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p. 408 Given by Edgar Cayce 11/15/31 in accordance with request made by self: Mrs. C.: You will have before you the body and the soul-mind of Edgar Cayce, present in this room, and the experience or vision had by him on October 30 while teaching the Sunday School lesson at the First Prebyterian Church, Virginia Beach, Va., in which he saw a number of the Jewish faith apparently enter the church and listen at the discourse. You will please tell this body if this was a true vision, and just what, if anything, he is to do about it. Mr. C.: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind and the soul-body Edgar Cayce, present in this room, and the experience, the vision had by the body while discoursing on the lesson. As should be understood by the body, this was an experience, real, literal, in the sense that we as individuals are ever encompassed about by those that are drawn to us by the vibration or attitude concerning conditions that are existent in the experience of entities or souls seeking their way to their Maker. As this particular discourse dealt with the activities of a peculiar or individual people, so there was gathered mostly those that had held in common a faith and desire in this particular phase of experience. The carnal eye was then lifted for Cayce, so that he saw; even as the servant of Elisha saw those that camped between those that would hinder Elisha in his service to his people. As the visions of a child, then, Cayce is again entering that phase of development or experience where there may be in the physical consciousness periods when there may be visioned those that are seeking in the spirit realm for that which will aid them to understand their relations with the whole. It should be understood that Life is One, that each soul, each entity is a part of the Whole, able, capable of being one with the Source, or the Universal Power, God, yet capable of being individual, independent enti-

ties in their own selves. As He has given, to those whom He calls does He give the power to become the Sons of God. As has been given to this body Cayce, to this peculiar people has he been sent; as one one that may aid many to come to a better understanding of their relationships to the Creator and their relationships to their fellow man. Then, as indicated from that visioned, they that are seeking, though they be in another dimension, or phase, or plane of experience, are listening, harkening, gathering, that they may gain the better concept of what is to be done. Naturally there arise such questions as these: How does a disincarnate entity hear carnally that spoken from a material mind? With what eyes do they see? With what ears do they hear? With what bodies do they appear? Wherewithal are they clothed? As given, Know, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One! and the hearing that is come, and does come to an entity is with that whereunto the body-entity has builded; hence by the very nature are drawn together as one, the entities, such souls have seen in their sojourn through the material plane. They are clothed with that body, that clothing which is in its essence from the very source of that builded through the power given them by their relationships to the Creative Forces that are manifest in a material world. That a man's ideas have changed because he has passed from the material plane into the unseen, how can one conceive of this being different? From whence is the lily clothed? From whence comes the clothing that man may wear? From whence comes the power of differentiation in the ability of an individual man to see or to hear? Wherewithal are they given the power to disseminate speech in its various intonations or incantations, for their communications one with another? One that has been endowed with an understanding of a peoples known as the Indian, that may by grunts, incantations, or in the various forms of expression to convey that which is being sought of the relations of one to another, is not understood by one who has been endowed with an understanding of the other environs; as

in France or in the U.S.A. Not understood, no; but when that language that bespeaks of faith, hope, kindness, love, is manifest, it expresses, it conveys to the heart and soul of all a universal language; as does music, as does the beauty of a rose, as does the music of the spheres partake of that which is the closer to that relation as the soul, whether occupying this or that body, has with that Creative Force from which it emanated. So, as in the vision that is shown here, as in the visions that may come to the body, to the soul-mind of the body, honor and reverence same, that the language of the spheres, that the Voice of the Creative Forces are being manifest; but do not abuse same by thinking, acting, speaking or feeling that self has been exalted or raised to any particular position other than of being of greater service to thy fellow man. Remember that, He that would be the greatest among you will be the servant of all. He that will humble himself shall be exalted. He that remains true shall be lifted up, even as He gave; And I, if I be lifted upwill draw all men unto me. Know, then, that there is being shed some of that glory that was in Him, and that is given thee in this carnal body, this weakened flesh, through the insight of the glories that await man if he will remain true to those lessons that are set before him; that self is being lifted up with the greater abilities, the greater opportunity to reach the more. He that is called to service must indeed obey. Know also that it is true in thy experience as it was in His experience, Though He were the Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered. As the carnal forces, the carnal mind with its desires, its necessities for the satisfying of those conditions that are created as habit, as desires of the flesh, as desires of the attributes of the physical or material mind are suffering under the strain that comes in the various periods of the manifestations of the glory, know that the body is being given more and more the opportunity then to minister to not only those in the material things in the material life, but these as seen who are seeking in the Borderland, those that are to many a loved one in the spirit land they are seeking seeking

Give then of thyself in the strength that He gives to thee, for thou hast been called and chosen as one through whom bodily there may come a channel who may speak face to face with his peoples. Keep the faith. Keep the body clean. Look up, lift up thine eyes unto the hills from whence the help comes; for God is in His holy temple. Keep, then, thy body clean, thine temple of thine body in such a state, mentally, spiritually, that He may come and lodge with thee, that He may oft speak with thee as Father to Son. As thine Elder Brother may He walk with thee in thy going in, thine coming out among men; for that thou hast seen is holy HOLY; and though must conduct thine self in such a manner that is worthy of these visions, those helps coming to thee the more often. Do not become self-important, nor self-exalting. Be rather selfless, that there may come to all who come under the sound of thy voice, to all that come in thy presence, as they look upon thine countenance, the knowledge and feeling that, indeed this man has been in the presence of his Maker; he has seen the visions of those expanses we all seek to pull the veil aside that we may peer into the future. As ye may become a teacher to those that are beyond the veil also, how glorious must be thy words even then to those that falter in their steps day by day! In patience know thy soul may go out and minister to others. And, as thy presence brings that faith, hope and confidence in men's lives, so may the words of thy mouth be acceptable in the sight of thy Redeemer, so may He indeed give thee the abilities to speak even as the oracles of the fathers, as the oracles of God Himself who sits in His Throne and has given to His Son that ability to quicken the hearts of men that they may know His Face also. Be, then, patient, my son. Keep in the ways that He has gone. Know that Mother stands near oft, and will guide in the ways that will aid in coming coming nearer to the closer walk with Him. We are through. (294-155)