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Summary Three Idiots is about a life changing story of a man who makes significant contribution to friends and other

people in the field of engineering. It is a meaningful and detailed presentation of how a student really shows how it is important to teach. The story starts when Farhan Quereshi suddenly acts as if he is heart attacked after receiving a phone call from Chatur/Silencer, telling him that he finds Rancho Chanchad, his long lost friends who has not had contact with him for almost ten years. Farhan is then attended by the physician and escapes from the airport to search for his friend together with Raju Rastogi. While they are travelling the road towards Ranchos place, flashback scenes were being shown back to the chapters when the three idiots meet each other- the time they enter the Imperial College of Engineering. Rajus family is very poor; his father is bed-ridden and his sister is not wed because the fianc is asking for a car as a dowry. They cannot provide that because the money is exact only for meals. This is why Raju strives hard to finish engineering and help his family. He is God-fearing as he worships God everyday in his room. Ranchos first appearance in the movie is when a tradition is made at the college wherein freshmen were required to put their pants down as a sign of respect to the seniors. Rancho does not follow; instead he moves to his room. He connects meter stick and spoon together and then connects them to an electric current causing penile electrocution of a senior who tries to pee on his door. He is not an ordinary student. When he is sent out, he goes to classes on higher year levels where he absorbs many information. Rancho helps a student Joy Lobo regarding his project which is rejected by Virus, the inconsiderate professor. However, Joy cannot handle his feelings anymore and commits suicide

with a note on the wall I quit. On Joys burial, Rancho tells Virus that the incident is not a suicide; rather, a murder. To Viruss anger he brings forcefully Rancho to the classroom and tells him to teach them how to teach. Rancho verbalizes moral lessons about the proper way of teaching. The three idiots: Raju, Rancho and Farhan go to a wedding reception. They do not know that this is Viruss daughters wedding. There, he first meets Pia, Viruss another daughter. Chatur, aka Silencer, is a student who is very boastful. He always wants to be on top. He distracts his classmates a night before exams by giving them sexy magazines. He wants to impress professors. Upon preparation of his speech, The three idiots make a plan. They screw his script by replacing the word serve to screw. At the ceremony, Chatur delivers his speech without knowing that what he memorizes degrades the dignity of Virus. He embarrassed Virus in front of many people. Because of what happen, Chatur curses the three idiots and asks them to have a deal. At Sept 5, after 10 years, they will meet again to know who is more successful. Then Rancho and Pia meet again for the second time. Pia is angry with Rancho because of the incident at the reception. However, Rancho proves that the man is really a bad man. Rancho suddenly receives call telling him that Rajus father needs an emergency medical attention. Knowing that Pia is a medical student, Rancho requests her to accompany him at Rajus house. They reach the house; Pia assesses the father and concludes that he needs to be hospitalized. Since there is no available ambulance, they bring the victim with the scooter. Pia and Rancho became true friends now.

They get examination the following day. They get late in class but make funny actions to get their paper accepted. examination. At the present they, they already reach the destination on where Rancho Chanchad can be found. When they meet the Rancho Chanchad, they are amazed that the man is not the person they are searching for so long. They find out that Rancho Chanchad in ICE is not the real Rancho. They have to search for Rancho. Rancho admits his feelings for Pia. The three go to Viruss house. Farhan and Raju pee on Viruss mailbox. Virus calls the security to search for them at the college but they hid on a classroom. Virus wants to rusticate Raju from ICE but given a choice whether whose name is to be put: him or Ranchos. Because he cant decide, He jumps out of the window from the third floor. He is rushed in the hospital. He is given proper medical management; however, Raju does not speak nor move. He just opens his eyes. He then recovers after many days. Farhan goes to his home to tell his parents that he does not want to become an engineer but a photographer. At first, his father does not accept it but later on, he tells Farhan that he may pursue being a photographer. On the other hand, Raju has his first interview and luckily, he is accepted. Again, on the present time, Pia is to wed Suhas. Raju and Farhan go quickly to help Pia escape from the wedding. Raju pretends to be Suhas and they get away. Farhan and Raju get the lowest rank while Rancho tops the

Rancho makes certain action because Viruss plan is to ruin the application of Raju. Rancho goes to his office and manipulated the application form of Raju. They get caught at the room in dormitory and is asked to get out of the college. Heavy flood came in as they leave the place. While on their way, Mona, Pias sister, is found to be having labor. Because there is no available ambulance because of typhoon, Rancho helps her on brings her at the college to help in delivering the baby. The baby needs a vacuum cup so Pia instructed him about delivery and the use of cup. Rancho and friends successfully assist in delivering the baby. But the baby does not respond to stimuli. Everyone expects that the baby is dead. However, when Rancho pronounces All is well, the baby kicks. He is alive. As a sign of being an extraordinary student, Virus gives the pen to Rancho. He is awarded as the student of the year during the graduation. At present time, they finally find Rancho in an institution that teaches students about utilization of advancing technology. Rancho is not Rancho Chanchad; he is Pungsukh Wangdu, a scientist with 400 patents, Chaturs boss.

Medical Procedures Rajus father is to be brought in the hospital. There is no available ambulance so a scooter is used. It is a medical emergency requiring immediate intervention. Raju attempts to commit suicide by jumping from the third floor of the building. He breaks his legs. He is brought to the nearest hospital and given oxygen, intravenous fluid and

pulse oximeter. This is to provide hemodynamic stability of the patient. He also has cast on arms. He recovers and goes home with the wheelchair. Mona, who is experiencing labor, needs to deliver her baby as soon as possible but since there is no ambulance because of flood, Rancho helps her to deliver the baby. Pia instructs Rancho if there is crowning; there is no crowning. Mona is very tired. She needs vacuum cup for her to be able to deliver her baby. Rancho makes an improvised vacuum cup. He uses his knowledge about engineering. He cut the babys umbilical cord. Shortly after, they find out that the baby does not respond to stimulus. Pia tells Raju to rub the babys back and to give a blow of air in the mouth. When Rancho states All is well, the baby kicks. He is alive! Defense Mechanisms Isolation: Joy Lobo, after being rejected by Virus, isolates himself at the corner of the building. He sings and really feels the song because this reflects to his present situation. Displacement: It is seen in the movie that Joy Lobo throws his project at the trashcan because of the rejected project. Projection: Pia blames his father about the death of her brother. She said that it is not a suicide but a murder. Chatur throws a bottle at the floor to express his anger about the ruining of his speech.

Denial: Virus cant accept the fact that he is the cause of his sons death. Also, he denies that he has something to contribute to the death of Joy Lobo. Compensation: Farhan becomes what he truly wants to be-a photographer. While Raju recovers from the hospital and continue to improve himself. Therapeutic Communication Rancho: We'll hand these gifts to the couple Pia: I'll do that for you. Look at these statistics . India ranks No.1 in suicides. Every 90 minutes, a student attempts suicide. Suicide is a bigger killer than disease. Rancho is giving an information to Virus Pia offers herself to Rancho.

Rancho: A machine is anything that reduces human effort. Prof: Will you please elaborate? Rancho: Anything that simplifies work or saves time is a machine. One day, when I was a student the director

Rancho is providing an information


of our institute called me.He said, Viru Sahastrabuddhe.'I said, 'Yes sir'. 'Come here!' I got scared. He showed me this pen. He said, this is a symbol of excellence I give it to you, when you come across an extraordinary student like yourself pass it onto him. Anyone here, who'll strive to win this pen? Ranchhoddas Chanchad. How do you do, Mr. Teacher? Rancho is encouraging the teacher to express himself.

Rancho: Mr. Dubey, the Director was remembering you Librarian: Really? Pia: what do you mean he doesn't care for me? Pia: Suhas is a changed man. Her expression is opposite of what she really says. Rancho: Actually you never loved him, really. Pia: What do you mean?

The librarian is voicing doubt

Pia is clarifying about the what she heard.

Pia is using denial to change the image of Suhas.

Seeking clarification

Non-Therapeutic Communication Virus: Is your project ready? Joy: Sir, see it once, please Virus: Submit it, and we'll consider Joy: Sir, a small extension... Virus: why, why should I? Pia: Why are you harassing him? Now, wear your ancient piece of junk at dinner. Rancho: Raju, don't worry. This is Virus's move to split us. Raju: Give me your tie. Farhan: Why? Father: Do you think he will like it? Mother: why such expensive? Farhan: Once a price tag, always a price tag Using denial Pia: Shut up, Farhan. Suhas is a changed man. He doesn't speak of brands and prices anymore. Suhas: My 150,000/ - coat Interviewee: what happened? Requesting an explanation Requesting an explanation Requesting an explanation Reassuring Requesting an explanation Advising Requesting an explanation Rejecting

You had an accident? Raju: See that building? I jumped from its third floor Interviewee: why? Raju: Because I was rusticated from college Interviewee: why? Rancho: Run for your life ! It's free advice. Take it or leave it. Advising

Nutrition Okra (half-cup cooked okra)

Calories = 25 Dietary Fiber = 2 grams Protein = 1.5 grams Carbohydrates = 5.8 grams Vitamin A = 460 IU Vitamin C = 13 mg Folic acid = 36.5 micrograms Calcium = 50 mg

Iron = 0.4 mg Potassium = 256 mg Magnesium = 46 mg The superior fiber found in okra helps to stabilize blood sugar as it curbs the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Okras mucilage binds cholesterol Bile acids carry toxins dumped into it by filtering liver Okra fiber absorbs water and ensures bulk in stool and helps improve constipation Okras mucilage soothes and facilitate elimination more comfortably by its slippery characteristic many people may abhor.

Further contributing to the health of the intestinal tract, okra fiber (as well as flax and psyllium) has no equal among fibers for feeding the good bacteria (probiotics). source: www. physiology.wisc.edu

Cottage cheese Cottage cheese is a product of cheese curd but unlike most cheese, which is dehydrated and has color, this type of cheese retains its whey content because it is only drained, not pressed dry. The cottage cheese, unlike its relatives, does not undergo aging (maturation process) and it is also washed to give it its different taste--sweet and mildly flavored.

This cheese also has sodium (500 milligrams), 120 calories and 20 milligrams of cholesterol. These values are computed against a 113-gram serving.

Cheese is a naturally nutrient rich food and provides energy and nutrients within relatively small quantities. The energy content of cheese is largely dependent upon the fat content, which is highly variable between the different varieties. The form of carbohydrate present in cheese and all dairy products is the sugar lactose. However, most of the lactose in the original milk used to make cheese is removed during processing. The main protein in cheese is called casein with small amounts of other proteins called alpha and beta lactoglobulin. A variety of cheeses including cheddar also provide the beneficial fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is thought to protect humans against diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease. source: www.bellybytes.com Cauliflower Cauliflower also contains vitamin C and folate. Folate helps the blood work more efficiently and is often recommended for preventing anemia. Folate is also essential for proper tissue growth and not getting enough can make you succeptible to many diseases down the road such as cancer and heart disease. Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant. When used alongside other antioxidents such as vitamin E and betacarotene, you can keep your immune system strong. It is also a very good source of

potassium, fiber, phosphorus, and B vitamins. Cauliflower is a good source of the trace mineral boron. Cauliflower and other vegetables n the cruciferous family, including cabbage, contain compounds that may help prevent cancer. source: www.bellybytes.com 11 Core competencies: A. Safe and quality nursing care Virus knows that Mona has to deliver her baby because the bag of water has already burst. She needs emergency medical attention. Viruss calls ambulance to get her daughter into the hospital.
Pia suggested that Rajus father must be hospitalized as soon as possible to save his

life. It is a medical emergency. It is safe and quality nursing care since they do not wait for the ambulance to arrive; instead, they use scooter to bring the patient to the hospital and this is the best choice that they have done. When Raju is hospitalized after jumping from the window of the third floor of the building, Pia, at the hospital, helps the idiots and Rajus mother through giving information about Rajus present condition. Raju and Pia decide that Mona must deliver her baby as soon as possible. It is an emergency since Monas bag of water has burst. The quality of nursing care is provided since Mona is provided privacy while giving birth to her baby.

When the three idiots are to take examination, Pia offers herself that she will be with Rajus father. This is an example of continuing care.