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NAPS 2009 POWPM ‘© What i the Aboriginal JIG + Current mandate and responsibilities «Current products and services = Who are the JIG's clionts 1» How can you assist the JIG and how can. the JiG assist you tions + A joint intoligence group consisting of ‘members from Chand NSCI + 2RMs, 3cMs « Falls under C1 but supports CAPSINAPS ‘000002 += To collect, analyze and disseminate Intoligence on fensians and conflicts occurring within Aboriginal communities land their surrounding areas as they may fscalate to civil disobedience and unrest Includes grievances pertaining to land claims, treaty disputes, environmental Issues, economic and sovereignty disputes, internal conflict and social fssues + Interestedin tension against ertcal Infrastructure + Blockases of highways and roads + Demonstrations, poss o: gatherings concaring eneray sector dovlopment «+ Also Intorested in conflicts that could lead to blockades, demonstrations or protests 1 Harvestiputee 1 Primary focus is public safety and build stronger Aboriginal communities 1 Subject matter experts for the ROMP += Provide a national perspective on current {seus and assess the volatilty that exists within tho communities 1 Support strategie prioty setting for NAPS and cl 1 Hdontty national trends 000003, 1 Identity muttjurisdictional links and thes ‘between Aboriginal communities + Convargence of ats and thay aro ‘ewvaling avs Canaga 1 Support V2010 Games and G8 Summit + Continuous ising within the RCMP and with our partners in government and law ‘enforcement eee y ‘+ Wookiy situation reports + Provides 2 weekly summary (We. to Wed) + Combination af on sours an ntalignce ‘gahered itary 210 fom extemal partners + Appr. 450 ropes (aw enforoeent, ‘govern and erargipvate sto) + Highiohis stustons aress Canad and see recent developments + Dapensing on dassfeston of informatio, canbe peuced at various leis of Sansa 1 Aboriginal communities public safety ‘special bulletin. + Wook, ofa eqs, station report concaming a partous’ event or evelopment ‘hat caves soma concer to pub safety + Examplos: tbe CP “Split Trainor io posing sting fr dict acson in ugar ot {Sustain Pst Naton land lame and TE 00004