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National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Ramagundan Super Thermal Pow. Project 3 x 200 MW Steam Turbine Units CONTENTS Mws— TAP- Seol- oF Y = ~ ao Oe TURBINE NAME PLATE ‘TOM 088/I Page O 1 = TURBINE = Allowable pressure and temperature variations ‘TGM 6/I Page 1 — ‘Limitations on initial and reheat stean tempe rature variation. eee TGM 6/I Page 2 ~ Operation of turbine-generator beyond contract commitments... cee ‘TOM 33/1 = General description. ToM 54/T = Mechanical outline (elevation and plant view ) eee eae TG 1s2002 (2 sheets) -. Turbine cross-section... Te 152005 = Identification of turbine rotor and mating perts. a + (Dwg.) TGM 80/1 = Turbine metal lagging, ..--.+éeeeeees (Dwg.) TG 152085 (2 sheets) 2 - OPERATION = Starting and loading instruction. ToM 1858/1 - Minimum loading recommendations... ToM 13/1 = Operation on loss of load. 7 TGM 123/1 ~ Periodic operational test summary. ‘TOM 137A/T Page 1 - Testing of main ston valves and protective valves (DAILY).-.++eeeeeeeee ‘TOM 137B/I Page 2 ‘HOIMIPs dh eQUs. 4 Liopmal di quesia tabelie: g ; s i i National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Ramagundam Super Thermal Pow. Project 3 x 200 Mw Steam Turbine Units CONTENTS Testing of power-operated extraction systen check valves (DAILY) .. ‘Automatic pump starting (WEEKLY) ... Testing of the main stop valves and protective valves (WEEKLY) . Oil level gage testing (WEEKLY) ......... Emergency governor testing by oil trip and lockout (WEEKLY) ..... eae Control valve test for sticking (MONTHLY) ... Oil trip testing of the emergency governor (3-6 wontHS) .... setneeee Overspeed tenting of the emergency governor (6-12 WONTHS) 2.0... 22. eee LINTENANCE, Weight list of main turbine parts . Hold-down bolts on turbine shell ama. High-pressure turbine shell joints (method of Separating joints using hydraulic jacks) . Lubrication of shell ledges and expansion ring joints prior to lifting outer shells in Gisassenbling ...... Aasembly and dicassenbly of crossover between 4.P.-I.P. and L.P. turbines ... - Cross—over .. + (Dwg.) TGM 137/T Page 4 TGM 137/1 Page 5 137/T Page 6 137/I Page 7 TGM 137/T Page 8 ToM 137A/I Page 10 137A/1 Page 12 137A/T Page 13 TOM 1938/1 ‘Tom 2208/1 ‘Tom 229/1 TON 2394/1 Te 152281