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Core of culture Marketing & Fundraising PROJECT winter 2012

A promotional campaign based around a small, short-term project, with xed parameters and a clear completion date a 22 minute lm about CoC and endangered dance in Ladakh.

Brand recognition through repetition.
Get CoC noticed with repeated reminders. A person must see a thing 6 times to really remember it. Create a specific project with specific events. This provides valid opportunities for marketing Specific reasons to send mailings.

Dances to Vanquish Demons

Endangered dance in the worlds highest mountains

Cham, magical dance of the remote Himalayas, has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks to battle demons. Now the battle is for cham itself. This 22 minute documentary tells the story of an ancient ritual on the verge of extinction, and a small group of American dancers ghting to protect it.

THE PLAN Producing a film provides the opportunity to create events to invite people to. It isnt so important they attend - whats important is our mailing in front of their eyes. We send invitations to fundraising events, like a dance film night; a crew sendoff party; a wrap party. Before the film is even finished weve sent out three mailings. Then a final lock party when the film is complete. Then a private showing. Then a release party. 6 times. 6 mailings. Plus the PR well generate for each event posters, newspapers, radio spots and of course the internet. Every single one saying Core of Culture.

We have a GREAT story. Film markets are easily accessible. An large industry exists to market lms. The internet oers new marketing options. Films make news. People love lms. People watch lms. Making movies makes sense to people; its an easy idea to support.

A lm production can begin immediately, and has a foreseeable end. Fundraising can begin immediately. People and corporations donate to lms. Films make money. Films get seen.

The making of a film is a positive step in establishing CoCs brand. In the end well have an attractive piece of promotional media telling the story of CoC and Endangered Ancient Dance in the Himalayas, in an accessible (and easily distributable) format. And well have a list of people we can contact later to say If you thought the film was cool, check out what were doing next people who will have heard our pitches 6 times.

Events ~ THEY neednt be lavish

Small productions which will generate buzz

Film Nights A showing of CoC videos Showing of a Ladakhi-produced film featuring dance Historic Dance Films night a collection of all the oldest dance footage available Crew send off party drinks in the lobby of a dance theater Wrap party in a patrons home, or a nice bistro for drinks

BUDGET ~ Project 1 The Campaign

Hard Costs Sub Total $2,530 $2,530

HARD COSTS Poster Printing 300 Cell Phone 80 Airfare Chicago 160 Per diem in Chicago 150 Events $300 ea. 1800 total $2,530

BUDGET ~ Project 2 The Production

Shooting in India 63 days 5,097 Shooting in Chicago 10 days 680 Editing 21 days 1,050 Sub Total $6,827 Equipment Grand Total 3,320 $10,147

CHICAGO INDIA 300 Airfare 1640 Airfare Food 300 Food 1020 Camera Gear 660 Taxis & Buses 80 total 680 Lodging 508 Cameramen 495 EDITING Taxis & Buses 374 Food 630 Visa 140 Lodging 420 Water 130 Transport 90 Water 130 total 1140 total 5097


2nd Camera Body 1600 Telephoto Lens 1100 Wide Angle Lens 800 External Hard drive 120 total 3,320

Abandoned Granary Production wages $2,700 equipment $6,080 Core of Culture Director hours spent fundraising ? hours spent production advising ? Core of Culture Board ?
AGP TIME DONATION: WAGES ~ 1 PRODUCER@ 18/hr Pitches 180 Poster 72 Marketing Plan 108 Indiegogo Page 288 Research 324 Production Plan 576 Interface w/ Donors, Media 432 Mailing List 72 Mailings 432 Poster print/ hang 216 total $2,700


Laptop - Macbook Pro 2100 Camera Body - Canon 7D 1600 Low light Lens - Canon 50mm 1.4 400 Wide angle lens - Canon 24-104 mm 300 Sound Recorder - Zoom H4n 250 Editing Software - CS4 Production for Mac 800 External hard drive 500g (2) - La Cie 240 Tripod Manfrotto 150 CF Cards (4) 240 total $6,080



$2,530 $6,827 $3,320 $12,677