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Mobile: +918147986783

E-mail: prasadsapabap4@gmail.com

Professional Summary:
Having 3.0 Years of experience in SAP-ABAP Programming include Modules

SD&MM. Extensively worked on ABAP with Object Oriented Programming. Experience in Implementation and Support Projects.

Principle Expertise:
Generated OOPs based reports and displayed on ALV grid using




Working experience in Object Orientation Programming

Global, Local and Abstract Classes, Events. Handling System and user based Exceptions.

Worked on Data Dictionary Objects (Tables, Structures, views, Data Elements

& Domains).

Working Experience in classical and interactive report. Working Experience with Data Migration using BDC for various transactions by

using Call Transaction and Session method.

Worked extensively on LSMW. Worked on SAP Scripts &Smart Forms. Knowledge of Module Pool Applications. Worked on BAPIs. Good knowledge in ALE-IDOC. Experience in Enhancement Techniques ( BADIs ,Exits )

WORK EXPERIENCE: Presently working ABAP consultant in CTS, Bangalore from Jan-2011 to till date.

Presently working as an ABAP Technical consultant for Lanco Global Services Pvt Ltd, from Jan-2009 to Dec-2011.

Academic Profile:

M.C.A from Acharya Nagarjuna University in 2009.

PROJECT 1: Client Role Environnent Duration : British Telecom : SAP Technical consultant : SAP ECC 6.0 : Jan-2011 to till date.

Understanding the feasibility of the functional requirements specified in the Functional Specification. Preparing the Technical Specification (TS) based on Functional Specification. Developing Objects and Executing Unit Tests on all objects prior to formal delivery. Interacting with Functional Team to Resolve the issues in the given Objects.

Client Profile: The household name British Telecom is synonymous with communication throughout the United Kingdom for good reason. With fingers in the phone, broadband and TV pies and a reputation for a quality service, British Telecoms domination of the communication industry in UK set to continue. British Telecom has now branched into other areas of the other world, with their presence felt in over 170 different countries.
Objects Description:

Developed OOALV report, in which the basic list displays the purchase orders subsequently it, displays the lists of items for selected purchase orders by using DOUBLE_CLICK event.

Developed an OOPs ALV report to display the Profit center details and user click on any Profit center no call the transaction KE52 to display the Profit center details.

Developed an OOPs ALV Report to display the list of Delivery details

Developed OOALV report, in which the basic list displays the sales orders subsequently it, displays the lists of items for selected sales orders. Enhanced RVINVOICE01 to print the Net Value Amount in Words in the standard Invoice Layout. Developed a Batch Input Program to Upload Cost Center by Using T-code KS01. Extended and uploaded material master data by using BAPI, BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA. Worked with Dependent Transaction to create Internal Order and create Equipment numbers using Call Transaction method. Upload long text for material master data using LSMW tool. Adding the custom fields to the Project System transaction CJ01 by using the Enhancement CNEX0006 . Enhanced BADI BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK to change the material description. Enhanced BADI CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA to download the customer details in flat file and set the default values PRESET_VALUES_CCODE.

PROJECT 2: Client Environnent Role Duration : Alliance One International : SAP ECC 6.0 : ABAP Technical consultant : Nov-2009 to Dec-2011.

Client Profile: Alliance One International is a leading Independent leaf Tobacco merchant serving the worlds largest cigarette manufacturers. The company was founded on May-2005.Alliance One Customer includes the worlds leading manufacturers of cigarettes and other consumer tobacco products.
Objects Description:

Created Goods Receipt Listing report taking Material Doc.no, Material

Posting Date and Vendor A/c no inputs from Selection-Screen.

Created an Interactive report to output Vendor details in basic list and vendor Upload the Vendor master data for transaction XK01 by using the BDC Call Upload the vendor master data as well as customer master data by using BDC Changing the description of the standard sap field Telebox as Mobile No in Modified the MEDRUCK Form to print the Application Text based on the

corresponding bank details in secondary list. transaction Method. Session Method. XD01 transaction by using CMOD. document condition no and condition type. PROJECT 3: Client Environnent Role Duration : Ingram Micro. : SAP ECC 4.7. : ABAP Technical consultant : Jan-2009 to Oct-2009.

Client Profile: Ingram Micro is the worlds largest Technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company for the IT industry world wide. The company supports global operations through an extensive sales and distribution network through out North America, Eroupe, etc.
Objects Description:

Developed an ALV Grid Report to list out Customers who have been flagged for Deletion. Developed an ALV report to display the list of Deliveries and shipping details during the year. Developed an ALV Report to display the pending PR details based on period. Create a report that will show the shipment frequency of report. Modified the standard program for MB51A transaction to add a new field in the report output. Enhanced a BADI VENDOR_ADD_DATA When we create the vendor then we maintain the vendor data in Excel sheet by using the Method CHECK_ALL_DATA.

Upload the vendor master data as well as customer master data by using BDC Session Method.