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Juror No. IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEW JERSEY CAMDEN VICINAGE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Criminal No, 07-459 (RBK) v. MOHAMED IBRAHIM SHNEWER, etal: Hon. Robert B. Kugler Defendants, JURY QUESTIONNAIRE, Juror No. As Judge Kugler explained to you, the purpose of this questionnaire is to provide ‘guidance to the lawyers and the Judge and as a time-saving device. This is nota test of your knowledge of the laws of the United States. The rules of law that apply to this case will be explained by the Court to those persons who are actually selected as trial jurors Your questionnaire answers will be kept confidential, under seal by the court, and Will not be made available to the public or the media. In fact this case's jury selection is ‘anonymous, meaning that only the Judge and a few staff members working for the Court will know your name. Selecting an anonymous jury is not an unusual practice and has been done in ‘many cases in federal court, Anonymity will ward off curiosity that may infringe on your privacy. Please write your juror number on each page of this questionnaire. Do not write Your name on any part of this questionnaire and please do not include any information that might reveal your identity such as your employer’s name or your address. Please answer the questions as honestly and completely as possible. Remember, there are 2o “Tight” or “wrong” answers, only open and honest ones. In order for this process to work, itis important that you are completely candid regarding your actual views end opinions, Everyone involved in this proce: is relying on what you say. We are genuinely interested in what you ‘think. It will not help if you give answers that are politically correct or that reflect what you think we want to hear or what a “good” juror would say. You are sworn to give truthful answers, and any deliberately false answer to any question could subject you to prosecution for perjury or false statements, We are relying on your honesty. Please do not leave any question unanswered. If you do not understand a question, or do ‘not know the answer, please write, “I do not understand,” or “I do not know.” If there are things you do not want to talk about in open court, please circle the question numbers and write “private” on the questionnuire. Ifyou require additional space for your responses or wish to make further comments regarding any of your answers, you may do so on the Explanation Sheet at the end of this. questionnaire. Please indicate the number of the question that you arc referring to on the Explanation Sheet before writing your response ot comment Juror No. Unless a question states otherwise, the fact that a particular question is asked does not ‘imply that the subject matter of the question is an issue inthe case. As you read the questions, ‘You are not to draw any inferences about the issues that must be decided in this case. You are instructed not to discuss this case or this questionnaire with anyone, including your family and fellow potential jurors. Please print legibly and use only dark ink. Please make sure that you sign the verification page at the end of this questionnaire.