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In order to achieve a level 4 in Research and Planning you are required to show:

excellent understanding of the forms and conventions used in the productions

Discuss the codes and conventions used in at least three film trailers. Two of these should be in the genre that you are planning to work in. Contrast a more mainstream Hollywood trailer with an independent film trailer.

How is the genre of the film conveyed? How has the trailer been structured? Structurally, how are temporal shifts denoted through use of transitions? Which parts of the plot have been included? How do these seek to achieve narrative enigma? What information is being withheld from the audience? How does this set up narrative enigma? What is the effect of the pace of the editing? What connotations does the use of colour/mise en scene have in the setting up the audiences expectations of the film? What connotations do the use of camera shots and angles have? Comment on the use of signs and signifiers which are used to construct genre. When does the trailer convey institution information? (Production company, director, cast) What associations do these create? What kind of audience do you think the trailer attempts to appeal to? e.g.The DaVinci Code Trailer

Tries to appeal to more intellectual viewer; classical paintings, choral/ orchestral music/ history/ philosophies of religion. Fulfils audiences need for surveillance; basic psychological need to know the truth/ be able to solve problems/ understand. Trailer promises to reveal the solutions to important/ life changing secrets Special effects- car chases, explosions etc satisfies modern appetite for believable action. The trailer promises that by watching the film, the audience will be able to have an insiders knowledge of key aspects of religion which have previously been kept secret. Security of privileged knowledge.

How has sound been used? Is there a voice over? What is the effect of this? What kind of music has been used? Try to be specific in describing this and its effect. What connotations does the film titles typography create? When does the title appear? How has text been used to convey key points or create narrative intrigue?