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eee See ee eee UML DISTILLED THIRD EDITION A BRIEF GUIDE TO THE STANDARD OBJECT MODELING LANGUAGE scanned by dataCore Class ClassName | p35 Class Name attribute:Type[0..1] = intialValue Association p.37 Class A foe role of A a Multiplicities p38 operationarg list): return type ‘ Class | exactly one abstractOperation many Class | (zero or more) 0.1 [<___] optional Generalization p45 Class | (zero or one) Supertype mn a numerically secs specified generalization set_p. 76 {ordered} Peer] a Ciaa® ordered ‘Subtype 1 ‘Subtype 2 cass Ko aggregation p.67 Constraint {name: description} p. 49 Class lo— cetera Cr: Keyword keyword p. 65 Qualified Association p74 Note p.46 some useful text Instance Specification p.87 ‘object name: Class Name Class qualifier Navigability p. 42 role name Source |} Target Dependency p.47 Client | -------- >} Supplier Class Diagram abstract «interface» tract Client Interface = /E-------- Class ae Class P69 L sealization ceteeeee al Implementing nee provided interface requited intertace UML 2} template class °-87 sete Class Class = Association Class Ree bound element Setcinteger> Composite Structure | p. 135 aes part : Class @] A iy g A Component Communication Diagram p. 131 ae Use Case Diagram p.99 object name : class izmessage () ‘Actor sinotude» * tole name sglass