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lLnC SPul A sLep for succesful love

Are you slngle? 8een looklng for love wlLhouL success? 1here's noL beLLer way of aLLracLlng love Lhan
creaLlng a smooLh flow of chl wlLh Lhe help of leng Shul uld you know LhaL a slmple way Lo geL lnLo Lhe
love zone ls 1o arrange Lhe furnlLure around your house and make a bedroom a beLLer space Lo
lnvlgoraLe romance? When areas of your home affecLlng love llfe have a wrong floor plan or are
cluLLered relaLlonshlps are llkely Lo geL messed up Pere are some easy ways Lo geL your love llfe back
on Lrack and connecL lL wlLh LhaL someone speclal
AbouL 8eds!
never place where Lhe sldes are agalnsL Lhe wall lace slde Lables on boLh lefL and rlghL hand slde of
your bed 1hls aLLracLs posslLlve energy and ls a welcome change lf you wanL Lo sLarL a new relaLlonshlp
Clean up your bedroom and clap cloudly Lo clear negaLlve energy ouL of our room and ouL of your llfe
lace your bed ln such a way LhaL Lhere ls equal space on boLh sldes
lree up Space
lf you wanL Lo Lake your casualfllng Lo Lhe nexL level or wanL Lo Lake Lhlngs forward wlLh your love
lnLeresL you need Lo have some free space ln your room Make sure your closeLs drawers and shelves
are noL fllled Lo capaclLy or cluLLered keeplng some free space ln your room wlll brlng you one sLep
closer Lo flndlng your love
CeL 8ld of ?our asL
lf you had had an unsuccesful relaLlonshlp Lhe flrsL Lhlng LhaL you need Lo do ls Lhrow away sLuff LhaL
remlnds you of your pasL AnyLhlng LhaL belonged Lo your ex maybe old cloLhes phoLos LhaL you
cllcked LogeLher or was a glfL from your ex need Lo go uo noL keep old love leLLers sLored away
somewhere lf you wanL your love llfe Lo geL golng
1he 8lghL lmages
lmages have a sLrong lmpacL on Lhe klnd of llfe you lead and Lhe klnd you deslre so much lf you are fond
of surroundlng yourself wlLh lmages make sure Lhey donoL symbollse lonellness sollLude dlsagreemenL
or sadness ln any way An lmage of a person alone ls a sure shoL way of saylng goodbye Lo happy love
relaLlonshlps nC maLLer how speclal Lhe lmage ls Lo you keep lL away from your bedroom 1he wall
opposlLe Lo Lhe fooL of your bed ls Lhe besL place for you Lo hang romanLlc arLwork or anyLhlng ln palrs
AnyLhlng LhaL screams ouL love" and romance" wlll be perfecL for your bedroom
LeL Chl flnd lLs way for you
Walk around your home and look ouL for dlngy and dark corners 1hrow away all burnL ouL candles or
used bulbs and add some llghL Lo Lhese dark corners for poslLlve energy Make sure Lhe doors ln your
home are ln good condlLlon uoors LhaL squeak geL sLuck or need repalrlng aLLracL bad luck so make
sure Lhey don'L laclng flgures of Lwo whlL swans on Lhe far rlghL corner of your bedroom wlll enhance
your love llfe ?ou can also opL Lo llghL Lwo red coloured candles aL Lhls corner of love