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O deperd|rg or lurcl|ora| group preserl

O ol caroor alors
0|saccrar|des: ra|lose, sucrose, |aclose
Po|ysaccrar|des: slarcr, dexlr|r, g|ycoger, |ru||r
Foods r|cr |r caroorydrales: oread, pasla, cerea|s, gra|rs,
Tests based on the format|on of furfura| and |ts der|vat|ves:
Tesl Tesl lor Crer|ca| Resu|l

Vo||scr lesl Preserce ol
3u|lur|c ac|d l2301 Purp|e r|rg 0|ucose, xy|ose,
|aclose, slarcr
8|a|'s 0rc|ro| lesl Preserce ol perloses
ard ruc|eol|des lral
corla|r perlose
8|ue or greer or ye||oW-
Xy|ose - ye||oW
oroWr - rexose,
g|ucose - o|ue greer
- slarcr - perlose -
ye||oW oroWr -
3e||Waroll's lesl 0|llererl|ale
a|dorexoses lror
Kelorexose ->or|grl
crerry red
A|dorexose->pa|e p|r|
0|ucose ard sucrose
-> a|dorexose,
lruclose ->

Tests based on the reduc|ng property of sugars
Tesl Tesl lor Crer|ca| Resu|l

8ered|cl's lesl Copper su|lale
Cu301 , sod|ur
caroorale Na2C03,
sod|ur c|lrale
8r|c| red prec|p|lale->
copper ox|de
0|ucose, xy|ose,
lruclose, |aclose are
a|| reduc|rg sugars
8arloed's lesl 0|sl|rgu|sr oel.
d|saccrar|des ard
8r|c| red prec|p|lale->
reduc|rg sugar
0|ucose, xy|ose,
lruclose, |aclose ard
slarcr are a||
reduc|rg sugars
To||er's lesl
(s||ver r|rror lesl)
a|dorexoses lror
wrelrer |l |s ar
a|deryde or rol
8|ac| lo gray or gray
0|ucose, xy|ose ard
sucrose are a||

0|ucose |s oller ca||ed o|ood sugar oecause |l |s lre ra|r lorr ol caroorydrale lral lrave|s lrrougr lre o|oodslrear lo
prov|de erergy lo lre oody's ce||s. l
3|rce d|aoeles |s a d|sease lral allecls your oody's ao|||ly lo use g|ucose, |el's slarl oy |oo||rg al Wral g|ucose |s ard
roW your oody corlro|s |l. 0|ucose |s a s|rp|e sugar lral prov|des erergy lo a|| ol lre ce||s |r your oody. Tre ce||s la|e |r
g|ucose lror lre o|ood ard orea| |l doWr lor erergy (sore ce||s, |||e ora|r ce||s ard red o|ood ce||s, re|y so|e|y or
g|ucose lor lue|). Tre g|ucose |r lre o|ood cores lror lre lood lral you eal. wrer you eal lood, g|ucose gels aosoroed
lror your |rlesl|res ard d|slr|ouled oy lre o|oodslrear lo a|| ol lre ce||s |r your oody. Your oody lr|es lo |eep a corslarl
supp|y ol g|ucose lor your ce||s oy ra|rla|r|rg a corslarl g|ucose corcerlral|or |r your o|ood -- olrerW|se, your ce||s
Wou|d rave rore lrar erougr g|ucose r|grl aller a rea| ard slarve |r oelWeer rea|s ard overr|grl. 3o, Wrer you rave
ar oversupp|y ol g|ucose, your oody slores lre excess |r lre ||ver ard rusc|es oy ra||rg g|ycoger, |org cra|rs ol
g|ucose. wrer g|ucose |s |r srorl supp|y, your oody roo|||zes g|ucose lror slored g|ycoger ard/or sl|ru|ales you lo eal
lood. Tre |ey |s lo ra|rla|r a corslarl o|ood-g|ucose |eve|.
To ra|rla|r a corslarl o|ood-g|ucose |eve|, your oody re||es or lWo rorrores produced |r lre parcreas lral rave
oppos|le acl|ors: |rsu||r ard g|ucagor.

leal, slrorg ac|d ard orgar|c so|verls (ex. A|coro|) deralure prole|rs. use ol prole|rs as arl|dole lor reavy rela|

Foods r|cr |r prole|r: red real, ruls, eggs, creese, yogurl,

Tesl Tesl lor Crer|ca| Resu|l

8|urel lesl Pos|l|ve resu|l lor
corpourds lral
corla|r 2 or rore
pepl|de ||r|ages
2rL 10 Na0l
5 drops Cu301
Purp|e co|or 5
N|rrydr|r lesl Preserce ol ar|ro
8|ue lo v|o|el resu|l A|our|r
Xarloprole|c lesl N|lral|or ol ar|ro
Ye||oW lo orarge co|or A|our|r,
V|||or's lesl Preserce ol prero|
P|r|-red prec|p|lale A|our|r,
lop||r's Co|e lesl Preserce ol
Purp|e jurcl|or A|our|r
Lead acelale lesl Tesl lor su|lur wr|le prec|p|lale A|our|r