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Application 5b Jesse Herriott

The central research problem that the authors address is the relationship between academic achievement and extracurricular activities. The authors undertook this study to clarify the relationship between delinquency and extracurricular activities in order to help to strengthen the role of extracurricular activities in education as a whole. In addition, the authors suggest that prior research indicates that participants in the athletic or extracurricular activity may have a decreased likelihood of delinquency, (Meier, Eller, Marchbanks, Robinson, Polinard & Wrikle, 2004). However, the prior research does not account for the other students that participate in supporting the extracurricular activity. Those students may not have private tutors that maybe provided by that institution because they are only spectators of the extracurricular event, and are not considered to be direct participants. At the end of the authors research, they confirmed that too much focus on extracurricular activities may contribute to the overall decline of student performance within the context of education. One of the key strengths of this article was the authors clear description of their research process and findings. The authors remained in direct communication with their target audience throughout the article. In fact, the authors utilized short and concise language that would allow others outside of their target audience to understand their research endeavor, (Laureate, 2008). In addition, the authors citations were consistent with current APA formatting, and the authors utilized information from other literature that acted as evidence for their research findings, (Scholarly Writing, 2005).

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