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1he maln beneflLs of green bulldlngs are

18educed operaLlng cosLs
2lncreased comforL for occupanLs
3lmproved corporaLe lmage
8educed CperaLlng CosL
-8educlng energy consumpLlon dlrecLly reduces Lhe cosL of operaLlng bulldlngs
-Lnergy consumpLlon affecLs your boLLom llne
-Lnergy ls noL a flxed cosL
-1oLal energy cosL ($) cosL of energy ($/kWh) x energy consumpLlon (kWh)
-8educed energy consumpLlon wlll reduce your LoLal energy cosL
8ulld Creen can develop an energy managemenL plan Lo reduce your operaLlng cosLs

lncreased ComforL for CccupanLs
lncreaslng comforL for occupanLs wlll have large beneflLs Well deslgned green bulldlngs wlll lncrease
producLlvlLy Pow do you feel ln dlfferenL bulldlngs?

lncreased comforL for occupanLs can be achleved by

-naLural llghL
-8educed LemperaLure varlaLlon
-lmproved lndoor alr quallLy
lndoor alr quallLy ls parLlcularly lmporLanL for commerclal bulldlngs Some bulldlng and furnlLure
maLerlals can slowly release Loxlns lnLo Lhe lndoor envlronmenL Creen bulldlng deslgn lncorporaLes
lmprovemenLs Lo lndoor alr quallLy leadlng Lo lncreased producLlvlLy of occupanLs

8ulld Creen can develop and lmplemenL sLraLegles Lo lncrease comforL ln your bulldlng

lmproved CorporaLe lmage
AnoLher beneflL of green bulldlngs ls LhaL you are Laklng acLlon Lowards belng envlronmenLally
responslble and Lhls wlll lmprove your corporaLe lmage

8y reduclng energy consumpLlon you wlll reduce Lhe need for new power planLs and help reduce global
CC2 emlsslons whlch have a dlrecL effecL on global warmlng

Clobal warmlng ls already here

-lrance 13000 dead ln heaL wave LconomlsL 17 SepL 2003
-uSA lloods 2003
-Lurope 8ecord hlgh LemperaLures 2003
-AusLralla uroughL condlLlons 2003
When Lhe head of Lhe 1yndall CllmaLe CenLre says LhaL 'Lhls cllmaLe excurslon ls already close Lo whaL
hlghlevel sclenLlflc consensus has ldenLlfled as dangerous lnLerference wlLh Lhe planeLs llfe supporL
sysLems' lLs Llme Lo acL

1erry WyaLL resldenL of 1he CharLered lnsLlLuLlon
of 8ulldlng Servlces Lnglneers (Cl8SL) 2003