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= Object Mode, = Edit Mode, = Sculp Mode, = Pose Mode.

Tasten Modus Aktion A Select All / Deselect all B Border select (marquee select) Shift + B Marquee zoom C Circle select (brush select) CTRL + C Center view to cursor Shift + C 3D Cursor to origin Shift + D Duplicate E Extrude region Create Face (3+ vertices selected) F F Create Edge (2 vertices selected) Shift + F Camera Fly mode G Move (Grab) Shift + G Select Similar menu H Hide selected Shift + H Hide unselected Alt + H Unhide all I Insert Keyframe menu CTRL + J Join selected objects CTRL + M Mirror object over an axis Alt + M Merge menu N Properties panel toggle P Separate R Rotate S Scale T Object Tools panel toggle U UV Mapping menu CTRL + W Save File X Delete menu Split Vertex / Edge / Face Y CTRL + Z Undo CTRL + Shift + Z Redo NUM 1 Front view NUM 3 Side view NUM 7 Top view NUM 5 Perspective/Orthographic view toggle CTRL + NUM 1 Back view CTRL + NUM 3 Other side view CTRL + NUM 7 Bottom view Tab Object Mode / Edit Mode toggle CTRL + Tab Mesh Select Mode menu Spacebar Search (3D view) CTRL + LMB click Extrude / Create new