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Industrial Process Design and

Information Gathering

• Technology-Based Information
Information Gathering

• Operational Information
Plant Operation

• Normal plant operations will be

based upon controlling the process
operating parameters within
desirable range
Plant Operation
Provisions to return upset to
Plant Operation
Capability to control deviations and
to restore upset conditions to normal
operations WITHOUT an incident

Process where a facility needs to go
through before reaching normal
Plant Operations
Necessary for routine maintenance,
adjustments in product inventories,
or emergency situations
Preventive maintenance prior to
subsequent plant start-up.
Mechanical Integrity of
Process Equipment
• Only the construction materials
specified should be used in
fabrication and maintenance.
Process Hazard Analysis

• OSHA is responsible for regulating

safety hazards in a workplace
• OSHA regulations do not apply to
retail facilities, oil and gas
Exploration and Production, or
unoccupied remote facilities.
OSHA Regulations