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Treasure Chest ELL Materials List

Treasure Chest is an ELL Literacy Program that is aligned with Treasures and provides
ELL support for students at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of language

• Same weekly theme

• Same skill and strategies are taught on a weekly basis
• Same graphic organizer

The advanced leveled reader in Treasure Chest is the exact same version of the
approaching leveled reader from Treasures. This leveled reader is sheltered to both an
Intermediate and Beginning level. There are 6 copies of all 3 levles for every week of

Core Materials
English Language Learner Beginning Library
English Language Learner Intermediate Library
English Language Learner Advanced Library
ELL Teacher’s Guide
ELL Reading Assessment Book
ELL Reading Practice Book
ELL Reading Practice Book (Teacher’s Annotated Edition)
ELL Unit Theme Posters
ELL Retelling Cards
Comprehension Cards
Home School Connection

Additional Materials
K-6 Transparencies Graphic Organizers
ELL Vocabulary Word Cards
ELL Reading Audio CDs-Beginning
ELL Reading Audio CDs-Intermediate
ELL Reading Audio CDs-Advanced
My New Words Activity Book for Newcomers
My New Words Picture Wordbook for Newcomers
Retelling Card BLM
K-2 High Frequency Word Cards
K-1 Buggles and Beezy CD-ROM
K-2 Write-on Wipe-off Boards
K-2 Small Alphabet Sound Spelling Cards
K-2 Small Letter Cards
K-2 Photo Cards