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8efore we begun our pro[ect we had to th|nk of a|| the d|fferent
convent|ons and typ|ca| p|ot poss|b|||t|es a horror f||m narrat|ve can
fo||ow a|so examp|es of those f||ms |n wh|ch we cou|d take
|nsp|rat|on from
1hese were the d|fferent forms of horror f||ms we found
1he numan Monster (1he human Cent|pede)
sycho|og|ca| 1hr|||er (Seven )
ossessed] naunted nouse Mov|es ( 1he Sh|n|ng Am|tyv|||e 1he
ke||g|ous norror ( Lxorc|st 1he Cmen etc)
Ghost Stor|es 2omb|e Cann|ba| Ser|a| k|||er ( fact and I|ct|on )
Sc|I| norror Character k|||er Iranch|ses]Sta|k n S|ash (I13 ANCLS
Comedy norror ( Shaun LVIL DLAD)
W|tch and War|ock norror
sycho Iam||y 8ackwoods kedneck norror (1CM Wrong 1urn
Monster Man
Crazy]ossessed An|ma| (Cu[o 1he 8|rds Iaws)
and Crazy]ossessed ch||dren (Ch||dren of the Corn V|||age of the
After we had ||sted a|| the d|fferent types of the horror genre we
e||m|nated the form we d|d not th|nk are narrat|ve wo|d f|t |nto |t
came down to one theme wh|ch was ossessed] naunted nouse or
ch||dren Mov|es 1he reason for th|s |s when we were do|ng our
p|ann|ng and research for our pro[ect we fe|t we had the perfect
sett|ng and |ocat|on (our h|stor|ca| schoo| bu||d|ng)
as we|| as vu|nerab|e character that are target market of 1S3S
years o|ds cou|d re|ate to or emphas|se w|th In order to produce
th|s type of f||m 1herefore we were conf|dent |n mak|ng the f||m
and |ncorporat|ng these e|ements
Iurthermore we have proven that we have stuck to th|s part|cu|ar
theme of ossess|on through our narrat|ve fonts and t|t|e
characters sett|ng and |ocat|on camera work and ed|t|ng as we|| as
spec|a| effects
I|na||y we be||eve we chose the r|ght horror theme
for our groups espec|a||y because we cou|d reach
our target aud|ence as we|| as be|ng a successfu||y
med|a pro[ect