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Authorization Objects for a role

Added by Victor Manuel Iniestra Alvarez, last edited by Victor Manuel Iniestra Alvarez on Mar 03, 2010

This report shows the authorization objects for a role. It's intended to be exported to a spreadsheet (use pipe '|' as separator character) * Reporte de los objetos y campos de autorizacin de un rol dado. REPORT zbar_objaut_rol. PARAMETERS: pa_rol TYPE agr_define-agr_name, pa_tecni TYPE char1 AS CHECKBOX DEFAULT 'X', pa_activ TYPE char1 AS CHECKBOX DEFAULT 'X'. DATA: lw_agr_texts LIKE agr_texts, lw_tobj LIKE tobj, lw_tobjt LIKE tobjt, lt_agr_prof TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF agr_prof, lw_agr_prof LIKE LINE OF lt_agr_prof, it_ust10s TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ust10s, lw_ust10s LIKE LINE OF it_ust10s, it_ust12 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ust12, lw_ust12 LIKE LINE OF it_ust12, it_tactz TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tactz, lw_tactz LIKE LINE OF it_tactz, lw_tactt LIKE tactt, l_perfil TYPE string, l_obj_ant TYPE string, l_campo_ant TYPE string, l_val_1 TYPE string, l_val_2 TYPE string, l_nom_campo TYPE string, l_auth_ant TYPE string, l_flag_actvt TYPE char1. SELECT SINGLE * FROM agr_texts INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF lw_agr_texts WHERE agr_name = pa_rol AND spras = sy-langu. WRITE: 'Rol: |',pa_rol,'|',lw_agr_texts-text,/. SELECT * FROM agr_prof INTO TABLE lt_agr_prof WHERE agr_name = pa_rol. LOOP AT lt_agr_prof INTO lw_agr_prof. WRITE: 'l_perfil:'. IF pa_tecni = 'X'. l_perfil = lw_agr_prof-profile. CONDENSE l_perfil. WRITE: l_perfil,'|'. ENDIF. l_perfil = lw_agr_prof-ptext. CONDENSE l_perfil. WRITE: l_perfil,'(',lw_agr_prof-langu,')',/. WRITE: 'OBJETOS DE AUTORIZACIN:',/. SELECT * FROM ust10s INTO TABLE it_ust10s WHERE profn = lw_agr_prof-profile. * LOOP AT it_ust10s INTO lw_ust10s. IF l_obj_ant <> lw_ust10s-objct. l_campo_ant = ''. l_flag_actvt = 'X'. l_auth_ant = ''. NEW-LINE. SELECT SINGLE * FROM tobj INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF lw_tobj WHERE objct = lw_ust10s-objct. SELECT SINGLE * FROM tobjt INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF lw_tobjt WHERE langu = sy-langu AND object = lw_ust10s-objct. WRITE: /,'Clase: ',lw_tobj-oclss. NEW-LINE. l_obj_ant = lw_ust10s-objct. IF pa_tecni = 'X'. CONDENSE l_obj_ant. WRITE: l_obj_ant,'|'. ENDIF. WRITE: lw_tobjt-ttext. ENDIF. SELECT * FROM ust12 INTO TABLE it_ust12 WHERE objct = lw_ust10s-objct AND auth = lw_ust10s-auth.

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02/10/2011 05:47 PM

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LOOP AT it_ust12 INTO lw_ust12. IF l_auth_ant <> lw_ust12-auth. l_auth_ant = lw_ust12-auth. NEW-LINE. WRITE: ' ENDIF. IF l_campo_ant <> lw_ust12-field. l_campo_ant = lw_ust12-field. CONDENSE l_campo_ant. IF pa_activ = 'X' AND l_flag_actvt = 'X' AND l_campo_ant = 'ACTVT'. l_flag_actvt = ''. NEW-LINE. WRITE: ' NEW-LINE. SELECT * FROM tactz INTO TABLE it_tactz WHERE tactz~brobj = lw_ust12-objct. LOOP AT it_tactz INTO lw_tactz. SELECT SINGLE ltext FROM tactt INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF lw_tactt WHERE tactt~spras = sy-langu AND tactt~actvt = lw_tactz-actvt. WRITE: ' lw_tactt-ltext. NEW-LINE. ENDLOOP. ENDIF. NEW-LINE. WRITE: ' '. IF pa_tecni = 'X'. WRITE: l_campo_ant,'|'. ENDIF. SELECT SINGLE ddtext FROM authx INNER JOIN dd04v ON authx~rollname = dd04v~rollname AND ddlanguage = sy-langu INTO l_nom_campo WHERE fieldname = lw_ust12-field. WRITE: l_nom_campo. ENDIF. l_val_1 = lw_ust12-von. CONDENSE l_val_1. l_val_2 = lw_ust12-bis. CONDENSE l_val_2. WRITE: '(',l_val_1,',',l_val_2,'),'. ENDLOOP. ENDLOOP. ENDLOOP. Selection Texts: PA_ACTIV Mostrar actividades permitidas / Show possible activities PA_ROL Clave del Rol / Role / Technical names on PA_TECNI Mostrar nombres tcnicos |',lw_tactz-actvt,'|', |Actividades Posibles:'. ',lw_ust12-auth.

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Authorization Objects for a transaction

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02/10/2011 05:47 PM