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Momart contemporary arts fire press and public responses

Peter Conrad, writing in The Observer, of all papers, coinedthe phrase aesthetic cleansing hijacking one of the mostunpleasant concepts around. Tony Parsons called it bloodyhilarious. It was only when the dust had literally settled, that thescale of the loss was realised. Then the sniggering comments about 5/4/12 Tracey Emins tent began to subside a



did a national report last year called Taste Buds which looked closely at the contemporary art market. Its punchline was that just under five million people have bought art and,on top of that, nearly six million aspire to buy art. Threequarters of them would buy work that is by living artists. Thats over eight million people who are



the Angel of the North was covered with a Newcastle United shirt, whatever we may think of Newcastle United the gesture showed an acceptance by the people of Newcastle that the angel was theirs. It is easy to forget that it was not popular at first, with local newspaper campaigns against it, local scepticism and indifference.

Artists are by definition unpredictable and often highly provocative. They tend to revel in challenging convention and rocking boats. They are the opposite of risk-averse. Thats part of what they do