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Engineering Department

Organization Chart
Director of
Something About My Department
• Divided into different sections
(Electrical, A/C, Mason, Carpenter,
Holikare, Mechanic, Plumber,

• Electrical – Lighting
• A/C – Air-conditioning
• Mason – Bathroom’s Basin
• Carpenter – Cabinet
• Holikare –
• Mechanic – Door Lock
• Plumber – Leakage of Water
• Audio - Media
Something About My Department
• How to report an order from other
departments to the Engineering
Department (Hand Writing) ?
3. Report the order with a 3 layers order

5. Issued by which department

7. Location of the problem

9. What’s the problem that has to fix up

11. Raised by (Sign of the reporter)

13. The Reporting date

Something About My Department
• How to report an order from other
departments to the Engineering
Department through (the espresso
* Espresso System is a convenient method to report the order just by clicking a key.

1. Choose the order code

2. Name of the Reporter
3. Your Department
4. Location of the problem
Something About My Department
A/C Plant Room
A/C Plant Room –
Provide air-conditioning
for every places which
the air-con
Something About My Department
Boiler Room
Boiler Room –
Provide steam for
stewarding, etc.
My Responsibility

Administration Work
Filing - PO, Service Report (Lift), etc.
Drop down the order no. in order
to not losing work orders.
Typing the shift table
Deliver the invoice to the engineer,
Asst. Eng’r (Assistant of Engineer) or
ADOE (Assistant Director of

What I’ve learnt during the training

• The operation of engineering department
• Something I’ve never learnt in school
• Maintenance works in a hotel
• Problems of a hotel
(Lighting – OOO)
(A/C – too hot to control the temp. with a computer
(A lot of technician things)
• What is PR & What is PO? Purchase Request &
Purchase Order
( I may learn it in Engineering Department not only
the Purchasing Department)
• How does an Air-con work?
• Different kind of Renovation
Problems & Difficulties , Solutions
• A lot of jargons
• Handling the Complaint

• To overcome the difficulties, the only

thing you gotta do is just asking for
• Handling the complaint – report the
complaint to the duty engineer
• Jargons – The only thing is memorize.
Ask for the meaning, remember it

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