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When I asked the author of this publieation to wtite a short histotg of HoIy Trinitg Kingsford I knew it was not an easg task.

ltl/ith gifted skill, and tireJess effott, he has produced what I consider to be an infornative and intetesting record of the life of Holt1 Trinitg Kingsford.
The History of Holg Trinitg Kingsford involves buildings but it js essentiallg one of the people of God. Mr. Stanleg Head, f believe, has nanaged to conveg that inportant point

in this


It is with a gteat deal of pleasute f reconnend this publication which f'n sute all who read it wilI appteeiate.

J.R. LeHutag





Earlu Years

Holtq Trinitq Kingsford began as a branch of St. Mattin's Kensington and was originallg known as St. Mattin 's Mjssion Chutch, South Kensington.

St. Martin's Kensinqton was establjshed on -lst Septenber, 1907 under the eharge of the Rev. A.E. Rooke as Rector, with a snall congregation but with great faith and foresight.

In 1908, one gear aftet jt's establishnent, the Rector Rev. A.E. Rook was saging that the tine had arrived for acquiring land at South Kensington (now Kingsford) for the purpose of erecting a Church buildinq in that, area,
The atea was spar.selg populated and there were sandhills, Takes and scrub forning nuch of the eountryside. The establishnent of the 'DaeegvilTe' villaqe, the tranwag, inproved roadwaqs and later Housing Cornmjssion buildings led to a steadg inerease in the growth and developnent of the district.
The Bland fanilg was the fjrst of a lonq line of people who were to give faithful and devoted service to the work of God in this parish. Theg found great help and support fron the Coles and

Corish families.

of Land

Aftet much debate and severa-l inspections for a suitable block of land the St. Martin 's Parish Council, urged on bg Messrs F.A. and F.E. Bland, decided to putchase the block of land that our parish buildings stand on to-dag for the sun of il50. At the sane time theg rejected an offer of two adjoining bToeks for an extra {150. Unfortunatelq no one on the Council envisaged a land boon. The owner agreed to sell the land to the church for the price paid for it and the Patish Council consented. ft is recotded in Parish records as folTows 7st June, 1910. "0ur parishioners residing at South Kensington and Lilgville will be interested to leatn that we have nade atranqements fot the puzchase of the block of land on the corner of

Broad Road (now Anzac Parade) and Stutt Street. It nay be sone little tine before we can do angthing further in the buildinq line in the parish but we will establish regular church worship at Lilgvi-l.le as soon as we possiblg can."


Sundau School

sueh tine that a chureh building could be Sundag Sehool was held at the hone of Mr. F.A. Bland of 513 Broad Road (Anzac parade) and Mr. F.E. Bland whose hone was at 5 Irvine

Until built,


a gatage between Botang Street and frvine Street on Anzac Parade) and RegnoLd,s HaII (Iater known as the Kensington Club, then Bell,s Ballroon, which was part of the land on which South Sgdneg Junior Rugbg League CIub stands todag. )

jt was decided that Sunday School would be held in twa halls in the area - Fenton,s HaIl In

In JuIy 1912 Reynold's Hall was sold and listed for denolition. Rather than disband the Sundag SchooJ it was decided to consttuct on the puzchased site at the cotner of Btoad Road and Sturt Street a wooden building to be used as a Church and Sundag

Tfe First


building at a cost of f285. With the addition of exttas and furnishing the value of over {300 would be needed.

The Parish Council accepted the tender Hewet and Kirk for the erection of the




of Foundation Stone

the Very Reverend A.E. Talbot in the presence of a gathering of Parishioners, set the foundation stone of the new School Chutch at the cotner of Btoad Road and Sturt .Street, After a special seryjce at the stone which was tead bg the Dean, assisted bq the Rev. A.J. Fraser, an adjoutnnent was nade to a narquee whete aftetnoon tea was ptovided bg the ladies.
0n Saturday 16th Novenbet, 1912


when St. Martin 's Schoo,l Chureh was demolished in Novenber, 1955. .It js tetained as a trjbute to

Inscript,ion on Plate beTow old Foundation Stone "This Foundation Stone was moved to this site

the pioneers of this parish".

The 0peninq

of the First


I9l3 was a red Tetter dag fot South Kensington. After nonths of anxious thought and weeks of building and final preparation, the Ven. Atchdeacon Gunther, M.A. punctuallq at 3.15 p.n. knoeked at the door of St. Mattin,s School Chureh, South Kensington and was adnitted to the buildinq bg t,he Chdrehwardens. Dr. Lee Brown read the petition for the licence of the buildinq, and the Archdeacon announeed diocesan apptoval for the dedication. The Clergg then proceeded to the chancel during the singing of the hgnn, "Glorious Thinqs of Thee Are Spoken,,. The Archbishop,s reptesentative tead the seryjce and special ptagets for all who worshipped, were baptised, confirned, martied, and taught in the buil.ding concludinq with the solenn words of dedication wherebg the edifice ras set apatt fotever to the worship, honout and glory of God. The Rev. W.J. Cakebread, B.A. preached the sernon, and the offertorg anounted to f,15. The Rector announced that the building and furniture eost about [320.

Sundag 19th January,

The First Church,1913.

Services and Sundaq School started with nany happg and enthusjastjc workers. Sundag Sehool was held at 3 p.n., and evening setviees at 7.15 p.n. an Sundags, and 7.45 p.n. on llednesdags. The evening services connenced fron 26th Januatg, 1913 and there was a celebration of the Holg Connunion evetq first Sundag in the nonth at 9.15 a.n. eonnencing fton 2nd Februarg, 1913.

nonination of the Rector licenced Mr. Ftedetick Edward Bland as Lag Reader in the Parish of St. Martin's Kensington.

Novenber, 1913 - His Grace the Archbishop, on the

In Februarg, 1914 after the ereetion of a wooden fence atound the Chureh ptopettg it was written "The encTosinq of the qtound nakes us rea-ljse what a splendid site we have for our Chureh in South Kensington. It would be quite safe to sag it is the pick of the whole district, and we were vetg fortunate in securing it iust when we did. -It is half an acre in extent, with good frontages to Broad Road and Sturt Street, and gives us plentg of toon for a Targe Church School Hall and Reetory."
Novenber, 1914 - "The Reetor has secured fot the Mission Chureh the Holq Table and covetings previousTg used in the chapel of Moore College, and these look verq beautiful in the place of the tenporaru table which did dutg fot the last two geats. A set of eedar communion rai/s with iron suppoxts acconpan| the gift, and these will be placed in position on sone future occasion, perhaps as one worket tenarked, when the Mission Church is enlarged. "


fn Febtuary, 1916 Mr. Price took up duties as Catechist. He was a student at Moore College and cane reconnended by Prineipal Davies of Moore College. FoTlowing Mt. Price eame Mr. Kingston, Mr. R.C. Partridqe and Mr. R. 0'Brien all students fron Moore College.
Decenber, 1919 the Parish Council djscussed the advisability of having a second ordained nan in place of a catechist in the future. "There is no doubt that an otdained nan would be able to relieve the Rector of nang duties which can only be perforned bg a deacon or pziest of our Church."





The Rev. H.J. Lofts ryas appointed the fitst Cutate of St. Martin 's, (ensington on lst Maq, 1920. There was gteat difficulty experienced in finding a sujtabJe house handg to the Mission Church and aftet sone tine arxangenents wexe nade for the Curate to reside in Mr. Taylor 's residenee, opposite the Chutch at 30 Sturt .Street, and a more convenient

place eould not. possibly be found.

ft was noted in Julg, 1920 - "ft is very encoutaging to notice the incteased congregation and tenewed activitg in the church life at, the Mission Church since the advent, of our Curate. llle are eonfident this will not onlg continue but inerease. o

1921 an addition of 16 feet was nade to the Church and 4 feet to the Vestrg - 20 feet in all. "Mang people were surprised at the guick nove nade in having the South Kensington Church extended, so a word of explanation is perhaps necessargf. Fot gears we have felt the necessitg Last nonth a very favoutable and talked about it. opportunity presented itself to us to go right on with the work, and in faith we accepted the opportunitq and its responsibilitg. "

In April,

olhe /ssistant Ministel, the Rev. H.J. Lofts, ras ordained at St. Andrew's Cathedral on Tuesdaq, 27st Decenbet, 1920 and as our cutate has now been otdained we are able to have a celebration of HoI g Conmunion everg Sundag norning at the Missian Church.
The Curate Rev, H.J. Lofts accepted the curacg at Hurstville and resigned his position in the patish as fron 30th June, 1922.

Out Second Curate A new Curate, the Rev. S.A. Turner Th.L. took up dutg on 18th JuJg, 1922 and resiqned his position at the end of May 1923 having accepted the curaey of St. Thonas', Notth Sqdneg. Our Thitd Curate

0n lst June, 1923 the Rev. C.J. Sumner of Sttathfield took up duties in this parish as Curate.

Baptisnal Font
The handsone Stone Baptisnal Font, which was the ptesent of the Sundag School childten and nenbers of the Band of Hope was placed in position and used for the first time on Easter Sundag, 1922.


The Rectorq

Djscussjon took place in Februatq 1924 between a Sub-connittee of the Parish Council and the arehitect to considet everA viewpoint of site and desiqn fot the ereetion of the Cutate's residence. 0n Saturdag 18th April, 1925r' Canon Cakebread 8.4., Rural Dean, set the foundation stone of the Curate's residenee whieh was built on chureh grounds' The Canon was assjsted in the service bq the Rectot, the Curate and the Rev. IY.M. Madqwick, of Long Baq, and after declating the stone as set, spoke wotds of congratulation and encouragement to all those responsible for the undertakinq. The building was designed bg Mr. A.V. Gotrell and built bg Mr. M. Nicholson of frvine Street, South Kensington.

Ihe Assistant, Minister, the Rev. C.J. Sunner, Th.L. aceepted the Rectorship of Kangaroo Valleg and left South Kensington in March, 1929. He preaehed for the last tjme as our Cuzate on Sundag 17th Mateh. All services were well attended and will long be tenenbered bg those ptesent.

Partridqe Th.L. Consequent on the vaeaneg the Rector offeted the Curaeg to the Rev. R.C. Partridqe Th.L., so we77 known among us as catechjst some yeats ago. Mr. Partridge aceepted the offer and took up duties in March, 1929.
The Rev. R.C.


of the Rev. A.E. Rook Th.L.

In 1931, after 24 qeats of energetic and faithful serviee in the parish he had developed sa well' and had taken an active part in the comnunitg life of

nanq geats.
The Rev.

the district, the Rev. A.E. Rook was appointed to the chatge of St. Stephen's Newtown. He gave his fareweTl sernon on 26th April, 1931. In the following week the Kensington School of Arts was filled to capacitg with a Tatge gatherinq of parishioners and friends and attended bg representatjyes af all the religious, political and civic life of the communitg to sag fareweTT to Mt. and Mts. Rook and fanilg and all joined in paging a high and fitting ttibute to their work so lovinqlg and patientlg qiven ovex so


Chapple Th.L.

0n the resignation of the Rev. A.E. Rook began a new eta of Rectors, and on the 27th May, 193I the Rev. J.F. Chapple, who had been noninated bg the nonination baard, was inducted bg Dean Talbot, following which there lyas a warn weLeone in the Kensington School of Arts.
The Second Church
MaA, 1932 - nThe old Church has been moved baik to it's new position faeing Anzac Patade (the site of our ptesent HaLL). The noving of the building was no easy nattet, and was nade hatdet owinq to recent

heavy lains, but Mz. Love and his nen ea.ttied out the work in a high.ly satisfactorg nannet. A start has been nade on the new Church and when this is eonpleted we hope, with God's help, to do gteat things fot the extension of hjs Kingdon. n
was planned that when the new brick Chureh was conpleted that the old wooden Chutch would be used as a Church Hall.



The Laqinq

of the Foundation Stone

Dean gave a most inspiring and nagnifieent address. A reunion of old friends was witnessed evergwhete. The whole daq was a continuaL reninder of the goodness of God.

0n 2nd JuIg, 1932 the Verg Rev. Dean Talbot set the foundation stone of out new Chureh, HoIq Ttinitg at 3.00 p.n. Hundreds of people wete present. The

0f The Second Church At 8,00 p.n. on Tuesdag 9th August, 1932 the new
The 0pening

church was opened bg the Verg Rev. A.E- Talbot M-ADean of Sgdneg. We shall Tong remenbet the wonderful services of opening and dedication. The Chutch was

strained to it's utmost seating capacity. Porches, ais-les and otgan loft all being fiLled. ft was estjmated that cTose on 500 people were at the opening.






c 5 (!



A. TaLbot,

following signatures ate in the Serviee Book W. Cakebread, J. Chapple, R. Brundan (Methodist Minsiter), H.J. Lofts, A. Snith, R, Taean, R.0'Brien, C. FauIknet, W. MaItbg, F. Mger, R, Partridge and F.A, Bland. .It js inpossible to decipher one signature in the book .

0n the following Sundag 14th Auqust, 1932 the Church was aqain full for a specr'a,l service to dedicate menorials and gifts qiven to Holg Trinitg. The speeial guest on that daq was the Rev. Canon Cakebtead 8.4., Rural Dean.

Another speciaT seryjce was held on Thutsday 27th Septenber, 1932 to dedicate the new organ in the new Holg Trinity Church Kingsford.

The Seeond Church



South Kensinoton - New Analican Church

The new Anglican church of HoIy Trinity, South Kensington conprise.s a naye of 50 feet bg 30 feet and a chancel 25 feet bg 22 feet, as well as clergg and choit vestries, potches, baptisttg and towez. Seating acconnodatjon js provided for 250. The walls are of 0.K. faced bricks and the roof of nottled tjles. The trusses are of oregon, stajned and varnished, and the floors of blackbutt. Celotex has been used on the ceilings to inpzove the accoustjcs. There are thtee stained gfass windows in the east and two in the west end. Anbet cathedral gass has been used in the othet stee,l-franed windows. Maple polished js used in the poreh, pews and sc.reen.s to the nave and choir sta.l.ls. The furniture of the chancef and sanctuarg is jn polished oak. Provision has been nade fot a pipe organ, which is now being i nstal led. The building was erected bg Mt. R.J. Love of Randwick, to the design, and under the supervision of, Mr. George Grag, architect, Sgdneg.


The SanctuarA, HoIg

Trinitg Kingsford



' ss]


nTtinity" as jt appeazed the fastetn Window.

Pater Father






A suffix used to form the archaic

second petson,



Holg Trinitu Seeks Separation - lst August, 1933.

At a well attended neeting of patishjoners in the Sehool Hall of Holg Ttinitg, South Kensington, it was decided to petition the Bishop to nake Holg Trinitg a Ptovisional District. The Verg Rev. The Dean Dean of Sgdneg occupied the chair. explained to the neeting this would nean that HoIg Ttinitg would become independent of St. Mattin's Kensington. There will be a Management Connittee, consistjng of three Churchwardens and a nunbet of gentlenen to be decided upon. This bodg will contral all funds, and see to pagnents of all aecounts, and keep the Church propertg in otder. A Minister will be appointed bg the Bishop instead of the ptesent attangement, which is that xhete is now a Cutate. Boundaties will be defined and the wotk of each parish will be eonfined within these boundatiesIt is a step forward, the next step is a new ParishFarewell to Rev. R.C. Partridge The Rev. R.C. Partridge Th.L. preached his fatewell sernon to ctowded eongtegations, notning and evening, on Sunday 26th August, 1934. A specialTq augnented choit qave a fine rendering of the anthen, nThe llotks 0f Godn. The Rev. R.C. Patttidqe was Cutate at Holy Ttinity for 5 years and duting his eutacq founded the Connunicants' Guild and aLso inaugutated a scout ttoop in the area.
A Provisional District In 1934 the Provisional Disttict of HoIg Trinitg Kingsford ras created and the Rev. W.G. Coughlan was appointed Curate in Charge. He was inducted on ThursdatJ 6th Septenber, 1934 at a service attended bg Rev. J. Chapple and assisted bg H.J. Lofts, W. Siddons, A.ll/. Mit'cheL7, T. Meger, F. Jones,

R. llhite.


Holu Trinitv Becones A Sepatate parish

It is reeorded in a teqister held in the Arehives of St. Andrew's Hotlse, Sgdneg and titled nActs and Proceedings 0f The Archbishopn dated ISth November, 1936 "The Most Reverend the Archbishop this dag ordered and directed that the Parish hetetofore known as HoIy Trinity South Kensington, shall in future be known as HoJg Trinitg Kingsford, "
As the Provisional Disttiet was now a parish in its own tight the Rev. W.G. Couqhlan t,hus becane the first Rector of Holg Trinitq Kingsford.

Rev. W.G. Coughlan B.A.,Th.L.

MaU, 1938 - A stage for the hall which was needed for so long was erected bg Mr. Fail and his helpers. The stage nade a qreat difference to nang aspects of

parish life.


Farewell to Rev. rtrl.G. Coughlan B.A'., Th.L. 0n 12th Septenber, 1943 specja/ servjces of farewell were held for Rev. W.G. Coughlan who resigned his position at HoIg Trinitg to take uo a position as Marriage Counsellor.
Rev. R.A. Johnson Th.L. The second Rector of Holg Trinitg Kingsford was the Rev. R.A. Johnson. He eane to out parish fton Sutton Forest, Moss Vale. He was inducted at HoIg Ttinitg on 16th Septenher, 1943 bg the Archbishop of Sudneq The Most Reverend H.lt/.K. MowI7, Prinate of Australia. 0ther clergg in attendance were Rev. R.A. PolTard, Rev. A. fronside, Rev. T. Kenderdine, Rev. W.G. Coughlan.

Rev. R.A. Th. L.




Durinq Rev, Johnson's tine as Rector a good deal of thought and eonsiderat,ion was given to building a Parjsh Hall to replaee the old wooden building which was in a vetq poot condition. A fund was estab"lished and plans were drawn up, Enquiries wete nade in tegatd to obtaining a Loan to meet the eosts that would be involved. At one stage it laoked as jf the parish would purchase Bell's Ballroon. This stood on part of the qround on which the South Sgdneq Juniot Rugbg Leagues Club now stands. Unfortunatelg the parish was outbid at the auction when the prapertg was purehased

for just ovet {,7,000. No new halL cane to fruition in the Rev. R.A. Johnson's tine but the ground wozk had been laid.

In 1949 an otgan ras jnstalled in the Church bg Wiltshire and Handel for a cost of f2r000. Later on base stops wete added to the otgan and wete Dedieated at a special service. Unfortunatelg these did not ptove successful and wete discontinued. Duting Rev. R.A. Johnson 's recto-?ship thete were fout Cutates who assjsted out patish with a latge part of their work being undertaken at St. Ednund's Pagewood which was adninsjtered bg the Rector of HoIy Trinitg Kinqsfotd. The fout Curates are as follows 1947 - 1948 Rev. R.V. Ash 1949 - 1951 Rev. R.A. lloodwatd 1951 - 1952 Rev. K.R. LeHurag 1952 - 1954 Rev. P. Tankard In 1954, just at the depatture of Rev. R.A. Johnson fron the patish, St. Ednund's Paqewood, which had been a braneh ehurch of Holg Trinitg Kingsford sjnce ilal, was broken off and beeane a Provisional District with the Rev. 0. Dgke as Curaqe in Charge.

Farewell to Rev. R.A. Johnson Th.L. 0n 2nd Mag, 1954 special setvices of farewell wete held for Rev. R.A. Johnson who resigned his positian at Holg lrinitg Kingsford to take up a positjon as Rectot of 5t. Jude's, Randwick. He also becane the Rutal Dean for the atea.
Rev. D.G.T. Livinqstone Th.L.

D.G.I. Livingstone conmenced as the third Rector of Hotg Ttinitg Kingsfotd. He was inducted on Thursdaq 29th JuIg, 1954 bg the Ven 'Archdeacon R.C. Kerle, Azchdeaeon of Cunberland. 1thet clergg in attendance wete Rev. W. Hatt, Rev. F' Shaw, Rev. J. Buckman, Rev. W, Siddons, Rev' A' Bennett, Rev. C.7. Kendetdine, Rev. R.0. Dgke, Rev'P' Tankard,
The Rev.


H. Dienslan.

Rev. D.G.T. Livingstone Th.L.


Two gears after the arrival of Rev. D.G.T. Livingstone at HoIg Trinitg Kingsford the old wooden ehurch was tenoved fot tI00 to nake wag fot a new note nodern and spacious hall.

Ptinate of Australia. There were nanA dignitaries present and a lazge eongregation of past and present

0n Saturdall, llth Februarq, 1956 at 2.j0 p.n. a specia.l seryice was held for the sett,ing of the Foundation Stone of the new Holg Trinitg parish Hall. The stone ras set by His 6race The Most Reverend H.K.W. MowIl, Archbishop of Sgdneq and


of the New Chutch HaLL The Dedication and opening of the new Chutch Hall was scheduled to take place on 14th JuLg, 1956' This date had to be postponed to a later date due to storn danage sustajned on 12th Julg, 1956 when a section of the toof was blown off' Fottunately the building had been insuted onlg an hour or so befotehand so that as far as the Patish was concetned there was no futther cost involved'
The hpeninq

HalI 0n Saturdaq Tth Septenbet, 1956 the new Churchsgdneg opened by THE Archbishop of was dedicated and The Most Revetend n.W.X. Mowll' |thet clergy in attendance on that dag were Rev' R'C' KerLe' Rev. R.0. Dgkes, Rev. W.G. Coughlan, Rev' R' Palner'
Rev. A.W. SetchellThe opening
HaLT was celebrated at held on Sundag, 9th Sept'enber' 1956' special services

of the Parish

The HaLL cost f,22.750 to erect and wasfinallq paid for in 1962. Two successfu'l Pronotion Canvass eanpaigns were heTd in 1956 and 1959 ptoviding finanees on a. nuch hiqhet scale and undet setiptual

incentive of Freewill 0ffeting'





Austral ia.

0n 22nd Septenber, l95Z a Chutch Arny Mission connenced in the parjsh under the leadership of Captain A.W. BatLey and assjsted bg Brother J.B. Corbeg and Brather A. Maleon. Arthur Malcon went on to becone the fitst Aboriginal Bishop in


fn February 1959 the Billg Grahan Crusade was held in Sgdney and nang parishioners were aetivelg Ttinitg Kingsfozd

A further Chuteh Arng Mission

connencing on


held at Holy

Septenber, 1960.

During Rev. D.G.T. Livinqstone,s lectorship there wete thtee parish assjstants. They wete -

1957 Sister /. Moore, Deaconess 1958 - 1965 Sister D, Robeg, Deaconess 1961 - 1963 Rev. J. Hendetson, Cuzate
ivin 0n 25th Auqust, 196J speeial services of farewell were held for Rev. D.G.T. Livingstone who resigned his position at HoIg Trinit,g Kingsford to take up position as Rector of St. Anne,s Rgde.

Rev. K.R. LeHurau B.A. Th.L.

The fourth Reetor of HoIg Trinitg Kingsford was the Rev. K.R. LeHurag. He cane to out parish fron the parish of 5t. Alban,s Leura. He was indueted at HoIg Trinitg on Thursdalt l|th ?ctober, 1963 at 8.00 p.n. bg the Ven. H.G.S. Begbie 8.A., Th.L., Archdeacon of Cunberland. |ther clergg in attendanee were Atehdeacon Goodwin, Archdeacon Delbridge, Canon FiIIinghan, Bishop llilton,

LeHurag, Rev. R. lfilson - Church of Christ, Rev' J'R' Alsa in Rev. J.R. Henderson, Sister D' Robeg' attendance were the Magor of Randwick and Mt. L. Bowen M-L.4.

at Kingsford during the Rectorship oi R"v' R'A' Johnson' ft was this to a great joy to welcone hin back as Rector note was p"lri"n. Duting his Rectorship there 'trouble with the toof of the church Hall' lfhen it rained the inside of the Hall flooded' The roof was eventuaTlU replaced in 1964 fot $1'940'


LeHuraU was Curate

Gteat fotesiqht was shown in putchasing a house iir $u,ooo Zt 17 tlark Avenue, Pagewood' This hone has been used since that tine bg Curates patish' and assistants who have served in this

Duting Rev. K.R. LeHuray,s rectolship thete were six patish assjstants. They wete 1958 - 1965 Sjster D, Robeq, Deaconess 1964 - 1965 Rev. tt.K. Maeintosh, Curate 1966 - 1970 Rev. B.J. Bevis, Curate
1970 1973 1975

- 1973 - 1975 - 1977

Rev. D.p. Robinson, Curate Captain R.G. lfallis, Chutch Atng Captain J.W. Joy, Church Atng

Farewell to Rev. K.R. LeHurau B.A. Th.L. 0n 14th March, 1976 special setvices of farewell were held for Rev. K.R. LeHurag who resigned his position at HoIy Tzinitg to take up the position of Rector at .St. Mark,s, South Hurstville.
Rev. J.R. LeHurau Th.L. In 1976 the Parish Noninators eiected as the next Rectot, the brothet of the Rev. K.R. LeHurag.

0n Thursdag, 6th Mag, 1976 at 8.00 p.n. the Rev. J.R. LeUutag was inducted as Rector of HoIg Trinitg, Kingsford bg Bishop A.J. Dain. He cane to our parish fron the parish of Denhan Couzt with Rossnore at fnqleburn. ?ther clergy present at the induction seryjce wete Rev. David Crawford, Rev. T. Gziffith, Rev. J.R. Greenwood, Rev. K. MotJey, Rev. K. Gtisdale, Captain J.ilt. Jog, Captain R. King. During Rev. J.R. LeHutag,s -?ectorship thete have been three parish assistants. Theq wete 1975 - 1977 Captain J.W. Jog, Church Azng 1978 - 1979 Mr. R. Hooper, Church Assjstant 1980 Sjster P. Free, Church Arng

0n 23rd Februatg, 1978 the Archbishop of Sgdneg, Matcus L. Loane, granted authoritg fot Mr' C' Davies, Mr. R.H. Bogt and Mr. S.W. Head to assjst at the service of the HoJg Connunion as Lag Assistants' Mr. R.H. Bagt and Mr. S.W. Head still hold the position of Laq Assistant. Theg have been ioined in nore recent times bg Mt. G. tt\iTson, Mr' C'K' Tan, and Mr. P. Fekitoa.

Rev. J.R. LeHurag 7h.L.

The Destruction Bu fite





0n Ihutsdag night 15th 0ctober, 1987 an arsonjst set fjre to Holg Trinitg Church Kingsfozd. Rev. J.R. LeHutag, Mrs. LeHurag and fanilq wexe aferted bq the sound of exploding g.lass and looked The tine was out to see the church well alight. Ihe Fite Brigade was ealLed but could 11.20 p.n. do nothing to save the 55 gear old church.

After the fire

had been extinguished all that were the outside walls of a once beautiful renained church. llpon investigation of the butnt ehurch it was found that a cupboard in the Rectat's Vestty had sutvived. ft was charred but inside wete the Connunion vesseJs and chureh recotds dating back nanA Uears. ft was by God's gtace that these records had survived. Sone were danaged but wete still readable. Theg were carefullg removed fron the cupboard and since the fire have been housed in the Arehives at 5t. Andrew's House. -loss and bewiTdernent for all parishionezs. Halg Trinitg Kingsford has a Targe foTlowing and the chureh held nang menorials fot those who had lost Loved ones. Along with these nenorials were nang donated gifts and fond nenorjes of mang wonderful and inspiring servjces conducted ovet the gears'

Following the fire thete was a vetg real sense of

Despite the great sense of foss, chutch servjces have continued as usua] in the church haLL. The church building was destroged but the real church, the peopTe, cattied on. Djscussions connenced with a view to teplacing the Church. There wete two options. One was to rebuild the Church exactlg the sane as jt had been. The second choiee was to rebuild to a diffetent architectural design. After nuch discussion and consuftation with the fnsurance Conpang, Atehitects, Engineers and parishjoners it was decided to rebuild to a different design.

Architects H.0. llroodhouse and Danks Ptg. Ltd. wete asked to subnit to the Parish Couneil various

for diseussjon and perusal.


Throughout the whole p.roces.s of rebuilding the Rectot Rev. J.R. LeHuray has uzqed parishioners to be involved in discussions so that the Parish Council had a qeneral ovetview of what, people would like to see jn design and furnishings. A decision on design was made and work connenced on a new Chureh in December, 1988.

of the Foundation Stone 0n 13th August, 1989 at 3.00 p.n. the Foundation Stone ras set fot the new Holttr Trinitg Church bg Bishop J.R. Reid, Bishop of South Sgdneg and assjsted bg the Ven, G.R. Huard, Archdeacon of Sydneg and Cunberland, Rev. T. Griffiths, Area Dean, and Rev. J.R. LeHurag. There were approxinatelq 200 people at the specia-l seryjce following which there !/as a superb afternoon tea provided bg the ladies of the parish. The offettozg was $681.70.
The Lauina



E"r hq Orr hh b(t vl\ 5. +J> 'xO

t{o l-b c J(! v,


oh .a SF







s a t{q \s
c .o q qo q .. o -* \ . >C,

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\ s


Architects - lltoodhouse and Danks Ptu. Ltd. Architects Connents: The approach to HoIg Tzinitg Chureh design was one or bringing the people c-loser to the Litutgical Platforn and not having the congregation distanced fron the HoIg TabLe bg a Tong nave as yyas the case in the original Church. Visual harmong, dutabilittl, econong and inage were the keg factors in the extetior and interior design.
The thene developed extetnalTg, contains a nixture balanced bg the solid btickwork facets, culninating in the tower which estab.ljshes a sca,le of inportance that js sttengthened phgsicallg and psgchologicallg bg the concept of hands praging. The shatp btick angles at the top initating fingers and pointing to the Lord in worship.

of strong hotizontal lines,

nininal decorative

The sinplieitg of line and forn whieh has been expressed externallg is teflected internallg bg the design of the church furniture with use of brass trin recessed into the Tasnanian ?ak tinbets for work.

'uplifting, place of worshop, nnoble' tathet than ,sunpEuous, The selection of pasteJ hues teflect the norning and evening s/<ies, graduatinq upward fron dark to light, generating a .serene atnosphere within the


has been designed

for an

nain inpact of the interior js the curved sanctuarq wall with a sinple timber Cross, heightened bg the fixing of the Trinitg synbol to the eentre

of the Cross.


The innanence of bringing the sanctuaxg anong the people and transcendence in the overall forn with the foeusing upward of the tower conbine in a spiritual experienee for the design of the new Holg Trinitq Church.






are nost grateful for the guidance and support Gtegorg Battaclough, one of out own parishioners. Gteg is an architect working for the fitn H.0. Woodhouse and Danks Ptg. Ltd. He has been activelg involved in the whole project of the new church building



metres, the Nave is 13.3 nettes in length bg 11.8 netzes in width, 1he Chance.l is 2.7 netres in length including choir seating for about 12'14 people'and a Sancturg of 3 nettes jn length. Jt aJso has a Rectors Vestrg and Parish Office, Flower and Organ Roons at the back forning part

Dinensions of the New Anqlican Church Kinqsford lhe new Chutch has a capacity of about 210 seats. .lt is 27 netres in length and 20 netres at jts widest point. lhe Enttance js 2.4 netres x 11.8

of the Church. of
The Enqineer


- Everinghan Platt Street, Sgdneg.

and Anthony Ptg.Ltd.

The Builder - Cartington Associated Services Ptg. Ltd. of Edwin Street, Mortlake. The Pipe 0rqan The Pipe 0rgan for the new Church was built in 1876 bg one af the nost respeeted English firns of the Victorian period. The instrunent has two nanual. kegboards of 56 notes and a Pedal Kegboard of 30 notes. It has I speaking stops and a total of 422 pipes. The action is nechanical/tracker throughout and jt js housed in an attractive Oak case with decorative steneiTTed show pipes. The otgan installation will not be conpleted until

nid 1990.

The East End llindow

The original Holg Trinitg window was nade bg Alfrcd C. Handel in the 1930's. l/js son Philip Handel followed in his fathers trade and kept nang af his father's drawings. Philip Handel was commjssioned to design a new east window fot our new church, He found some sketches of the original window designed bg his father. The new window was designed to conplinent the architectute of the new chureh and reflect some aspects of the original East window. The new window incorporates the sgnbols of Hands of God the Father, Tonques of Fire and a Dove fot the

Holg Spitit in a spira.l effect linking the figures of the Lord Jesus Christ togethet.

The Darner lllindows The twa Dormer Seni-Citcular and one Citcular windaw were designed bg Ms Paddq Robertson of Finn's Stained GJass. The wotk is camied out

in painted and acid-etched gJass, ih a varietg of Kokano and Ftench Antigue colouts.


The bell for the new Church was nade in England 1988 by rrl/hitechapel Bell Foundrg Ltd. of London, a conpang that was estab-ljshed in 1570. It has a /Vet trleight of 74 kg. and with the Tone


in the keg of




In the life of our Chureh Xhere have been a numbet of otganisatjons. Sone have disappeared and others still exist. FoTTowing is a short sunnazg of sone of these otganisations.
The Band of Hope - This was a chiTdrens' organisation run at one tine bg a W. ltlrright. This group rajsed moneg towazds the cost of the font. This font was destzoged in the fire of 1987. The Choir - Choirs plaqed a vexg inportant part in the Church in earlg gears. The first Choitnaster at HoIq Trinitg was Mr. F. Bland. 0vet the years HoIg Trinitg has been blessed with the wonderful yojces of nang, both ttained and unttained, who have sought to exp.res.s their Love of the Lord through


- Fton the beginning groups to neet the needs of the goung people of the pazish. As the populaXion of goung people fluctuated ovet the geats, ptovision was nade to encoutage then in their Church attendance and their devotion to the Lord, Mang people who belonged to past Fellowship Groups hold dear the nang nenories and friendships forned during their assocjation with this group.
have existed
Younq People's Gtoups

shortly after the Rev. H.J. Lofts eyas appointed Curate of St. Martin's Kensington. The ffrst neeting with Rev. Lofts as Chairnan was held at, 20 Sturt Street (opposite the RectorA) on 21st Aptil, 1921. Mrs. Bland was the first seeretarg.

Mothers' Union - A btanch of the Mothers' Union


Connunicants' Guild - This otganisation was founded bg Rev. R.C. Partridge in Mag, 1930. Anonq nang other things it helped to raise noneq to futnish the Church. The Connunion Rails were a gift ftam this group. These wete destroged in the fite af

- The Ladies Guild ean be traced back to 1931. It has had onlg three Secretarjes in that tine. Theq wete Mrs. R, Martin ' 26 geats, Mrs, llll. Fischer - 10 gears and Mrs. D. Bogt - who js stjJl our current Sectetatg.
Ladies Guild
1946 under the guidance of Mrs. R.A. Johnson and Deaconess Mildred Sgnons a neeting was caLLed and the foundation of the Parish l/urses' Auxiliatg was forned. This Auxiliaty deveToped into the Chesalon Nursing Hones' Auxiliaties. Mrs. D. Bogt has been aetivelg involved for nang years in raising financiai support for the Chesalon Nursing Hones. r4s a result of het wotk in this atea thete now exists a ChesaJon Nursing Hone at Malabar. Mrs. D. Bogt was a/so presented with the '0zdet of Austtalia' for her tireJess effott in supporting the Chesalon




Scouts - At one tine thete ?vas a Scout Group attacneA to our Chutch. This was founded by the Rev. R.C. Partridge and the gtoup still exjsts todag and js known as the 3/4 Kensington Scout Group'

Holu Trinitu Gitls' CIub '

This ]vas a group fot girls between the ages of 6-12 qears. ft was forned an 13th SePtenbet, 1977.
Wanen's Evenina Etoup

- This Gtoup was comnenced of Rev. K.R. LeHutag. This @ship group net in the hones of wonen of the patish, sonetines fot discussion, sonetinps with a guest

HoIu Trinitq Kinqsford Musical and Dranatic Societq Ihe Socjetg was forned shottlg after the presentation in the old Parish HaLL of an Easter PIag enXitled "Sarabbas" by the then nenbers of the Fellowship. The Rector, Rev. R.A. Johnson reguested Richard Bogt to take oyer as a ptoducet fot futute petfotnances. The next produetion was a Three Act faree entitled "The Talk 0f The Towno presented on Lst and 2nd August, 1944. Aftet this followed a lonq tist of petfornance Mang hidden talents wete discovered anong the local patishioners and nanq houts of rehearsa-ls resulted in top quality productions. 4s a result the Musieal and Dtanatjc Socjetg wete asked to petforn at other locations as well as at HoIg Trinitg Church HaII. Sone of the ptoductians ryere Passion Plags, o0ut Miss Gibbsn, nThe lilhite f/orse fnno - 1961 , 0klahonan - 7961, Passjon PIag - 1962, "The Whole Towns Talkingn - 1962, "Me And Mg Girl" - 196i, "The King And I" - 1966, Varietg Shows - 1966-67, "Goodnight Mrs. Puffinn - 1968, ,'Wanted 0ne Bodg" 1970, nThe King and I Selections" - 1972. tle paq tribute to Richard Bogt for his fine contribution as producer of the Holg Trinitg Musical and Dranatic Soeietg.

of Enqland Bous' Societu - A branch of the C.E.B.S. was comneneed at HoIg Trinitg on 14th Februarg, 1944. Mr. A. Downes for nang gears ryas a leading figute in this inportant work. fn later years the leadership was taken over bg P. Leithhead, P. Brabiner, D. Cook, J. Robinson, G. Wilson, R. Horton and K. Wilson. The C.E.B.S. operated in this parish for 35 gears without a break

Cricket/Football Teans - |ver the years there have been Cricket and Football Teans for the goung men of the parish, Ihese teans do not operate at present in the patish.


Baptisn - 7he first Baptisn in the old Mission Church was John Janes, the son of Willian Henrg and Annie flotence Brandon of Bunnetong Road, South Kensington. John Janes ras born on the lst ?ctober, 1912 and baptised on l9th Januarg, 1913. The fathet was a stationer. The officiat.ing Clerggnan was Rev. A.E. Rook.

fag HoLnes.

following children wete baptised at the first Baptisnal Service held in the second Church 1932 ftederick Notnan Riehatd, Allan Winfield Holnes, Ttene June Holnes, LesJie Raynond Holnes, tlaine




Rev. R.C. Pattridge.

Weddinos - 7he first narriage in the old Mission Chutch was between Richatd llalter Bowetn, a Police Constable of Sgdneg and Florence Enily Anderson of South Kensington. The officiating Clerggnan was Rev, A.E. Rook. The date was the 10th Febtuaryr l913.

The firct narriage in the second Church 1932 was between Allen HoadLeg, a dealet of Matoubra Junction and EiTeen McVanara of Randwick. The officiating CJerggnan was Rev. R.C. Parttidge. The date was 3rd Septenbet, 1952.

Confirnation - The first selvice held in the new Church after the offieial opening at 3.00 p.n. on 26th Novenber, 1989 will be the Service of Confirnation to be held at 7.15 p.n. on that sane dag. Those to be confirned are - Lara Ha17, Rebecca Hill, Selina Hill, Lisa Kutian, Shellg Nicol, Kerrie Nicol, Jennifer NicoL, Lisa lll/hite, Dawn GalTagher. Ihe officiating cTergg will be Bishop J.R, Reid, Bishop of South Sgdneg.


lt/ithin the Chutch that was destroyed bg fire on 15th 0ctobet, 1987 thete were nang gifts and nenorials. To ptesetye as a lasting nenotial. to aIl concetned a 'Gift and Menorial Register' has been prepared where each gift and nenorial has been recorded. We ate vetg grateful to Mr. V. Vincent fot the excellent and unigue wotk he has carried out on this register and on the nenorabilia of our Chuteh.
llardens and Councillors - 1989 Rectot's lfatden: R.H. Bogt Peoples Wardens: C.K. Tan, 6 Itene


Parish Council -


Notna Gtinshaw, Enid Janes, Joyee Kennedg, Bettg Martin, Dorothg Bogt, Shirleq Rae, Victor Vineent, li/alter Craike, Gordon Wilson, John CanpbelT,

Stanleq Head, Adan Rgan.

Other lfardens at HoIg Trinitq over the qears: I4t. Brabiner, S. Kentwel l , M. 0rgan, A. Downes, P. Cuneen, S. Martin, l|r. Langleg, R. lleldrake, R. Rothwe7l, E. Wilesnith, C. Burns, W. Craike, C. Davies, G. llrilson. Chzistian Stewatdship Traditionallg the parishioners of Holtl Ttinitg have had a right understanding of Christian stewardship. Consequentlg the parish has never been lacking in financial support. llle are indebited to so nang people who have given regularlq Sundag bg Sundag, answered appeals in time of need, gtanted beguests or have sinpTy given out of the generosit,g of their hearts.





1907 1931 1920 1922 1923 1929 1934 1936 1943 1947 1949 1951 1952 1954
195 7

- 3I 34
22 23


A.E. Rook, Rector of 5t, Martin's


J.F. Chapple, Reetor of St. Martin's


29 34 36 42


52 54 63

t964 1966 1970 1973 1975 1978 1958 1961 1963


65 63

65 70

75 77 79


Kensington. Rev. H.J. Lofts, Curate Rev. S.A. Turnet, Cutate Rev. C.J.L. Sumnet, Curate Rev. R.C. Partridge, Curate Rev. W.G. Coughlan, Curate in Charge Rev. W.G. Coughlan, 7st Reetor, HoIg Trinitg, Kingsford. Rev. R.A. Johnson, Rectot Rev. R.V. Ash, Curate Rev. R.A. l|/oodward, Part Time Cutate Rev. K,R. LeHuraq, Curate Rev. P. Tankatd, Part Tine Cuzate Rev. D.G.L. Livingstone, Reetor Sister V. Moore - Part Time Deaconess Sjster D. Robeg, Deaconass Rev. J. Hendetson, Cutate Rev. K.R. LeHurag, Rector Rev. N.K. Maeintosh, Curate Rev. B.J. Bevis, Curate Rev, D.P. Robinson, Curate Captain R.G. lll/al1is, Chureh Arny Captain J.ll/. Joy, Church Arng Mr. R, Hooper, Chutch .Assjstant Sjster P. Free, Church Arng Rev. J.R. LeHurag, Rector



A Short Historg of 5t. Martin's


Docunented Happenings - donated late Rev. W.G. Coughlan.

by the

The Golden Jubilee edition of the Kingsford Crusader.

Anniversatq fssue of 'Sixtg Five Years of tllorship at HoIg Trinitg Kingsford'.

Mang parishjoners who


supplied such a lot of infornation about the earlg life of the

The Chuteh Archives House Sgdneg.

- 5t.


Atehitects -


and Danks Pty. Ltd.

Eleetric Press of Marrickville - Printer.

contributed to the nakinq of the histotg of Holq Trinitg Kingsford.
Past and ptesent patishioners ryhose nanes do not appear in this book but have



Sos - elF