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1. List the employees of Sales department who are not getting any commission. 2. Display name, salary and department name all the employees in order of department name and descending order of salaries. 3. Display name, department name and month of service of all the employees in descending order of the duration of services. 4. Display name and department name of the heist paid employee. 5. Display name of department and no of employees working in the respective departments. 6. In which department has maximum no of employees are working?

Who are getting salary more than 6000 in sales department?

8. Who are working in Neenas department and getting salary more than 7000 per month? 9. List the department name and no of employees where more than 15 employees are working. 10.Display employee names and name of their managers of department that carries id 50.
11. Display

first five highest paid employees and their department name.