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Le Cambodge

Le terrain de sourires

La Population
The current U.S. population is approximately 300 million while the Cambodian population is roughly 15 million. 20:1 is the ratio of population for U.S. to Cambodia.

La Histoire de Siem Reap was Siam Back when Thailand

and Cambodia was just the Khmer people, there was much conflict between these two groups.
When the Khmer people defeated the Siamese, they named the area in which they fought, Siem Reap. Siem Reap translates into Siam defeated.

French In Cambodia
Siem Reap later became a colony of the France after the French threatened the King of Siem Reap. The French, however, didnt exactly have total control of the King and his son. It was during this time that the temple of Angkor Wat was created.

Gen Dcouverte
The Cambodian people (Khmer Race) descended from a dragon and human race. The dragon race, which did not live in the area, disguised them while coming to the area. A dragon race princess and a human race prince fell in love and made the land for the Khmer people.

Le Chef Courant

Norodom Sihamoni is the King of Cambodia at the moment.

Affaires Courant
Cambodia had been a very violent place because of all the wars going on. Because of the wars, there are many mines and unidentified explosives. There are constantly victims of mines and these explosives.

Faire la Carte au Cambodge

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