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Concernin g orations in the fo rm of exorcism s, to consecrate all the things which belon g to the operation of this grand work.





Pentacles for Sunday


Pentacles for Monday


Pentacles for Tuesday


Pentacles for Wednesday


Pentacles for Thursday



Pentacles for Friday


Pentacles for Saturday
















































containing the method of constraining Spirits to visible appearance, the consecration of Iamins, pentacles, and the seals and characters

o f the planetary angels, with a fo rm of a

bond of spi ,.its .




ri t ica ll y -Esta blish ed Tex t





A pP EN DI X 1.

Comparison of pen tacles from

va r io u s m a

nu scr ip ts


A pP EN DI X 2. O t her examples of some of the d raw in gs




41 8


T h e Clavis or Key to the Magic of 50/0111011 is one of several noteb ooks from th e estate of Ebeneze r Sib ly, transcribed under th e direc tion of Frederick Hockley (1808- 1885). Sibly (aka Sibley) was a prominent physician and an influential author, who complemented his scientific studies with writings on the "deeper truths" including magic, astrology, alchemy, and mesmerism.

th is collection were probably obtained in 1799 by antiqua r-

Most of the texts in

ian bookseller John Denley (d. 1842) along with other items from Sibly's esta te. Sibly had hoped that h is collection wo uld be preserved as a wo rkin g library after his death, but it was quickly sold off. Fortwlately Hockley, working for Denley ea rly in the century, made manuscript copies of these and other tex ts

for resale. ' At the same time H ockley was able to assemble a substantial col-

himself. Both Sibly and Hockley were maj or insp ira-

tions in the occ ult rev iva l of the past two cen turi es, influencing A. E. Wai te,

S. L. Mathers, W. Wynn Wescott, A le ister Cro wley, as well as th e Go lde n Dawn,

Rosicrucian, and Masonic movements. 2

This co llection includes eigh t independent tex ts. They gener a ll y reflec t

Sibly's teachings on the practical use of celestial influences and harmonies, although his undisputed writings denounce th e commerce w ith spirits so prev- alent here. The Clavis conta ins clear and systematic instructions for construct- ing magical tools and pentacles for many practica l purposes. The Mysterious Ring gives directions for preparing magic rings. Experiments of the Spirits Birto, Vassago, Agares, and Bealpharos, show how to ca ll upon angels and s pirits, and crysta l scrying . The Wheel of Wi sdom gives concise directions for u s ing ce les tia l

harm onies. Th e final

text, the Complete Book of Magic Science, is closely akin to

lection of rare texts for

1 Denley purchased the items from Lackington, who had gotten them in turn from Sihly's

n ephew. See H a mill et a1 2009, pp. xx, 30n95, 39. James Lacking ton was a major Londo n

bookseller, and acted as one of the "important repositories o f mag ic

The shop of the

occult book dealer and John Denley con tained one of the best collec tions of magic books in the country." Davies 2009, p. 134.

2 Ham ill et al 2009, passim . Waite published extens ive excerpts from Hockley, including illustrations (ibid, p . 3-4).




the Secret Grimoire of Turiei, but more complete; Hockley claimed authorship himself, drawing on a variety of sources. The man uscript reproduced here is the most accurate and complete known , very bea utifuily and carefully written, with extraordinary hand-colored seals and colored handwritten text. Given the inclusion of the final text, it must have been copied by one of Frederick Hockley's friend s from one or more of his autograph exemplars. H e was known to have held this collection in high

regard, and only rarely lent

could make copies, chiding them when they h urried themselves too much to

make good copies'

it and other tex ts to people he co uld trust so they

Contents of the text.

In troduction . The introdu ction was pu rporte dl y written by Ebenezer Sib ly. It quotes from a 1764 edition of Jakob Bbhme, and also includes quotations

from Arbatel.

Fro ntispi ece. This page has various sea ls and ritua l implements. These are a ll

taken from Sibly's New and Comp lete Illu stration of the Occult Scie nces, Book

4 (1787, opp osite p. 1102). Sib ly took mos t of these from Reginald Sco ts's highly influential Discoverie of Witchcraft (1584, expanded edition 1665).

Clavi s. The firs t text is The Clavis or Key to Unlock the Mysteries of Magic of Rabbi

London , 1820,

Solomon. John Denley's A cotalogue of books & manuscripts

lis ted "the w h ole of th e la te Dr. Sibly's occult ma nuscripts ." The Clov is is

number 6 of th e 17 Sibly m anuscripts. It is described as an elegant quarto in calf, with 3 articles: "1st The CIavis, or Key to Unlock the Mysteries of

[sic] Solomon, translated from the H eb rew into French, rendered into Eng lis h, wi th add ition s by Ebenzer [sic]

Sibly, M. D. Fellow of th e H ar moniac Philosophica l Society at Paris, the

w h ole enrich ed with Figures, Talismans, Pen tacles, Circl es, and Char acters, &c.; 2nd An Experi ment of the Spirit Birto, as hath been often pro ved, at the instant request of Edward 4th King of England; 3rd The Wheel of Wis- dom, with its Ke y a nd Full Direc tions for its Use and M agica l Operations,

together w ith a

Familiar Example for its Application. Hockley described

the Sibley copy as dated 1793, and "exquisitely done by a profess!" (pre-

sumably meaning a professional calligrapher). Hockley apparently made a

Magick of Rabb y and from French

3 He lent hi s copy t o hi s frien d F.

for the accuracy of the Talismans etc." Ibid. p . ix, 41-42. The indi vid ual he was chiding was his friend F.G. Irwin's son Herbert, and the text in question was not the "Rabbi Solom on" -

the "King Solomon ."

the subject of the current text - but

G. Irwin in 1874. He told Irwin i t "may be depended upon

IN I lIill ll"



IN I lIill ll" III IN 1\ III I IV I '0). \\ hh II dlll""'dl~'d




\\ hh II dlll""'dl~'d i ll I )l'tllt'y's

I H22 (' ,l l ,ll og (1'01' th e \,'on s i dl.' l\ lblt· s um of

I h ' III ,Hh ' ,\lInt i'l l' !' t o p y


i n 1836 . 1 It claim s lo have been lra nsla led rrom

lin IIl d "I ' 1:I'VI H.'h manus cri


t by

S ib ley

him se

lf . Va rioll s F r e nch and En g-

is ev ident fro m compa rin g

Iblll vvt 'l, joll l-l o f th e tex t have been .iden t i fied. s It

l ilt , ('XI'l\1 l'l li rH th a t th e :, ,,h HI,1I11i.lll y th e sa me

tex t was adap ted an d ex panded during its hi s to ry.

is th e printed Les V eritab les clavicu les de Salomon, tf.

1'111' Ph,'f\\' Mora, Par is, H. Da rago n , 1914, and the earliest ver sio n probably

I('Sl'mhkd th is Mo ra edi ti on in h av ing only one pentacle for ea ch pla ne t,


dcl'iv(:d rrom Petrus de A bano's Heptameron. L ater vers ions wer e

Iii "~ ' .I Ho m ew h at, a nd th e numb er of pent acles g r ea tl y in creased. Man y of ti ll'S{' "s u pp lementary" p entacles are found in the core exemp la rs u sed by MllI'hcr s in hi s e dition of Th e Key of Solomon (18 89) , Many oth ers are found in I,,1I1H, MSS 1202 and 1203; th ese manuscripts w ere h eavily used b y Mather s in prepar in g his edition, but he ge nerally om itted pentacles that were not


I('XI of the Clav is consists of te n numbered chap te rs, giving detail ed inst ru c-

lions o n the preparations. Th is

the s pecifics and pentacles for each of the seven traditional plane ts (pages

53- 182). The tex t refer s to th e la tter part as

ley q uotes from part of this text ear ly in hi s

he bega n in 1829,' as we ll as his Crysta liamancy .'

Hoc kley also sta ted th at Rabbi Solomo n 's Cia vis w as a m ajor so urce

Agrippa ) fo r Francis Barrett's in flue n tia l for which were lent to him by Den ley' In

I'he majo rity of manu scri p ts consulted. See table in appendix l. The main

is followed b y uJU1Umbered sec tions, g iv ing

th e "sequel of this book. "


co llec tion of Occult Spell s, whi ch

of ma te rial (along with Heinrich boo k Th e Magus, all the m a te ri a ls

s p ite of this asse rtion, I find no evidence th a t Barre tt used Clavi s direc tl y,

but rath er quote d ex tensiv e ly from the same so urce materia ls, n a m ely, Agrippa a nd Petrus d e Abano. In fact Hockl ey's statement would be better

ap p li ed to his own book Th e Complete Book of Magic Science, on w h ich see

4 I-Ioc klcy no ted th at h e tran scribe d it "from the ho log raph by Eb Sibly in 1793." HamiU et ,11 2009, pp. 9, 39.

5 http:/ Iwww.alchemywebsite.com/clav_eng .htmllists Englis h mss .: pri vate 1: late 18th or early 19 th CE (Edward Hunte r); priva te 2: (Sibley); Craw ford 158 (Sibley). http: //www .

alchemywebs ite .com/clav_fr2. htmllists French MSS: Wellcome 4670, 4655,4656, 4657, 4660, 4 661, and private 2 (Gregoriu s Niger) . On the du bious hi sto ry of Pierre or Pietro Mora by Montague Summ ers, recoun ted by E.M. Du tle r, see D avies 2009, p. 56.

6 He quotes from "Rabbi Solomon on the Effects of the Moon in her passage thru the Zod iac." Hockley 2009, pp. 7-8.

7 For exa mple, information on ritua l instruments, includ in g scissors and hazel rod. Printed

in H ami ll et a12009, p . 81 ff.



below. Wellcome MS 4670 is a French manuscript of a closely related text, though app arently not the direct ances tor of Sibley 's Clavis.'

The Mysterious Ring. This tex t is also fo und

Altho ugh sligh tly obscured by the translator, the method serves

ing rillgs consecrated to any of the seven traditional planets, and each can

h elp access the qualities attributed to that pla ne t (such as Venus for gre a tl y silnplified v e r sion is a ls o found in Gr imor ium Veru m.'o

Experiment of the Spirit Birto. The ne xt four te x ts, Ex perimen ts of Bi rto , Agares, Vassago, etc. are kno w n from ol d e r s ources, a s well as a noilier H ockley man-

1829) . Th ey often are found to gether, but

pp. 69-79 .) for prepar-

in Pi erre Mo ra (1914,

serve to lov e) . A

uscript (Wellcome MS 2842, d a te d

not always, and then not always in the same o rder. These expe rilnents are

also included in the sixteen th century British Library manuscript Sloane

3824. "

w h e re it is d escribed as " an ex periln ent s ay d to be m a d e by Roger Bacon, viz . Fryer Bacon, ilia t a spirit, appere to thee & to be d on in a wood or sec ret

The experiment of Bi rto is found by its e lf in Bodleian M S Ra w!. 0254,

place, or in a cleere faire chamb er with a window to ward s the Eas t."12

Vassago. Ho ckl ey al so in c orp ora ted s om e of thi s te x t in his Cry sta liomal1cy. Vassago is th e third goelic sp irit listed in the Lesser KetJ of Solomol1, after Baa l and Aga res, but the sigil differs somewhat from that found here. Like

many others,

I was c urious about the inclusio n of a second version of the

seal of Vas sag o in Wait e' s reca p of th e Lesser Key in his Book of Black Magic (1898, p late X ). He d esc ribed it as "seal of Vassago used in white magic," but g ave little ex planation . Hi s ea rli er boo k The Occult Sciences (1 89 1, pp. 103- 8) pro vides the con text though, for he includes extensive quota ti ons, and cites Hockley as ilie source. Vassago is one of the very few goetic spirits that does

not a ls o app ea r in Weyer 's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum .

Agares. Second s p ir it li s ted in We yer's Pseudomol1orchia Daemonurn, and Lesse r KetI Spelled Agarat in Cambri d g e, Trinity College, MS 0 .8.29, fOS 179-182v o

(sixteenth cen tury) Ie Livre des esperitz, lequel f lit manifeste au saige Salomol1 .


A ve r s ion o f this exp eriment appears

in Scot' s Disco ver ie of Wi tc h-

craft , pp. 242 ff, but Scot' s text is conSiderably d iffe rent. It is ob vious Sibley was instead fo llowin g a text more akill to Sloane 3824. Hockley also recog-

nized this difference in his preface to W 3203, where h e wrote, "This differ s


See be low, notes to p . 50.

10 Pe terson 2007, p. 37 ff, French te xt pp . 130 ff.

11 Th o m p s o n 192 7 s ho w s an ill u stra tion from the manu scrip t on

i dent i fy in g the sp ec ific ca talog nu mb e

pag e 263, b ut witho u t

r. H e als o q u o te s from i t o n pa g e 269.

111 1 " 1 1111' ( il ll / W ' .l I IO II


1 " 1 1111'


il ll / W ' .l I IO II


IIII"k xv 1' , 2% I, d i l 1657

I N II U II )\ I!

I It I N

\ \

Ol' ulph . lI' os i n S L' O I ' h J)i .~ ('/I (1l'/'y I s i c 1 of Wi l c//(/'{If l ,

ri rs t pub l is h e d i n '158 413L. "

1 111' W h l'l' 1 "r W i s do m . Il o c k ley m ade a copy of t h is " fro m th e a u to g rap h o f

I I" Sihl l' y" in 1834; it is c urre nt ly in the H ig h Council li b ra r y of the Socie tas

I{O Il h' t' tl c LII1 ,] in i\n g l i a ( S.R. l. A.). 13 This i s als o foun d in a c oll ec ti o n o f m a n-

" "I.,.lpIS Ihdt l lock ley had his friend Henry Dawson Lea prep are (Wellcome


1:'111) . II

is ba s ed o

n Ag r ippa, In te res tin g l y, t he d ia gr a m is a lso in th e

Ita li an


.lIlLl S r ipt S loa n e 1307 (seve n tee n th centur y, fo J. U 8r), b u t w ith o ut

an y o f


" xpl a na to ry text foun d

h ere , See a pp en dix 2, Sloa ne 1307 w as on e of th e


' .l nLl s c ri

pts Ma th er s u s ed

in p rep a r ing h is ed i tion o f the Key of So lomon .

'I' ll('

omp l e te Bo o k of Ma gic Sci e n ce . Th e las t te xt, Comp lete


of M agic

Sdl'lI ce, wa s co mpo se d M,'j o r Fra ncis Georg e

by Hock ley him se lf . He w ro te in a le tt er to h is fri en d Irw in, th a t it w as "o ne o f m y pa rti cul ar b abe s for



Den ley's s uggestion I mad e Lip the MS fro m o the r so urces & m ad e him


'v 'ra l co pies on e after another." H ockley d escribed copies of Clav is and

C'l/Il plele Book of Ma gic Scien ce as h av in g b een co r r ec t ly pr epar e d by Mr.

Frye r - p res u m ab ly th e b ookse ll e r Rob e r t Frya r - a n d

"w or th the

m oney

he charges," 30 / - and 15 / - resp ec ti vel y." As men tio ned

abo ve, it is


a kin to th e Secret Gri mo ire of Til riel , b ut mo re compl ete. It is a ls o s ub s t antially

Ihe same as the one recen tly published by Teitan Press. The version in the Weiser manuscript however has important differences:

• Te itan titl e page clailn s it w as "tran slated from an ancient Latin m s . in red

a nd bla ck 1519." As th e ed ito r Dietrich Bergm an points o u t, th e ex tent of

t he Latin co r rup tions m a kes th is h igh ly un likely. T h e W m an usc r ip t cl a im

is mo re modes t: "tran scr ib e d fro m an an cie n t m s in re d and chek . 1573 ."

The ob vio u s d ep en dence on Arbatel r u les o u t d a tes ea rlier tha n 1575 . In

a n y e ven t Hockley claimed it as h is ow n n ine teenth ce ntury comp ilati on,

The incenses in W closely follo w th ose in th e Clavis text, which in turn fo l-

low Ag ri ppa . Those in th e Teita n edi tion and Turiel h av e bee n in correctly

attributed to the planets.

• The directions on sp rinklin g we re p robably taken fro m Scot 1584, wh ich in turn taken from the O rd in ar y of th e Triden tine Mass.

w as

W, Teitan, MPH, and Turiel, it

is obvious that the text und erwent some evolu tion after the initial copies were p rod uced. Based on th e fu ller tex t, closer agreement wi th earlier texts, and

Given these

and other major d ifferences in

13 Hamill et a12009, p . 8. Another cop y was mad e in 1836; ibid p. 9.


Ha mill et a I2009, p . 39-40 ,



other diffe ren ces described belo w in the no tes, the vers ion in W is probably closest to original version. Man l y P. H a ll ' s Se cret Teachings of All Ages a lso q uo tes a fe w p a ss ag es fro m

the Complete Book of Magic Scien ce. H is bibliogr a p h y ci tes it a s : "Comp lete Book

of Magic Scien ce (Lond on, 1575) . (Cop y o f British Muse um Manu scrip t)", but I have no t been ab le to iden tify a cop y the re. Hall also s ta tes that it is referred to in Francis Barrett's The Magus, but th a t also does not seem to be the case, and in fact is contradicted by Hockley's statement that he com piled the w ork himself.

Sibly and his involvement.

Ebenezer Sibl y (1751-1799), was "on e of the mo s t in fl u en tial occ u lti s ts in

mo d ern En glish h is to r y." ls H is numerou s p ublication s were v ery popular and

attracted " discip les to Lon d on seeking instruc tion ." Alth ough it

seems cer-

tain tha t th e p ro toty pes for

mos t of th ese tex ts cam e from Sib ly 's

estate, and

we re in his h andwr itin g,!6 I a m no t en ti rely con v ince d th at Sibly wa s directly

text, or in au thoring the introd uction for that mat-

involved in translating the

ter. One a rgum ent again st it arises from the d efective state of the La tin, an d

the a wkw ardness of some of the French translations. From wha t I can tell, Sibly w as an accomplished translator, including a translation of Michael Sen- di v og iu s (Micha! S,dziw6j) from the Fren ch," Bernard Trev isan, an d H einrich Khumath.

Several of Sibly's works d eal explicitly with magic. Most h ave similar titles, are bea utifully illustra ted, an d for the mos t part rework the same ma te-

ria l. M u ch of the ma gical rn a te rial

expanded 1665 edi tion of Reginald Scot' s Discoverie of Witchcraft. Sibly's pri.n ted texts almost alw ays use the "Sibly" sp elling , no t "Sibley," although the engraving of the magical instruments uses the latter (see repro- duction in app endix 2). Hockley's frequent references to h im almost a lways us e the sp e llin g " Sib le y," a s d o A. E. Wai te and W. B. Yeats . Thi s m ay b e a n hint that these tex ts were wid ely known . 18

in his prin ted w orks w as drawn from the

15 Owen Davies, 'Angel s in eli te and po pular mag ic (1650-1 790), in Marshall et a12006, p .

316. Also, Davies 2009, p. 134-150.

16 Acc ord ing to Hockle y's preface to We llcom e MS 3203, fol. 3r.

p . 187 .

18 Re fe rring to the necro mantic operation (Sibly, 1787, p. 1103 ), Wai te (1911 , p . 325) is correct

that "Sibley does not give account of his sources," but incorrect in his belief that "they were ev iden tly n ot in p ri nted b ooks." They w ere in fa c t ta ken from Sco t (1665, pp . 2 18 ff.). Wai te

17 Rafa ! T. Prin ke in Ma tthe w s e t a 11999,



Hockley and his involvement.

As m entioned ear li e r, Fred er ick H ockley w as w id ely known a nd respected b y his contemporaries as an expert in occultism , and p layed a considerable role in its revival in the nineteenth century. i9 Although his main source of income seems to h ave been accounting, he pra cticed as trology, and was part of an end uring n etwork of astrologers.'" More importantly for us, h owever, was his lifelong passion for occult books and scrying. Both proba bly originated w ith his employment with bookseller and publisher John Denley (1764-1842). This employment apparently began when he was only thirteen or fo urteen, for his

earliest copy

in Denley's 1822 ca talogue . One of his

copi es of the Wh ee l of Wi sdom d ates to 1824, and h e went on to amass a large

collection of m anu script copies that way. 1824 was also the year that he was

given his fir st crys tal, and began a lifelong obsession wi th sc ryin g. His sc rying records eventually occupied th irty volumes. H ockley employed a medium for his most successful experiments. He h ad variou s crys tals and mirrors, some consecra ted to specific spirits. H e was known as a "maker of crystals and mir-


rors," a nd he s upplied one to the famo us adve n turer Rich ard Burton in

of 1852 21 Hockley often len t out books from his considerable collec tion, and it became an importa nt reso urce to his circle of acquain tan ces and s uccessors.

Waite sp ecifica lly cites Hockley as an authority and "one of the most success- ful" practitioners of crystallomancy. He also quotes from him, and praised his collection and transcriptions, describing him as "a practical student of several branches of ma gic. "" Isra el Regardie makes similar statements in his writ- ings." According to one account, the foundation al ritu als of the Golden Dawn were based on Hockley's papers, via one of the founding members, Adolphus F A. Woodward, who was a friend of Hockley's2'

of Sibl ey'S Clavis appeared

also q uotes from Sibly in hi s Mmlllol of CartommlC1} and Oew lt Div irmtioll. London, 1909, p.


(wri tte n un der the pse udon ym "Grand Orient. ")


For d etails on Hockl ey a nd hi s in fluence see Hamill et a1, 2009. Also Godw in, 1994, espe-

cially pp. 170-175, and Anon ymo us 1896, especially pp. 101-107.


21 Ano nymou s [Le . C. M. Da v ies] 1896, p. 101-107; Lovell 1998, p. 116.

22 R A. Gilbe rt in Ha mi ll e t al, 2009, p. 3. See b elow, p. 200. Also, Waite 1891, p. 108 .

23 Regardie 1932, p. 176. Also, Hi stor y lecture of the Go ld en Dawn, in Intro duction to

the power of vis ion in the crys tal,

and who se m an usc ripts a re hig hly esteemed." (p . 15) .

Re gardie's Goldell Dawn: "F reder ick Hockley possesse d of

Da vies 1999, p p. 238 ff.

24 Hu tton 1999, p. 75. Accord ing to R. A. GBbert, they are rather in th e handwriting of Ken-



Exemplars of Sibley's Clavis

Of the various exemplars that I have been able to study, most are works of art. They are very carefully or even superbly executed, incorporatin g many colored inks thro ugho ut, and showing few if an y corrections. This is probably because they were produ ced more with the intent of sale to collectors, than fo r

private use.

First exemplar.

W. C urrently owned b y an tiqu a ri an a nd noted publi s h er Donald Weiser. Thi s

copy was owned and sold by John Watkins of London, and at one point owned

or sold by Librairies de s

Weiser's. The bindin g is stam ped: "The C1avis / or / Key / - / by / Rabbi Solomon / - / G. O. F. / 1878." The h andwritin g in this manuscript is more legible than H ockley's handwritin g, and the draWings are better exec uted than

Sciences Occultes in Amste rdam , b o th fri en d s of Mr.

H ockley's (compared with exemplar 5 described below). The drawin gs are also generally closer to the originals as exemplified by Heplameron, Agrippa,

Scot, and Arbalel."

Second exemplar.

U. Copy in University of Utah, Special Collections, Rare books, 241 p. : ill.

; 24 em. 177 folios, w ith the pentacles each occup ying a full foli o, w ith the

verso blank. The University obtained the book as part of a large collection of books purchased from th e Salt Lake City Public Library'S specia l collections in 2005- 2006. On the paste-down of the front board, the book con tains a li brary

cla ssific ation lab el (Z133 S689), an d a separate label w ith the fo llo wing: " This

boo k is the gift of Ma r y J. Sp r in ge r, Salt Lake City, March 1936." The manuscript is paginated in pen cil at the top, but these are cut off in many cases. Marbling co ve rs all exposed edges, so it was trimmed and d ressed

afte r num eration. The text is ruled in pencil, and makes abundant use of col-

some point, including after

folio 27, which wo uld h ave contained the Great Sea l of Solomon (see below, pa ge 43) , after foli o 43 which would have contained the pentacle again st unclean beasts (see below, page 68), and also after folio 56, which would have contained the talisman for love (see below, page 85).

ored inks. Several folios hav e been removed at

I O l lt. I I \v 'ilH'W~ , I d l ' ,lgllll I


O l lt.

I I \v 'ilH'W~ , I d l ' ,lgllll I O j ' llh . ' Bl rl o opf


IN II(O l ll lt



I ' n li on; th i~ h as hl.'l' n dl 'o w n o n

d 'It' P d I ' ll It , p h'n' ~) I p, l l' c hn ·H. ' nt ~) nd g lu ed into t h e boo k .

Th l' W hl'l' l or Wi 1:ldO I11 exarn p le in cl udes th e names James and Jane.


ho"d 01 VAssallo

h as "J.w." but w ith foo tn ote " th e in i ti al letters of any

p er-

s"" ',,

Nnmc w ho

w ishes to obtain th e sp irit in the crystal stone of glass." The

ho nd

of Agares has "J.M."

The co py is t of U was in genera l conscientio us, and very few mi stakes are tiPpO rent. Occas io na l co rrecti ons w ritten supra linea se em to be an atte ln pt to

I"<,fo r m appare n t p rob le m s, a n d

pic', o n page 45, wh e re lu d e" above "clim a te."

li ons (s uc h as "of" in to " and [of] ga m es of h aza rd") to ma ke the trans la tion

it'ss awkwa rd . Th ese can be id enti fied by the fact that they are no t supported by the o ther ma nu scri p ts, includin g W4670 and P M.

Th e presence .,bout a possible

ic. A me dal-

lion, th ree magical pa rchments,

ca n be connected with Smith o r his im m ed ia te fam il y. They appea r to b e con-

s tr uc ted based o n instruc tions dra wn directly or ind irect ly from Sc o t or Sibly,

a nd Fra n cis Barret t' s Th e Ma gus. I ag ree wi th O we n Da vies' a sse rti o n th a t th e

cos t and scarci ty of th es e so urces isn't a reas on able bas is for dismi ss in g th e possibili ty of a cormection with Sm ith. Manuscript extracts are not uncom- 1110n and ob vio usly m ad e it to the n ew world an d even to Utah. The U exe m-

pos s ible iJ1Vo lve ln en t in m agica l p ract ic es i s a con tro versi al top

and a d agger inscribed w ith occult characters

of this m an uscr ip t in Sal t Lake City leads to the q uestion connec tion w ith Joseph Smi th and the M o rm ons. Smith's

do n ' t a l ways re fl ec t t h e a r c h e t ype. For exa m -

it rea d s " d egrees of th e cl imate," U h as w ritte n "lati - U often s eems to in ser t "co rrecti o ns" and make altera-

p lar however co uld not be the smoking g ill1. Although

wo rn by Sm ith is simi la r to tha t found in U (fol.

144--145), it is no t su fficientl y close to Bar rett's

a re the other materials."

th e Jupiter m edallion below, p p .

to ha ve b een a prototype, n or

104r-105r, com p are

Third exemplar,

I'rivate 1. A d a m McLean ide ntified tw o ma nu scripts of Sibley ' s Clav is." The

fi rs t is a manu scr ipt "in p ri vate coll ec tion , ] 68 folios. La te ]8th

Centur y. The

Clavi s or Key to Un lock the M ysteries o[Mag ico[ Ra bbi So lomon. Tr a n s la ted fro m th e

26 For deta ils on this controversy, se e Davies 2009, pp . 147-1 52, M ic h ael Qu inn , Early Mor -

I/IOII;SIII al/d the Magic World View. 2nd ed ition. Sa lt Lake City: Signature Press, 1998, and

, 1 not -e nt i rely convincing rebutta l in Willi a m J. Ham bli n,

N"II;"'" of Books 12:2 (2000), 2 .

27 http://www.levity.com / alchemy Iclav_eng.html

'T hat Old blac k Mag i C', FARM S



Hebrew into French anel from French into English wi th additions by Ebenezer

Sibley M.D. Fellow of the Ha rmoniac Philosoph ica l Society at Paris, Author of the Complete Illustration of Astrology, Editor of Culpepper's Complete

H e rbal , Placidu s De Titus on Eleme n tary Phil osoph y, e tc. The whole enric h ed

w ith Colo ured Figures, Talisma ns, Pen tacles, Circles, Characte rs, etc. " The conten ts correspond closely with the Weiser man uscript, including Clavis, ten numbered ch apters, a section with seven p arts show ing th e penta-

cles, names of the hours, magical characters, tali smans, precious s ton es, trees,

etc associa ted with each of the seven planets; the Mys terious Rin g; an ex p eri- ment of the spirit Aga res; of the sp irit Bealpharos; an experiment of th e sp irit Vassago; the Whee l of Wisdom; the Comp lete book o f Magic Science, includ -

" the sp i-

ing the fo rm of th e bond o f Sp iri ts

ra l Semap ho ra for success in Ufe" (including a circ ul ar diagram ); in a separate

signature taken from another MS. but placed w ithin the present manuscript:

g iven one J. w. 1573. It a lso co ntains

"Crystaliomancy Or the Ar t of In voca ting Spirits By the Crysta l" (12 folios).

Fou rth exemplar.

JRUL. A second exemp lar listed by Ad am McLean is id entified as "MS. Craw- ford 158. Paper. 152 folios. 18th Ce n tury. E. Sibley. The Clav is or Kr:y to unlock the mysteries of Magick of Rabby Sa lomon. Tran sla ted from t h e Hebrew into Frenc h and from French rendered into English with addi tions by Ebenezer Sibley,


etc. London, No . 18 Bartl ett' s Buildings, Holburn, 7th Augu st, 1789 ." This is


chester. I have not been able to access this, but have more details from Phil

Legard. It is unda ted, but tho ug h t to be circa 1835. A water mark on the pap er

is d ated 1825. This copy is bea utifully executed in colored inks, legible, and

similar to the Weiser manuscript. The colors do not a lways correspond w ith tho se in W, an d in general th e co lor sc hemes are not as el abora te as W. T h e ca l- ligraphy is not as elaborate as W or U. Contents include: "Untitled a rticle concerning the crea tures, stones, met- als, plants e tc. governed by the p lanets ." The remaining articles cor res pond

in the John Rylands University Library at the Un iversity of Man-

and enriched with Figures, Talism ans, Pentacles, Ci rcles, Characters,

w ith texts included in W: The C la v is; th e Mys ter iou s Ring; Exp e rime n t of th e Sp iri t Birto; of the Sp irit Agares; Of the Sp irit Bea lpharos; an expe riment w it h the pi ri! Va ss a g o; th e W h e e l of Wis dom; Fo r m o f 1'I1e 13anel of pirit ' (wr ill c·n

I N I1HIHll11111 N

\\ 11

I'Ifllt <'xl'llIl'l"r.

Irwin' s book p late, is in Hock -

ky " ha ndwritin g. " A h ig h-q uality reproduc ti on ha s been pub lish ed recently

as SOIOIllOIl'S Clavis, or, key to IInlo ck the Myst er ies of Ma g ic. From the Hebrew into Frellci, & frolll the French into English with additions, by E. Sible y. Leice s tershire:

II / I ( 11 "cke'

/ Irwin). T h is manu sc ri pt, w ith

aduce us Books, 2008.

Sixth exemplar.

SJ-lL. Uni versity of London Sen ate H ouse Library, Harry

Pri ce Archive, m an u-

sc ript HPF / 1 / 10. The ti tle rea ds '''Cia vis resero arcana mysteria Rabbi Solol11011 ;s'

by Ebenezer Sibley, Translated from th e Hebrew into Fre n ch, a n d from F re n ch

re nd ered in to English; me thod of constraining to visible appearance the con- secration of Lameus Pentacles and the character of the Planetary Angelorum,

w ith a form of a bond o f spirits; Crys talio man cy or the Art of invoca ting by the crysta l; Experimentum patens m agn a in occ ult philosoph y arcanorum." The catalog entry date is circa 1800, but since it includes Hockley's distinctive FH, is not likely to b e earlier th a n 1822. Conten ts include Sibley'S Clavis, the Mysterious Ring, Experiments of Birto, Vassago, Aga res, Bealpharos, Wheel of Wisdom, Compl e te Book of Magic Science, pl u s additional tracts, includin g an invocation of Oberion. '" This manuscript is very ornate, with colored inks.

Seventh exemp lar.

Private 2. Manu sc ript in priva te collec tio n. 227 pages (4 unnumber ed, i-xv i, 1-207). Wa te rmark: A. Annanda l and Sons (ac ti ve 1832-1 879) . Co nten ts sa me as U, i.e all the texts in W except the Com ple te Book of Magic Science. H and- writing is identi cal to th at in U, so ma ybe this was another copyist hired by Denley.

Other manuscripts Hoted ill tlte lite1'atw'e.

Sept. 1887, p. cxvii m en tions a

copy of "Rabbi Solomon on the Mys teries of Magic" as being among H ock-

ley's manu scrip ts.

Blavats ky's month ly journal Th e Th eosophist,

28 The handwr iting is identical to the handwriting to Wellcome 2842, whi ch has been iden-

ti fied as Hockley'S.

XV lll


Crowl ey: A cop y w a s

Vol I, n os. 9 and 10 (1 913):

ad v erti se d in Al e is ter Crow ley's peri odical The Equinox,

" M



IES OF M AGIC OF R ABBI SOLOMON; THE BOOK OF MAG IC SC I ENCE, and se veral other Magical Trea tises, clea rl y and n ea tl y w ri tten on m o re than 200 lea v es,

thick 4to, "very m any cleverly executed draw ings (severa l in colours) of pen- tacles, sigils, tali sm ans, etc., old hf. calf, g ilt. " N .D. (circa 1830). 3 guineas. The " Clavis" is of exceptional inte rest. It ha s apparently b een transcribed from a n UNPUBLI SHED ENG LI SH VE RSION, tr a n s la te d from the Fr e n c h b y

n a me on th e Title -

EBE N EZE R S IBLE Y, M. D. , th e f a mou s a stro l o ger , as i t b e ar s h is page, and at the end of a lo ng preface.

by H e nry

11. with num erou s

coloured fig ures, ta lisman s, p entacles, circles, h o roscopes, &c. half bound. 4to.

White, 1902, p. 21 6, item no. 1991, lis ts

Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of printed books

another cop y " on 179


n.d. [18-


Simil arly anoth e r copy in tl1 e Ca tal ogue of books: for ming th e li brary of l ay Gould,

Lindhu rs t, Ir v in g to n

b y Jay Gould , Jo hn Thoms on, 1890, p . 171. G o uld , Ja y,

and Jo hn Thomson. Catalogue of Books: Forming the Library of Jay Gould, Lind-

hurs t, ftv ing ton -on-Hudso n. Phil a delphi a: Glob e Pr in ting House, 1890 .

Sotheby a uctioneers catalogues of sales have additional n otices of two or three


Grimoire of Raphael Pasad en a, Calif., 1987, also quotes " fr o m the Clavis 01 Rabb i Solomon : leaves 2-53." Fr a Zarathu s tra. i.e. N elson White, purp o r ted to be from a n 1880 collection of the secret order "Temple of Truth. "

Related texts

Wellcome 4670. This is a French m anuscript, closely related to the first two texts, though a pparently not the direct ances tor thereof. There a re many

50, w hich

es ta blish tha t W4670 could not b e a direct ancestor of Sibley's Clovis. It is

also unlikely based on the fact that none of the many spurious drawings

w hich embellis h W4670 are fo und in th e Sibley manu scripts. W4670 ha s all

Clav is, plu s a ddition a l ones; m os t of the additions

di ve rgences w hich make this unlike ly, but see belo w, n o tes to p.

of th e p entacles in Sibley'S

are b ase d on The Ma g ica l

Ca len dar. A

few of th e a ddition s a re vari a ti o n s of

oiliers . An English transla tion of thi s manu sc ript and We llcome 4669 ha s



been recently published as The Veritable Key of Solomon edited by Skinner and Rankin e.

Wellcome 2842. "Four experiments of the Spirits Birto, Agares, Bealpharos and Vassago. Comprising the Forms of Conjuration, Circles, Lamens and Obligations, or Bonds of Spirits - as hath often been proved at th e instant request of King Edward the 4th of England. Author's holograph MS. Text

coat of arms of Hockley on title, illustra ted by

within red rules, pen-drawn

two sma ll pen -d rawn fi gures. Produced in London. "

Well corne 3203. "Five treatises upon Magic. The Wheel of Wisdom; an experi- ment of the spirits Brito, Bealphoros, Agares and Vassago; d escription of the Urim and Thurnrnirn; Two Books o f Sol omon the King called Goe tia

and Theurgia Goetia, w ith the Names, Offices, Circles and Seals of 336 Spir- its. The Sac red and Divine Cabal, by M. Lenain. Tran scribed by m y friend Henry Dawson Lea from MSS . I lent to him in the yea r 1843." Illu s trated by num ero us pen-drawn figures, diagra ms, sigils, etc., some co loured, and some inscribed on slips of tracing-p aper, pas ted down. The ti tle, as given

abo ve, is b y Ho ckle y,

w ho included a sho rt prefa ce dated 13 Oct. 1869 . The

first two works were "Transcribed from an Autograph Manuscript of Dr.


Bodleian Rawlinson 0253. The secret of secrets, Moses Long, 1683, and vari-

o us other magical texts. "Sum quique Tho. Hearne, 1731" is also on the end- sheet. In cludes a s lightl y d iffe rent exper iment of th e sp irit Birto. Lik e W, this

excerpts from Arbatel, Heptameron , crystallomancy

instructions dealing with the seven plane tary angels, and directions for pre- paring seven planetary rings.

Sloane MS 3824. London, British Library. Seventeenth cen tury in Elias Ash- mole's hand (1617- 1692), possibly excerpted from the papers of Dr. Rich-

by Hockle y him self in 1824.

manuscript also includes

a rd Napie r (1559-1634). Ho ckley appare ntly had some

magic manuscripts of Simon Forman, Ricl1ard Napier, and Elias Ashmole,

as he refers to th em in his Occult Spells.'" This manusc ript includes experi-

men ts

Pietro de Aba no, Agrippa, Trithemius, and a proto-Lemegeton .

of Brett, Birto, Bealphares, Vassago, Agares, as well as exce rpts from

familiarity with the

Relationships between the manuscripts.

A single parent manuscript, presumably Sibly's holograph, has not been iden- tified . How eve r, in general it is possible to establish the urtext by comparing



the version s at han d. None of the te xts ca n be copies of one of the others, for there are independent errors and variations in each of them. Wand U are

genera lly closer to the lost archetype, a nd incline to the French versions . ! will give a few specimens only:

In mos t ca s es whe re U and H I ! a g ree aga inst W, W is more correct. Thus, on

p. 5, W correctly starts the Behmen quote a t "Stars do tie ", w h ereas U and H I !

omit the quotation mark. On p. 10, W agrees with Turner in reading "desires"

w hile U reads "devices." On p. 16, W agrees with Scot and Sibly in showing

2 kni ves; U shows 3; the pla te is not found in H I ! a t al!. On p. 76, W agrees w ith H, PM, and W4670 in reading "Janael", whereas U and H I ! read "Janie!. " On p. 155, W4670 ha s more geo mancy sym bols of Venus than W; U h as none, and HI! has a few bu t distorted. On p. 204, W agrees with 51. 3824 in reading "without tarrying or farther delay", whereas U and H I ! omit "farther. "

better readin g, espe-

cially in s uppl ying words accidenta lly omitted: Thus on p. 11, W in correctly quotes Turner's tran slation of Arbatel as saying magical purposes "are brought about" whereas U and H I ! correctly read "are brought to pass." p. 23 U agrees with PM in reading "virgin parchment" whereas Wand HI! read "parch- ment. " On p. 25 U and H I ] ag ree with PM " da y and hour of one of the seven plane ts" w hereas W omits " and hour. " On p. 26 U and H/I agree w ith PM "six weeks old" whereas W reads "six months old. " On p. 54 U agrees with

H I !. On

Agrippa in includin g "laurel" wherea s the word is missing in Wand

p. 113 U, H I !' PM, and W4 670 all agree w ith H in reading "Asa raie " w hereas

W reads" Asarai!." p. 129 W inserts "loadstone" against Agrippa, U, H I !, and

W4670. p. 164 W omits the word "feel" where the others read "you will feel a kind of trembling."

show the editorial license

of an experienced occ ultist, thus: On p. 31 Wand H I ! follow PM in reading "little green stick of the same wood", to which U adds "of a years growth." On

p. 40 W and H I ! follow PM in reading "new ink" to which U adds "of a colour

s uitable to the planet you are working under. " On p. 111 U inserts "and the three other Genii in turning to the other three quarters." Very rarely U is in error ag ainst W and H I !: Another qu o tation from Turn-

Occas ionally, however, it is U or H I ] which has the

U occasionally h as

va ria tions th at apparently

er's Arbatel

on p. 11, Wand H I ! correctly read "th a t hi s d esires" w h er eas U

reads " tha t

his d ev ices." On p. 46 where Wand H I ! read " the

fire mu st be

lighted" U omits the word "fire." H I ! was eVidently hastily w ritten, and contains many errors

not found in

the others, thus : p. 5 quotes from The Works of Jacob Behme" , va!. II, p ar t 2, Lon-

" Wand U correctly id entify

don: 1764, p. 87: "a liv ing man hath such power

I N II(llIn ll

t14 1N

\\ 1

I N II(llIn ll t14 1N \\ 1 lilt , l ' lld lllg III li

lilt , l ' lld lllg III

li d, . qll OI\'

,111 II".

Il l\'

King 0 1 b'; \' ,K'1

\\ li Sl'd LIp ,"

W h l'l'l\ l S 11 / 1

hllw tl ,\ !l V hd'-l ll w (' 10 :-;,., qlt()I ,ltiO I1 rn.lI'k a ft e r ". , . never do a ny grea l th in gs ."

I' I' W .11'.1 U "(IIT('I' l ly ' 1(\() le frol11 Robe rt Tur ner 's Arbntel, " inh abita nts of

\ 1I11i ' 1 l ' h'tlWllt H," w h e r eas 11 / 1 omits th e word "ot h e r, " p. 1 3 Wand U agree

II' Ii I, 1\'1', " ,'(' v('nled fr OI11 t he foundation of the World" against H/I "revea led. " .'H II I I omi ls "P lates" frol11 " m etal plates" aga inst U and PM. p. 76 HI ]


111111 1'1 11"'(' l' nam es ag a ins t the o the r manusc rip ts . The pentacles

on pages 100

0111.1 I,IC> ,11'('

on s ide ra bly si mp lified in H I !.

W, , ,)nd H I I occas iona lly have better readings th an W4670, indica ting an

IlId<'lwnLi e nt trans mi ssion , thu s: On p . 50, "0 Theos

h, "nd in W4670 or PM. On p. 56, Wand U agree with Heptameron (H) in read-

" includes wo rds not

1"1; "Sn rayc", whereas PM and W4670 read "Saday." On p. 129, Wand


ag ree

w ilh II in read in g "Ca s ti eI" whereas PM and W4670 r ea d "Cassie!. "

This edition.

collec tio n of m agical texts, we we re faced w ith the di lemma

0 1 w heth er to try to critically es tablish a " reconstruc tion" of Ho ckley' s pro-

In p ubl is h ing thi s

lot y pe . O ne arg umen t against it is the observa tion that Hockley ev id en tly

l'xcrciscd a certain amount

of license as

he copied tex ts, often makin g minor

c han g es in ph ras ing, word orde r,

to be re lat ively s traightfor ward to reso lve most of the Significan t (or "substan-

live") differences. In keeping with editorial trends of the last three decades, ] ha ve no t atte mpted to m od e rnize the text. For the mos t p art th e Weise r ma nu-

and punctu ation. Fortuna tely it turn ed out


ri pt h as been follo wed,

except for sub stan tive deviatio n s that ca n be cr iti-


lly es tab li s hed from th e

limi ted number of availab le w itness es.

Th e sit u a tion is a littl e d ifferent with

th e Comp lete Book of Ma gic Science,

:-:incc there are fewe r exemplars, and the diffe rences are more significant. For

Ihi s te xt, I have mostl y followed th e W manusc rip t.

In the inte rests of space, we have crit ica l app aratus used in establish ing

diffe re nces. Thave ignored most minor varia tions in punctuatio n and wo rd-

decided not to rep roduce the comp lete the text, focu sing instead on s ubs tanti ve

are used spa ringl y in the criti- where the arch etyp e see ms to

ha ve bee n d efec tive, based on earlier sources. So for examp le on p. 93, W4670

agre es with H in readi n g "Sa m ax" whe reas W, V , a n d H I ] read "Sa m aeJ" (!).


il arly W4670 agrees w ith H in rea d ing " Carmax " w h ereas th e others read

" a imax ."

ca ll y- es ta b lish e d text; th ese prim a rily ind icate

ing w hic h don' t effec t th e meaning. Footnotes


I wo u ld like to th ank Donald Weiser for generously sponsoring the publica-

li o n o f thi s manu sc ript from his private collection, and for his continued s up -

port over the years. I would aJso like to acknowledge the extraordinary talent of my daughters Sa ra h and Lisa Peterson who helped greatly with the artwork in Appendix 2, an d my son Karl for contributing his wonderful drawing of the wyvern,

mi ss ing fron1 the manuscript.

Special thanks to jim Wasserman for the key role he played in bringing this vo lume into print. Jim was the mastermind behind the whole project-from concept and strategy, through execution and the negotiation of many major obstacles. Without jim's expert mentoring, encouragement, and tireless labors this work would certainly not have been possible. I am also indebted to Luise Poulton, Curator, Rare Books, Special Collec- tions, j. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, for enabling me to study

their manuscript, and for infonnation on its provenance.

Thanks to Dan Harms for information on th e Senate House Libra ry manu - script. Thanks to josiah Bacon for information on private manuscript no. 2, and other valuable suggestions. Finally, I would like to thank Phil Legard for sharing his notes on the jRUL manuscript, and his thoughts and observations on related materials.



[I nn]

In the transcription, page n umbers of the facsimile are indicated in square brackets, as here shown.


Text that was omitted from the manuscript, but was likely in the protot y pe, but accidentally left o ut of W.


Corrected form of the text based on textual analysis. Most likely in the lost Sibley prototype.


Text that is included in th e manuscript th at was like ly not in the prototYFe. Marks an error or accretion in the text that should be disregarded.


The Bodleian Lib rary, Aubrey MS. 24. Zecorben; sive Claviculae 5010- mon;s libri N Written by John Aubre y, 1674.


Hockley, A Complete Book of Magic Science. Edited by Deitrich Berg- man, 2008.



Salomonis m anuscripts s uch as Aub2 4.


Bod leian

MS Ra w l. 0254.


Barrett, Fr ancis. The Magus, or Celestial Intelligen cer. London, 1801.






Petrus de Abano: Heptameron : elementa magica. In Agrippa , Opera,

Lyon. 1600 (7).

H I !

Hockl ey I lrwin manu scr ipt publis hed as Sib ly, Eben eze r. Solomon's

Clovis, or Key to Unlo ck th e Myst eries of Ma gic. Leicestershire : Soci-


e ty of Esoteric

Endea vour 2008.








Jolm Ryland s, Univer sity of Manchester, GB 01 33 Eng MS 40.

London, British Library MS Kings 288.

Bible, King James version.

London, British Library MS Lansdowne 1202.







Hon o riu s of Thebes, and Gosta H ede g ard . Liber iLlralus Honorii,



Magical Calendar, ed. Ad am McLean, 1994.


Manly P almer Hall,

Secrel Teachings of All A ges, 2003 .


Manusc ript(s)


Ag ri ppa, De Occulta Phi losophia libri Ires, 1533 . Ed it ed b y V. P e rrone

Compagni. 1992.


Les Verilab les dav icules de Salomon, Ir. par Pierre Mora, Paris, H .

Daragon, 1914.

Ra z iel

Liber Sefer Razie lis idesl Liber Secrelo rum seu Liber Salomonis, Latin

ver sion o f Se fer Ha -Ra zim, Eng lish transla tion I primarily u se Sloane 3846 and 3826.




Robert Turner


University of London Senate House Library, Harry Price Archive,

manus crip t HPF / l / lO . Clavis resero nis, by Ebenezer Sibley.

arcana mysteria Rabbi Solomo -



an e m a nuscript (s ), Br itish Li brar y, London.

SLIp. linea.

Written above the line.


Ma lch u s, Marius . The Secret Grimoire of Turiel. London: Aquarian Press, 1960.


Uni ve r s it y of Utah, J. Willard M a rri o tt Lib r ary, Sp ec i a l Collections, manuscript BF1601.C53 1700z. The CIa vis or Key to unlock the m ys teries of m agic of Rabbi So lomon.




Weiser 's man uscript, the facsimile of which is printed here.



with a number, e.g. W4668: London, Wellcome Library MS.

- ',-,) <: ~""---"'~~I I -~--. " l ~J([Jt (, r@t~wt.$Qf j\t~: ! 'i '
<: ~""---"'~~I
r@t~wt.$Qf j\t~: ! 'i
'C)~-ecu\~ furwv k<-u. ~ 4uw ~a ~~ a,WO
yr o-IW ~/WW&crUJWdetted Mvi-o &\'~i1,)~ ~i%~':;)-Y(w
ttMA fWY of kfte (] o-wIjtGei e .j~1'ZM~W ct
~J 0 (-uo{"(jit -
(()'~~ M9furee ~e J ~
G ~~vz;~ :t~'\S -1
~ -:C;~~ ,QgG~




~t¢f~¢'¢ -====---

Q}i ~ 1 futdi pas L&~ ':7 ~g


; Il /ir~j/d-ad7~s,;hrd/ttf}£~~~s; ~4AC~,

"~Nds,andtl}~and rruvea!17#.;paff.v(~/h

/L ItJdd cu-d ~~a! & ~sC~1 /adt8,,~

/1,. ",~c t2%drs:o;J/n,/s(1Z</~ddad;w I/T~d~cdzu-;"f

/I" /vd~1 ~~, /,,/£s d3 lM kf--d ~nf-c2c~'

{'II/& r:cJk,-(,ur/i!/cR/kc ~cud~ ru~inl.nv/b


;U'ffU S a/j<2LM:Mz11~/s ayzaA17d', - ::Ud~,ye.tuds

,£ ',;1.~

/uFT aLtcWned uAcatHYh-, =nd/,o~cl/>~~

, Mu!/-;l~r~cfo4?Z~ t13~~4'feAtVN!y-e~

41:/ N/~l(dz; ;1.ss~;z-ce,~dzft;' g~s/k~, ~ d r -

"t Aft?a'cd uu-i>di crtase1~

/i<'ant-:n-z, O/lZd~ur


"d'U~/l71~Mn ClTrlU! laWn~v-dIf?'w &;&",,/~, ~


>?trCV.-dM;,P1' a?/q: o/~/~l~' ohtndes ~d~ces7

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