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GOB Scans

A word from the scanner of this document I have begun adding this page to my scans & locking them because too many no-home-walkin-the-dog-one-legged-albino-dwarf-mother-f$*#@!s are taking credit for my work if this is the slightest bit offensive to you, the reader, please, feel free to buy & scan your own copies Thats what I thought! A short word about this particular document: MERP - Minas Ithil (ICE 8302), If you dont already know about Middle-Earth, if this module needs explaining, please, delete this file immediately, before you hurt yourself! One last bit of information; When I do maps that are on larger than standard sized 8.5 x 11 paper (your typical fold-out maps), I always start at the upper left hand corner (Northwest, usually), moving in a Southerly direction (down), to the bottom of the map, and then, moving to the right, and then again South, etc... This seems to make the most sense for viewing scanned maps in Adobe; one can easily see how they go together. Hope this helps you in your printing endeavors. And remember, we strive to bring you the best in copyrighted material, at an affordable price, Hehehehe!

Your humble servant, GetOnBack The RPG Slut! (Thats right baby, I give it away for free!!!)