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Your Name Your Address City State Zip Signer: Name Document: Type Notary: Name and # Notarized:

Date Date: I, "Name", hereby request "1" photo static copy (copies) of the line item(s) logged in your public notary "Record Book/Journal" for this transaction. 1.) DEED OF TRUST (Security Instrument) Dated: Notarized: Recorded: San Diego County, San Diego, California, as DOC# , Requested by: in The Certificate of Acknowledgment dated, Date, Executed by Notary Public, Name (comm.# , exp: date), under penalty of perjury. (Civil Code section 1189(a)(1)). Signature, All information including fee charged must be provided within 15 business days upon receipt of this request. If lost or stolen, please provide a copy of the police report and/or certified notification mailed to the Secretary of State as required by law. I understand that a cost of no more than $0.30 per page may be imposed. (Be sure to mail the money with your request)