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Universidad de Los Andes Prof. Argenis A.

Facultad de Humanidades y Educación Fonética y Fonología Inglesa I (B-2005)
Escuela de Idiomas Modernos

Practicing the Pronunciation of -ED

Instructions: Read the following sentences aloud. Watch your intonation, weak forms and link-
1. We traveled a lot. 20. She touched a snake.
2. You arrived on time. 21. Jan frightened us.
3. Bob laughed at us. 22. We discussed a serious
4. They weighed a ton. thing.
5. I died of laughter. 23. They settled in the
6. John ruined our plans. desert.
7. He doubled his income. 24. Martin confused us.
8. She smiled at me. 25. Jim packed early.
9. Tom buried it in a cave. 26. Robert finished at three.
10. Kay filled a bucket with 27. I raised an interesting
oil. point.
11. Pat studied in the 28. She introduced us to her
evening. parents.
12. Jean saved a lot every 29. Mom urged us to stay.
month. 30. The car belonged to the
13. Gene loved ants. company.
14. Greg opened a hole in 31. Al reserved a room for
the wall. two.
15. Peggy baked all the 32. Peter believed it was
cookies. true.
16. Kevin pronounced it 33. Jim asked a question.
once. 34. George completed the
17. It seemed easy at first. task on time.
18. Ed looked it up. 35. I’ve just finished eating.
19. He advised us to go. 36. He lived in a village.