Catholic church. So Catholics believe that their faith and salvation is found by following these seven sacraments. Baptists, however, believe that their salvation is found through grace alone through their faith in Jesus Christ. Catholics place a great deal of emphasis on attending mass. Mass is a ceremony performed that represents the body and blood of Jesus Christ. According to Hanson (2010), Because Baptists believe that Christ is up in Heaven, (and not down on a Communion table), they therefore consider the Mass to be blasphemous p.3. Therefore, Baptists believe that Christ is in Heaven with God and thereby taking mass is considered blasphemy. Furthermore, Baptists believe that when Christ died his death paid for all the sins of human kind. Catholics, however, believe in hell or purgatory as a place where both men and woman go to pay for their sins. Baptists believe that there are only two places that people go after death; Heaven or Hell. Thereby, Baptists do not believe in purgatory. Catholics believe in praying to Mary and the Saints. Baptists believe in only praying to God through the name of Jesus Christ. Catholics follow the Roman Catholic Bible and the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. Baptists follow the bible and their faith alone. Catholics believe that priests are their mediators between God and man. Whereas, Baptists believe that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between Man and

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God. Even though there are many differences between the Catholic religion and the Baptist religion they still share some of the same beliefs and moral values that have helped define the American society as seen throughout American history (Hanson, 2011) Conclusion The United States of America has been greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic Religion and the Protestant movement which comprises many denominations including the Baptist faith. The Catholic religion in the new world was led by ordinary men that wanted to form a church in similar structure to the church in England. Although, Catholics during this time period were a minority because the first settlers of the new world were primarily Protestants. So Protestants during this time period outnumbered Catholics. Both religious entities wanted to keep the peace. So they separated church from State. This allowed both religions of the new world to adapt to a changing landscape encompassing societal and political influences. This in turn allowed a restructuring of religion and the formation of various denominations in the new world. This permitted new forms of religion to take shape. Catholicism and Protestant faiths were the primary religions that helped influence societies moral values and beliefs. Both religions took shape as the American culture grew and expanded. So religion was intertwined with the American societys morals, values, and ideals.

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