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The Text And Phone Game

Hello First of all, thank you for purchasing this e-book. I hope the information and insight in this book will help you as much as it has helped all my past students. Please read every point carefully and if you have any further questions, feel free to email me at info@kezia-noble.com As you can imagine, I get hundreds of emails a day, but will do my very best to make one of your emails a priority email. In order for me to respond to your email quickly. It would be a big help if you could title your email with QUESTION ON PURCHASED E-BOOK But I believe I have covered very point there is in this e-book on phone and text game, so I doubt you will need any further assistance on this subject once you have read it all. Now sit back, and absorb!

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Since I joined the pick-up seduction community back in 2006, I have listened, watched and read a fair amount of material from various dating coaches on the subject of text and phone game Although there is some really great advice and material out there from some genuinely amazing teachers, there is also, unfortunately, a lot of teachers/dating coaches who have given out techniques and routines that I genuinely felt would only result in either making a guy come across as a complete weirdo, or would fail to make any substantial impact at all. I have been dating men since I was 14. Can you imagine how many text messages I have received from men I have given my number out to? And add on to that, the amount of text messages that all my female friends have shown me from all the men that THEY had given their numbers out to? We are talking a lot of text messages here! I know from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE what works and what does not work! The first point I want to mention before sharing all the tips, techniques, routines and insight that I will share with you in this book is this:

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If the girl likes you, you can do almost what ever you want in regards to text message and phone calls
Yes, you read right. If you made enough impact, connection and sexual escalation/tension in the interaction with the woman before or after she gave you her number, then what you do by way of text messages and phone calls bares nearly no importance what so ever. If a woman respects you and is attracted to you, then she will be happy to reply to your text message even if its dull and unimaginative. If she really likes you, then she will be happy to meet up with you, even if you arrange to meet her on the coldest day of the year in an area or venue she doesnt even like. (I am telling this from first hand personal experience) So how will this e-book help you? Surely if she gives you her number, then she likes you right? Surely if she gives you her number, then the deal is sealed and she will be more than happy to come and meet you on the coldest day of the year? WRONG! Here is an interesting statistic: 7 out of 10 times women give their number to men, who they are actually not even attracted to yet. (The reason for this will be explained in greater detail in the e-book later on) So as a result, in order for men to get the woman to agree to see him again, he should regard the text/phoning part as the deal breaker Think of the text/ phoning part as the lubricant you need in order to bring you both together again. A lot of what I teach is slightly unorthodox, and will go against what MANY female dating coaches teach. I have always felt that the female dating coaches, with all their good intentions, unfortunately tend to give men the advice that sounds pleasing to other women, but unfortunately, nearly always produces little or no results. And on the other side of the spectrum, I have found that some male pick up coaches tend to tell guys what they WANT to hear, and as a result, the men send text messages and make phone calls that leave them looking big headed rather than confident or down right WEIRD, rather than original! There is a very fine balance when it comes to coming across as original rather than weird I pride myself in giving the type of routines; tips, techniques, advice and insight that is a happy medium between the two, and most importantly, will give YOU the results you deserve.

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1) Why Text/Phone Lubrication is so Important

Why is text game and text follow up and phone game and phone follow up so important? When you get a womans number, you might be thinking: Yes! She likes me! And so getting her to agree to a date is going to be EASY!!!! Well, in some cases, this is true. But a lot of the time, women give their telephone numbers out, because of the following: You persuaded her well She enjoyed the feeling of the moment you created when getting her number. She was drunk She gave it, with only HALF the intention to ACTUALLY follow up.

This is why, so many guys cant understand why women flake out when they try and text or phone her to arrange a date. Just because a woman makes up her mind to give you her number, this does not mean she has MADE UP HER MIND TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Very often what you write in a text or what you say on the phone can clinch you the deal, or unfortunately ruin it.

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2. Common Mistakes and What Not To Do.

Now, what do you usually do when you get a girls number? If you got her number in the evening, say at a club or a bar, I reckon, based on past experiences with men I have given my number out to and from working with my students, that you probably text her next day (possibly-when shes still hung over) with something like this classic example: Hey great meeting you last night, lets meet up sometimes. Im free on Wednesday if you are up for it..xx Now lets dissect step by step and word for word what is so WRONG with a common and ineffective text like this! First of all, this is the common type of response that us girls get. I literally have a graveyard of texts that are like this and so do millions of other girls too. Ask yourself: What impact does this make? The answer is ZERO. You might think that you are the only guy in the club she handed her number over to, but its often NOT the case. Even if you were the ONLY guy she gave her number to, this kind of text makes ZERO impact on her. You might be lucky if she replies with the usual polite (but useless) and robotic /auto pilot response: Hey, nice meeting you too. send me a text next week ;-) This probably does not mean, Im playing hard to get this probably means: I have the good manners to reply, but I dont really have any urge to see you again any time soon As soon as she gives you her number there is POTENTIAL, but its what you do with that potential that matters! When you write any of the classically USELESS follow up texts such as Hey, was really nice meeting you last night, give me a call sometime Or Hey, I really had fun last night. We must do it again sometime Or Hey, Hope you had fun the rest of the night. Send me a text when you want to hang out sometime She will feel that you are just using a STANDARD text on her that you use whenever you meet any girl on a night out. So not only will it make no impact, but it will also make her feel as if you are making ZERO effort in getting to see her again. NOTE: Before you shout from behind your laptop: But Kezia! I have used those text message lines before, and the girls have always responded well THE RESON FOR THIS IS BECAUSE SHE LIKED YOU WHEN SHE MET YOU Therefore, as I said right from the very start, whatever you text that girl, it will make barely any difference in your chances of securing a date with her.

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3) What is Wrong with the standard message?

Now back to dissecting what is wrong with: Hey great meeting you last night, lets meet up sometimes. Im free on Wednesday if you are up for it..xx We have established this text (and other text messages of this nature) make no impact and consequently it will NOT force a response from your target. But also ask yourself: What does it say about YOU when you say: It was great meeting you ? It can come across over excited and overly grateful to meet her. DO NOT GIVE HER TOO MUCH VALUE UNTIL SHE HAS EARNED IT. Do you think she thought meeting you was GREAT? She probably thought it was O.K or maybe NICE. So why hand her that much value if she might not have felt the same as you about the encounter? What else is wrong with the wording of this text? Lets meet up sometime.. This is too vague. A lot of guys think if they keep it casual and open for suggestions, then this will some how magically force her to respond with a list of days that she is available. This is nearly never the case. Consequently she will only respond back vaguely with something like this: ..Yeah, Im busy next week, but give me a bell the week after that This translates to: Im probably NOT going to see you again, but I will be polite rather than hurt your feelings, and hopefully soon you will get the message and piss off ;-) This is ACTUALLY what me and my friends have WANTED to respond with, to guys we were not interested in. I know it sounds harsh, but its true. I usually have a standard reply, which is this one: Nice to meet you to, I will give you a call next week some time But heres the worst part of the text: ..xx Little kisses should not be added until you have at least KISSED her FOR REAL. ..xx shouts : Love sweet I really like you cuddles This again is a classic case of giving her way too much value far too early on.

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Your texts have to make impact and force a positive response and they also need to demonstrate: a)You have high value B)Your time is precious ad limited (We will go in to more depth about this important factor later) Just in case, you wanted to see more classic text mistakes, here are some straight out of the phones of me and my friends, that I felt made little or no impact and demonstrated no high value what so ever (all names have been changed): Hey it was really nice meeting you last night- Ken Hey, I really enjoyed myself last night, I hope you did too. Give me a buzz if you want to hang out sometime Hey Natalie. It was lovely meeting you the other night, Lets grab a coffee some time..xx Hey Kezia, you probably met loads of people last night, Im Gary (guy with the red jumper-lol) how are you? Hey,its me john.. Hope you got home ok last night. What are the rest of your weekend plans? And last but not least, here is the dreaded long text that all us girls get sent to us from time to time: Hey its me Phillip, It was really nice meeting you last night. I think youre really funny and very beautiful. I decided to go to another club with my friends afterwards, it was really great, shame you couldnt join us, they had an amazing DJ there and a cool roof garden. It would be cool if you came along with me next week..xx QUICK NOTE: Try and keep you texts the same lengths as the ones that she sends you. So now you get the idea of what does not work. We will now look at the number of texts you can send that DO work. But first, lets have a look at your objective from sending the text message, which is getting her to SPEAK to you on the phone, and ultimately arranging a follow-up date. Type to enter text

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4) Why phone calls are better then texts, and why you first objective should be to get her speaking on the phone
Speaking on the phone is by far, more personal than text messages, and you will find that by speaking to the girl on the phone it will help to stop her potentially flaking on you. When people text each other, they get into a situation where by they feel they have the right to not have to commit to a planned arrangement. Its much less of a SOLID commitment when people arrange something via text, as it is easy to simply just a send another text saying: Hey, Im really sorry, but I have a bad headache and cant make it tonight, text me soon..xx Sound familiar? When an arrangement has been made by two people via a phone call, it usually means the one who can not make the date will have to actually call the person in order to break the commitment, which people do not usually like doing, so they feel they HAVE to keep to that commitment, rather than breaking it. I always urge my students to get to the point of being able to phone the woman when he chooses with full confidence that she will pick up the phone as soon as she sees his name flashing up on her screen. People she answers her phone to are the following: -Boyfriends -Family -Friends -Work -Men she is attracted to! People she does not answer her phone to: -Men she met in a bar or on the street, that she has since decided she doesnt want to meet up with! YOU WANT TO PUT YOURSELF IN TO THE FIRST CATEGORY RATHER THAN THE LATTER! The text options I am now going to share with you will help take you from text message to phone conversation both quickly and smoothly

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5) Ping Texts
Before I give you the list of ping texts that you can use, let me explain: - What they are - When to use them - Why they are so effective! So what is a ping text? A ping text is when you send a text message to a girl that grabs her attention and forces her to respond and it also gives you a signal to know whether she is at that moment too busy to speak to you. Ping texts do not make much logical sense, and as a result they break patterns and get the woman to become curious, and as a further result she begins investing in you a lot more. Ping texts are also a great way to indicate whether a woman is available to speak on the phone, (which should be your objective) These are a list of ping texts that I have given my students, and they have sent these ping texts in front of me, only to have a response within 2 minutes! THE PUPPY PING: Doberman Pincher or Dalmatian? (You can pick any two dogs, but these 2 for some reason produce the desired effect most) Girl usually responds with: Huh? What do you mean? Or Why are you asking?

Just by getting her to respond with either of these replies means you have achieved two objectives. 1.She is responding, (and usually straight away), instead of leaving your text message for a few hours until she can be bothered to reply. 2.You are able to indicate whether she is busy or not. If she replies within 5 minutes, then this means she is not too busy to take your call. When she replies, you should respond with this: Im thinking about buying a puppy silly! or dopey (your choice) She will then respond with the following: Oh. I dont know. I prefer cats/I like Labradors/I dont know much bout dogs..Etc Or

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Call me Either way, you should respond with: Thats not much help! Will call you in 5 minutes Or if she responds with her choice, ALWAYS reply with: Wrong answer! (9 times out of 10 she will reply with Why, whats the right answer?) And then call her in 5 minutes.

The GINGER Ping text. NOTE: Do not use this ping text on a girl with VERY blonde hair or black hair. Are you ginger I couldnt tell in the dark light when we met The girl will always reply with: No, Im not Im blonde/brunette. I cant believe you thought I was ginger! ;-) Respond with: Lol Do you have something against gingers She will respond with: No. But I'm not ginger and no one has ever thought that And then call her in 5 minutes.

The TWIN SISTER ping text: Do you have a twin sister She will respond with No. Why? You call her within in 5 minutes. (Many times, this ping text makes the girl call up rather than you even needing to call her first) My students are often surprised about how quick the response from the girl is to their ping texts. Now notice how I deliberately did not add the question mark to the end of any of the ping texts. The reason for this is simple. A question mark always comes across a little needy or unsure. She will KNOW its a question that you are asking, so no need for the ?

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I hope you noticed how I always told you to call her 5 minutes later. This is because if she has responded within a few minutes to your ping text, then she is NOT busy. You will not be disturbing her, and plus: YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT STRAIGHT AWAY. All the ping texts allow you to carry on the conversation straight away. So there are no awkward beginning moments in the phone conversation. For example: With the twin sister ping text, you can follow up straight away when you call her with: Hey, that was so weird..like I said I just met a woman who looks exactly like you, well she was a little taller but she looked just like you..anyway..How are you? This is better than the usual way guys start a hone call conversation such as: Hey, its me Gary how are you? Oh hi, yeah Im fine..How are you? Yeah Im fine, am I calling you at a bad time? Er well, Im just with some friends can I call you back? By using a ping text you can transition in to a full-blown conversation very quickly, without having to ask her if shes busy/if youre disturbing her etc. SUMMARY ON PING TEXTS: They get her attention They effectively break patterns (as she will not expect this) They allow you to work out if shes too busy to speak They hand you an opportunity to be cheeky or playful They give you an easy way to start the conversation when you phone her.

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6) Nick name texts

Now for this to work, you would have needed to given her a nickname during the interaction at the club/bar/bookshop etc Here is a popular blog post I wrote for my website a while ago, that will explain to you how you can nickname number close a girl in order to use the nick name text. BLOG: My idea of a good number close is to make it appear as though you never asked. Wait for the conversation to get to its climatic point, whether that would be through making a deep connection, or making her laugh to the point of tears. You have to at that very moment, end the conversation! And say: Ive really enjoyed OUR conversation, but Im being really rude here,because my friends are waiting for me This will make it seem that she is the one who has been keeping you there from your friends; furthermore, it allows you to demonstrate that although you have enjoyed yourself you have other plans. (always keep your audience wanting more) Its vital you pick that climatic point of the conversation carefully, as it is common for guys to go beyond that point. After that intense moment of connection there is inevitably a lull, which, might confirm the fact that your still strangers and her barriers might return. Quite literally many guys miss the boat in this situation. Next, look at your watch, as you get up from your seat/down your drink/gather your cigarette packet and lighter and say We should carry on with this another time Should is the key word here. Its more effective than Can I or it would be nice Get out your phone before she has a chance to respond and hand it to her; tell her to tap in her number. Do this before she has a chance to react or, time to think Should I give my number to this stranger? Ive only known him for a few minutes, what if hes a weirdo? I cant believe he thinks he can get my number this easy etc etc You must ALSO say: Right, when you have done that make sure you put it under a nickname, I can tell a lot about someone by there self appointed nickname, you know, how creative they are etc This is a major point to this technique; it covers 2 things at once: 1. It distracts her from the act of actually passing on her details, as she will find the task much more entertaining (girls like this shit)

2. It will suggest that she has already accepted giving over her details (never underestimate the power of suggestion.) Good sales people do this all the time. You go in the store to maybe buy an item you had in mind, notice the good sales person will not ask if you want to buy one, instead they will ask you how

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many you want. Making you believe you have already decided on it and now are in the process of worrying how many you actually need! This is a great way to number close a woman; she can get cold feet about handing you her number, even if she likes you! If its been a short and sweet encounter, she will be thinking but Ive only known him for a few minutes Please dont be tempted to think this yourself, going beyond that pinnacle point of an interaction can ruin your chances. Rather instead, use this little tip of setting the nickname task. Remember when delivering the task, do so with absolute self-assurance that she will perform give a cheeky smile but remain dominant. (As always when you are giving a task) .

When you have given her a nick name, you can insert this into the text, and as a result this will automatically remind her (MORE VIVADLY) the positive experience she got from the interaction. This is what is known in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) as an anchor. You would have number closed her in a high point in the interaction. (Obviously you would never number close a girl in a lull point of the interaction) Therefore since the nick name would have been given at the height of the interaction, those emotions she would have felt at that time will be pulled back in to her mind the moment she sees her nick name on the text. Literally the nickname will anchor back those positive emotions of when you number closed her. Lets say the nick name you chose for her was Paris Hilton or Gucci girl because she portrayed herself as high maintenance, you could simply write: Hey Gucci girl, I bet your in a nail salon somewhere Or Hey Paris, I reckon your shopping for shoes right now Whatever her nickname was, always include it in the text and add a presumption of what she is doing right at that very second that is congruent with her chosen nickname. She will respond usually with something like this: Haha! Actually believe it or not Im not shopping, Im at home doing my coursework/ working/ at a library etc She will purposefully tell you she is doing something that is NOT congruent with the nickname, as she will want to prove to you that she is not the person you labeled her as (or who she initially labeled herself as) This is positive by the way, as this means she wants you to get behind her mask! Now if she carries on playing up to her nickname, in which case she might respond with: Lol Yes, I am in my chauffer driven car with my Chihuahua in my handbag (Or something along those playful lines). This is the point where you need to send her a curve ball and respond with:

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Yeah right, in other words your on a bus with your pit-bull terrier (or any other similar neg, which will state that you are not playing her silly little game anymore (but of course in a humorous way) Again this is all a great way to get her to respond quickly to your texts! MAKING YOU A PRIORITY! SUMMARY: Nickname texts will: Anchor her emotions to the feelings she experienced in the interaction. Allow you to be personal with her Give you the opportunity to neg Give you the opportunity to create deep connection

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7) Situational Observation Text

(Personally, these I believe are the most effective) This method shows the girl a quick glimpse in to your amazing life, WITHOUT inviting her to join. A little like holding up a cookie to a child, and then eating it in front of them before they get a chance to eat it themselves (evil, I know- but highly effective) Now when most guys attempt situational observation texts, they get it wrong by inviting the girl to join. Example: Hey Im at this amazing bar, the music is great, you should come along This implies that he cannot fully enjoy the moment without her company, and consequently it gives her way to much value. How many times has a girl just dropped whatever it is she is doing to come and join you? (Not very often) Instead, a situational text should be more like these examples: Hey you, Im at this crazy bar with some amazing music, just needed to take a break, how are you I just had the most amazing day in the park with some cool people, how was your day? Im at this great art exhibition, theres some amazing work here, how are you? If you write her these kind of situational texts she will be thinking: How come he didnt invite me? Oh, guys usually add, do u want to join? Why hasnt he done the same? He sounds like he is having fun, I better prove to him that Im having fun too She will usually reply with the following texts: Sounds cool, I just came back from lunch with my friends, we had a great time, what are you up to now? Or Thats sounds cool, what kind of music were they playing there? Or even better: Sounds great, you should have invited me lol All these responses are exactly what you want! And again, you can phone her almost straight away and transition into a natural full blown conversation right away.

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SUMMARY: Situational texts will: Give her a glimpse of your brilliant life Make her want to share the experience with you in the future Give you the stepping-stone that is sometimes needed to phone her and get into a full-blown conversation right away Make her curious to get to know you more

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8) The Question Text

These are little like ping texts, but they make more of an immediate sense than ping texts. Question texts are a little like mini cold readings. You ask her a question with an answer already set in your mind. EXAMPLE OF QUESTION TEXTS: I was thinking about something you said the other night.. are you a Scorpio? You mentioned something the other night that stuck in my mind a little, are you an only child or are you from a really big family You said something before, it made me think.. are you a cat person or a dog person? You mentioned to me a few things, I wanted to know are you someone who goes for their goals or gives up? Now these question texts are pretty full on, but in my experience, as long as you MENTION the fact that she had said something or mentioned a few things to you during the interaction, which is why you are now asking her this full on question, she will usually reply very quickly and she will be enthusiastic about it too. Women actually dont mind answering fairly deep questions, it shows you want to know more about another side to her, and that you already might have an idea in your head about who she is, that she will either want to confirm or confront. It also shows you were PAYING ATTENTION to what she revealed to you. She will usually respond with a rather lengthy answer and it will usually end up asking you a question in return. For example: hmmmm, yes I am very goal driven, but I know how to relax too. What did I say that made you ask me that? How about you? Are you goal driven? I am sooooo definitely a cat person, what about you? The question texts nearly always force the women to ask you the same in return, which is great, as your objective should also be to get her asking questions about your self, rather than just her answering. SUMMARY: The QUESTION TEXT will: Force a question from her, usually the same question as you asked her. Make impact Create the steps to make a deep connection in the phone call So now I have shared with you many options in which you can choose to text the woman with. I am now going to explain to you how to make the PHONE CALL work for you.

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CHAPTER 2 Phone Calls

To begin with, there is always the option of calling her first rather than texting her first. This is something that occurs less and less, nearly every guy I give my number to ALWAYS texts me before he calls me. But ask your self, whats the big deal if I call her first? Why dont you just call the girl up? The reasons why guys dont call girls up straight away are because of the following: She might be too busy to talk I have nothing to say to her It might be uncomfortable Im used to sending texts Texts are more informal I can handle her not responding to a text rather than not responding to a phone call In order for you to destroy these imaginary obstacles, I have already given you the list of texts that you can send first in order to help you. But I want you to realize that you can always just simply phone her straight away.

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If you want to call her without texting her first, then you need to get the timing right. Its wise NOT to phone her at the following times: -Saturday night This is obvious, A woman is usually out on a Saturday night with her friends, (Can you imagine a beautiful girl sitting at home on her own on the best night of the week?) and PLUS think how would it make you look if you phoned her on a Saturday night? You would convey the message that you have her on your mind EVEN on a Saturday night (NOT A GOOD MOVE) - Monday to Friday between 10am to 12pm or 2pm to 7 pm This only applies to women who have a regular 9- 5 job. She will be working and therefore there is a big chance that she will be unable to pick up the phone or respond to text messages (Her boss might be super strict about taking personal phone calls at work) -If she has a night job such as a waitress in a bar or a table dancer or any type of nightclub work. Then do not call her after 6pm. Avoid calling her on Thursday and Fridays nights too. (Again, these are the other nights women usually go out with their friends) and consequently will see your phone call as a slight annoyance. Sunday DAY TIME can also be tricky, but nit out of the question. Sundays usually means shopping and brunch with a friend, which leads on to drinks etc. When you SHOULD call her (for the first time): Most women or people for that matter are usually free to speak (providing they do not do night work) between 9 pm and 11pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Let me explain why: Women with 9- 5 jobs dont usually go out late or at all on those nights. They usually get home, make something to eat, watch their soap operas and by 9 or 10 pm most of what they like on TV has finished, and so they are either absent mindedly browsing the internet, on MSN and facebook, or flicking through a magazine. In other words, this is the time when they are FREE to speak and available to be contacted. If the girl does some form of night work, then what ever you do, DO NOT call her early in the morning. If you wake her up at 10 am and she got to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning, she will instantly view you as an annoying (even if your intentions were good) Try and call her between 1pm and 5pm. (weekdays)

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The phone call should always be fairly short, and you should always remember that your MAIN aim is to get her to agree to meet you. Lots of guys phone up girls, and speak for ages and ages, building up tons of comfort, and dont even bother to arrange a date. Men often chicken out and decide to make a PROPER arrangement the NEXT TIME they call her. This is a classic case of fear of rejection. But in this section Im going to show you why its so important to arrange that date AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and of course the ways you can get her to agree to see you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You must use your phone call to convey the following attributes: -That you are high value -That your time is limited/precious. So why shouldnt you speak for ages on the phone to her? Quite simple: Men often end up in the dreaded phone relationship scenario. This means the girls gets used to you being her phone buddy Once you enter the phone buddy category, you automatically make it 10 times harder to get her to meet you. I have lots of friends both male and female, some of them I used to see a lot, but now a lot of us are just CONTENT to be phone buddies We always talk about meeting up and arranging a get together, but it NEVER happens. We live in a world that makes super easy instant access widely available. Whether it is via phone calls, social networking sites, blackberry, msn, or skype. This of course has many positive attributes, but unfortunately the side effect of all this super- easy instant access, is that it can make us lazy. We think to our selves whats the point? If I want to see so and so and have a chat, I can just click on Skype. If Women have this attitude to their old friends they have known for years, whats to say that they will not have the exact same attitude towards you? The longer you leave the follow up date the more the memory of the interaction fades! And consequently the harder it will be to get her to meet up with you. (I have loads of men I chat to on the phone, that I am happy to keep as a phone buddy rather than actually arrange a time and place to meet up with them in person). She will not be so tuned in to the emotions and experiences she felt when she was last with you is you leave it for too long. You need to keep the momentum going! 1. When you call her up, you should keep the converation no longer than 10 minutes max! Remember its not the quantity its ALWAYS THE QUALITY of the conversation that matters. 2. In order to make impact, in those 10 minutes, you should try and add into the conversation PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. What I mean by this is, that most people just talk about the present. They talk about what they are doing, what they did during the day, what their opinions are etc. But by mentioning something abut your past (nothing too heavy), your present and your future, you immediately make much more impact. This of course can be applied in the face to face interaction as well as the telephone call conversation. This impact will help keep the momentum going. 3. You want to hook her in to meet you again. Which is why you need to end the conversation at a high point. I call this breaking rapport. In show business they call this leaving your audience wanting more. The best way to number close a girl is actually based on this technique.

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Here is a youtube video I did explaining How to break rapport and why it is so powerful, hopefully this will give you a very clear and detailed idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqoC7Wb-psk Breaking rapport on the phone can be just as effective! Rather than waiting for a lull in the phone call conversation and then asking her out for a drink, it would be far better to break the conversation at the high point and then arrange a date. This is where you also begin to convey to the woman that your time is limited and/or precious. 4. You must remember to come across as a busy man, who has limited amount of time on his hands. As much as you are enjoying talking to her on the phone, you have other jobs to get back to, or people to see, or meetings you need to get to, that cant be delayed much longer. When a man conveys this message to her, he automatically comes across high value (one of the most important if not THE most important attribute a man can possess) This is just the first step to conveying the message to the girl that your time is limited/ precious.

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In the phone call conversation, you can add some hook points that will lend themselves nicely to arranging what you are both going to do or where you are going for the date. Rather than asking her: Sowhat do you like to do for fun? Or Sodo your prefer going to bars or restaurants? (Which will be very obvious to her to where your question is leading) Instead, be random, and tell her something that you did recently with your friends such as: I went to this new bar in Isllington the other night, it was really loud and had a lot of beautiful people there posing all night long and none of them seemed to just let tem selves go and funit was terrible! I hate those kind of places! A strong opinion about something will nearly always force the other person to ask you a question, in this case she will respond with something like this: Oh, so what sort of places do you usually like going to? At this point you must keep your answer vague (I will explain why later) Your response should be along these lines: Somewhere with interesting open minded people, good music rather than loud music, good food, somewhere with an exciting energy As you can see this answer is purposely vague. The reason for this is simple: Most people like the EXACT same thing as you would have stated in regards to what you like in a night out -Good food -Good music -Good crowd -Exciting energy (Who is going to argue with that?) In response she will reply with something along these lines: Me too..I really like Chinese food especially! -In this case she would have picked up on the good food hook. Or Yeah, thats what I like too, I like music which is not too serious, and something a bit cheesy like disco is cool -In this case she would have picked up on the good music hook Or Yes, I agree, a good crowd is so important, but so long as a place doesnt get too busyI really cant stand it when that happens As a result you will have an idea of what she likes and what she doesnt like WITHOUT actually asking her.

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SHE WILL BE VOLUNTEERING ALL THIS INFORMATION TO YOU. Just before you go, tell her that you know this cool bar/restaurant that sounds like the kind of place that YOU BOTH LIKE. (She wouldnt have realized how vague you were in description of what you like, so dont worry about her noticing this) TRY AND AVOID ASKING HER WHAT PREFRENCES SHE HAS, OR IF THERE IS SOMEWHERE THAT SHE WOULD LIKE TO GO By now you should have enough information to book something, without her suggestions. Women like it when men make decisions about things like this. This is where you MUST TAKE THE LEAD. I remember this particular passed mistake from countless guys I dated, and that consequently all lead to nowhere in the end. They always asked me exactly what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I, like a lot of women, would often take advantage of this and start planning and getting them to book the BEST and MOST expensive venues/restaurants. In the end, the venue or restaurant would play far greater importance than the date. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. Always beware of the freebie girl! Another reason for why you shouldnt ask her where she wants to go or what suggestions she has for where to go or what to do, is because you need to come across as a man who knows where the cool places are, and someone who has a clear idea of whats hot and whats not.

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So by now, she has agreed for you to take her somewhere that will be the kind of place you BOTH like. Now for arranging the actual time and date. Do NOT Give her a whole long list of the dates you are free. Instead tell her a couple of days you are busy, (it always sounds better) Do NOT over do this by giving her a whole long list of days you are busy, JUST ONE OR TWO will be enough to achieve the effect. You should always HINT to her that you are fitting her into your BUSY schedule and your HECTIC social life. For example: So I think, Im fairly free on Thursday, oh no wait a minute Im at a party that night..hmmmm, so Thursday and Friday I cant do.. At this point, she might intervene and suggest a couple of evening that shes free. Either way, find 2 nights you have not made plans, but make sure that you continue to make her feel that you are fitting her in. Example: I have Thursday night free, but I can only do it after 7:30..Ive got to go see a friend for an after work drink, but Im pretty free after that Lets say she CANNOT meet you that day, what do you do then? Say to her Thats a shame, what days do you have free? She will tell you a day, if you said you had plans on that day, tell her theres no way you that can not attend the planned arrangement you already made, UNLESS shes happy to meet up after 8:30pm. Usually the girl will not mind meeting up this late, and so you get to secure the date and at the same time you will have demonstrated how valuable and precious your time is. WHY IS DISPLAYING THE FACT THAT YOUR TIME IS LIMTED AND/OR PRECIOUSE SO IMPORTANT? Let me begin answering this question with a story about my friend. A good friend of mine and I, used to meet up once or twice a week, I really enjoyed his company and enjoyed spending time with him. However, although he was a busy guy, he always made time for me whenever I WANTED. So if I wanted to see him on a Saturday and a Tuesday, he would never mention to me that he had already made plans or that he couldnt make it. However, I would often, call him the night before or even on the same day, to tell him I couldnt make it. In other words I became very flakey and unreliable. He never protested to this, and always was happy to oblige me, by fixing up an alternative arrangement when ever I WANTED. Needless to say, this became more and more common. Why? Because however much I liked him and enjoyed being with him, I always knew he would FIT with my whims and cancellations, and so I took advantage of that. Unfortunately for him he had demonstrated to me that his time was NOT limited and that it was NOT precious.

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But after a while, I noticed he seemed busier and busier, if I called him to arrange a get together, he was more often than not telling me that he had already made plans and was unable to see me on the particular days/nights that I wanted to see him. He starting giving me one or if I was lucky 2 days/nights he was free to see me, and I found myself not only KEEPING to those arrangements but I would also appreciate the time we spent together a whole lot more. In the end, he had the upper hand, and I increasingly found myself working my schedule around to fit his! Needless to say, this made him come across much more high value and as a result a lot more attractive. A lot of my students confide in me that girls often flake out on them. Now if you had made the arrangement via a phone call then this will as I have pointed out earlier, decrease the chances of her flaking out on you. But, if you had made the mistake of NOT demonstrating to her the fact that your time is limited/precious then she will find it easier to make an excuse to cancel on you that specific night. REMEMBER: -Always tell her the 2 nights you are busy first, rather than the nights you are free. -DO NOT ever say to her Yeah, Im pretty free whenever, just let me know when you can do it This is vague, and any vague arrangement that is usually made, will probably not materialize in to something solid. -If you can, always try to mention to her that you are doing something that same night JUST before your date with her. Whether its a quick after work drinks with some friends, or a gym work out with your personal trainer. Again, this will increase the message that you must convey to her, that you are BUSY man, with a tight schedule.

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What if after all that, she genuinely cant make it, and consequently flakes out on you? She will 9 times out of 10 do this via text message, as she will not want a confrontation and/or she will not want you to try and persuade her to still come. This might sound like a fairly obvious mistake, but it happens to us girls more often than you might realize. If a man was really looking forward to getting laid that night by a woman he has been thinking about all week, and she suddenly drops it on him that she has a head ache or that shes stuck in another city etc, its easy to understand why all the rules go out of the window. When a woman flakes or cancels on a man, then demonstrating high value and being unaffected become just distant memories to him, and instead when/if this situation occurs, guys will often become needy/desperate and will often start trying to persuade her to still come along, by saying things such as: - How he will pay for her taxi to get there. - How he is happy to see her even if its only for an hour or so. - Or worse, he can become angry and sulk like a child whos not getting their dessert they have been so patiently waiting for. This has happened to me and other women countless times before, and it never works! In fact when guys sulk or try and persuade us to still meet up with them, they instantly loses any attractiveness that they might have had before So what to do if she flakes? If she flakes out on you, the best thing to do (even if you are raging inside) is to come across as completely unaffected by it. Tell her calmly and in a real what ever style: that it can be rearranged for another time. She will give you the dates she can do. Agree to one of those dates (lets say in this case you arrange for Wednesday night) Later on, you should text her, to let her know that in fact you cannot make Wednesday. Text her this: Really sorry about this, but I cant make Wednesday Notice how I purposefully did not add the usual follow up line that men write which would often be: ..can we do Thursday instead? Or When is another good time for you? The reason I have purposefully left out the follow up lines that men usually is because, this will automatically force her to respond back with Oh, ok, shall we make it for Saturday instead? (She is forced into suggesting the alternative dates NOT YOU!) Note also, how you should not explain your self either. As you can see, this is a clever little way to restore the level of power in this budding relationship back in your favour. Next, wait a little before you respond and then agree to meet her on Saturday (or whatever day she suggests) Yeah, Saturday is fine. Thanks for being cool about this

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REMEMBER: -Never try to persuade her when she says she cant make it (LOGICAL REASONING WILL NOT WORK) -Come across unaffected -DO NOT react in a sulky or aggressive manner -Cancel the arrangement she suggests -AWAIT her suggestion for an alternative date

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TIP: When you call her up, try and have some background noise (nothing too loud) Maybe a TV or radio in the background will be enough. The reason for this is because it gives the illusion that you are BUSY doing stuff. You do not want her to picture you in a silent room on your own with nothing going on. This also helps with uncomfortable silences. If an uncomfortable silence arises, you can simply break that moment, by saying: Let me just turn down the TV/ go in to another room which is more quiet/private so I can hear you better QUESTION: What and when are the best flirty/sex texts to send to a girl? If you have not had sex with the woman yet, then try and avoid sending the sexy texts or as some people call them the SEXTS Women usually do not respond well to these if they have not been intimate with you yet. Once you have had sex with her (or near enough) or if she has shown you MAJOR sexual interest! Then sex texts are permissible, as long as you do them correctly! If I had a dollar for every sex text I have had sent to me that has turned me off, I would be a millionaire. Sex texts can have the unfortunate potential of turning a girl off rather than on. Sex texts that DO NOT work: Hey sexy, what are you wearing? I cant wait to see your tight little body in a tight little dress when we meet up next Hey gorgeous, how is that sexy body of yours? I would love to massage that body sometime I cant wait to lick you everywhere..I'm going to take my time with you, thats for sure! All this is like a scene from a BAD porn movie. If you want to send her a sexy text, providing you have been sexually intimate with her (This does not mean full blown sex by the way) then send her a sex text that is more subtle such as: Next time I see you, I have a request.. She will respond with: Oh yes...whats that then? And you should respond with something on the lines of the following: My request is for you to wear something black and something tight, I will leave the rest up to you This leaves her room to IMAGINE and plus it comes a cross as a command rather than a pervy or creepy text telling her how much you like her. It also almost tells her that she needs to up her game so to speak, to be sexually satisfying for you.

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Women love to imagine, and are usually less graphic than men, so as I mentioned, ALWAYS leave room for her to imagine. Another EFFECTIVE sex text would be: Its the little things that I like about you She will respond with Such as..? And you respond with (something along these lines) The fact that you can surprise me with how naughty you can be.. Or The way, I never can guess what you are wearing underneath those clothes Or The little innocent look you have that conceals so much more.. Notice how I suggest putting an intriguing text before the actual sex text before hand. This invites her to play the game and hooks her in nicely. Another suggestion would be: Do you ever wear pink? Her response will be: Yeah sometimeswhy??? And you respond with: I just think pink underwear would look hot on you Or Do you ever wear red? She will respond with: Not usuallywhy? And you respond with: Most girls dont, but I think its quite hot REMEMBER With sex text:

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-Leave a room for the imagination -DO NOT come across as horny -DO NOT give her too much value -Suggest subtly a way she can be EVEN hotter. -Use a question FIRST to hook her in. QUESTION: What do I say when she asks me what Im up to, whilst on the phone? If she asks you what you are up to right there and then, try and avoid telling her things such as: Oh, nothing much, just chilling Or Im not doing anything really, just hanging out in my house These kinds of responses make you come across as bored or someone with too much time on their hands. Instead try responding with the following: I have an hour free at last! To just chill, I have to meet some friends later, but I really cant be bothered.. Or I was just getting some work done before going out Or I am having an early night tonight, as Im so exhausted from the last couple of weeks Again, all these replies will help convey the fact that you are a busy and that you are an in demand man. QUESTION: What if she does not answer her phone when you ring her? Always try and call her again STRAIGHT AWAY! Now a lot of PUA trainers will tell you not to do this, and thats because men keep their phones in their pockets, on the table in front of them or in their hands, and subsequently they are able to get to their phone quickly. Where as with women, we tend to keep our phones in our bags, and on many occasions, we miss our phone calls simply because our phones have fallen to the bottom of our handbags, and take time to reach underneath all that junk we carry in our bags. If she doesnt pick up the second time (even after the initial ping text) Then call her again in 2 days.

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TIP: If you obtain her number during the daytime. Then my suggestion would be to call her that very same day (in the evening) some people will argue that this might come across to keen. But from my personal experience of being approached in the day time SUCCSESSFULLY. I always feel as though I am breaking unspoken/ unwritten rules when I hand over my personal details in the day light hours. There for the guy should keep that sense of breaking rules and patterns by calling her the same day. NOTE: Women are far more likely to give out their number in the evenings, and so being approached and actually giving out our phone numbers to guys in the daytime, is still pretty rare. When a woman gives out her number in the day, she feels a sense of excitement and spontaneity. Its a beautiful and dare I say a slightly romantic sensation. Unfortunately this feeling can take a dip within 24 hours. Why? There are a few reasons why. One of the reasons is that after that sense of spontaneity has passed, our logical side of the brain starts telling us: What have you just done? You have just given your number out to some random guy on the street! Whats going on? Or/and Who was that guy? Why was he hanging around that bookshop for so long? Does he make a habit of asking women for their numbers on his lunch break? I cant believe I just gave out my number to some guy I dont even know, who just approached me in the street! How does this make me look? What will my friends say? And then, if you leave it too long, She might go and discuss it with her friends! Consequently her friends will often tell her that it might be a bad idea to see you again. They could say something such as: That sounds weird. Why did he hit on you in the day time? Or You dont know this guy, let me introduce you to this really LOVELY/NICE guy I know In other words, the longer you leave the follow up after obtaining her number in the daytime, the more questions will be raised either by her friends or herself. When it comes to getting her number in the daytime: You need to literally ride the wave. And call her whilst she still regards the interaction as spontaneous and exciting. So my tip is to call her within 24 hours after the interaction. (Before she realizes that she was so out of character, and before she begins rationalizing her emotions and trying to use logical reasoning to not see you again. QUESTION: What is the best answer machine message to leave a girl? NONE. Whats the point? It makes no difference to the girl if the guy leaves a message or not. If she has not responded to your missed call then do you really think that a voicemail with you


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saying Hey, give me a call when you get this message is going to make her mind up whether to call you back or not? Speaking from a female point of view, it makes ZERO difference to me if a guy leaves an answer machine message or not. A text message that says: hey, give me a call when youre not busy has the same amount of impact as a voicemail message. If you really want to leave a message on her answer phone machine, then here (from my own personal experience) are the most effective options available: If she has a standard answer machine message, like the robotic voice message that comes with the phone when she bought it. Then say something along these lines: Hello Katy, oh dear, I thought you would at least have your own answer machine message, you are way too lazy.. give me a call when youre done doing what ever it is that youre doing If she has her OWN voice and personalized message on the answer machine, then what you say depends on what she is saying on that recorded message. If she has a standard: Hey youve reached Katy, Im sorry I cant take your call right now, but leave a message.. Then you can respond with a message such as: Hey, that has got to be the most unimaginative answer machine message ever so I will leave you onecall me when you get this message Do this in a humorous tone. Its a small 'neg' that usually makes the right amount of impact. If her answer machine message is something cheesy or silly. Then validate her, leave her a voice message like this: Not bad, 7 out of 10, I havent heard a message like that for ages, its kinda cuteanyway, give me a call when you get this QUESTION: What is the best outgoing message that I can leave on my answer machine? Leave the out going message on your answer machine message nice and simple. There are some so called pick up artists out there telling guys that they should leave an original and/or crazy message on their answer machine so that they can create a BIG impact on the girl when she calls. From my personal experience, unless a guy is under the age of 21, then all a crazy or totally original outgoing answer machine message does, is make the guy look weird and immature. So please forget leaving some ridiculous outgoing message on your answer machine message, and instead opt for the standard robotic message or something personalized but quick and to the point such as: Hey, youve reached Jack, I cant get to the phone right now, but if you leave your name, number and a message I will get back to you when I can

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NOTE: There are some fairly well known pick up coaches out there with some very strange outgoing messages (from my own experience, I cant help but think this is weird, and it would freak me out if I heard outgoing messages like that from a man I liked) NOTE: I will not name any names so please dont email me asking who Im referring to. QUESTION: What do I say if she sounds like she is distracted? If she is distracted, bring to attention the fact that you can tell she is distracted! This actually forces their attention back on to you. Most men just carry on talking, and hope the girl will eventually become more focused on him. Simply say to her: You seem a little distracted, Im going to call you back tomorrow Dont take it too personally when a girl seems distracted on the phone. Ask your self-how many times someone has called you up, and unfortunately you have had a situation going on at that exact moment. DO NOT make it in to a big deal. Just give her her space , and tell her you will call her back tomorrow. She will appreciate the fact that you understand and realize she is unable to give you her 100 percent attention (which you deserve). TIP: Do not allow call waiting If the woman suddenly tells you she has another call coming through, and asks you if you mind being put on her calling waiting option, Then just tell her, this: Actually, I need to be getting back to what I was doing, I will call you later or tomorrow.. Often when people go on the dreaded call waiting list, they can get forgotten or replaced with the new phone call. Many times I have been chatting on the phone to a guy, when all of a sudden my best friend calls me up with some important juicy gossip. Immediately I will either go back to the guy and give him some excuse to get rid of him, or WORSE! I will forget he is even there. Its far better to not get yourself in this predicament, so my advice is to get off the phone voluntarily when/if she gives you the dreaded call waiting option QUESTION: In this day and age, is Facebook game the same as text game? The answer to this is simple NO. I know that maybe you wanted me to say that staying in contact with a girl you met in a club, through facebook is equal to talking or staying in touch with her on the phone or via text, but the fact still remains that: Talking to the girl on Facebook is not as effective as talking to a girl via her phone

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Facebook and other social network sites are used by people (including me) to keep in touch with others WITHOUT having to move our backsides from our comfortable seats. So if your intention is to keep in touch with the woman WITH OUT actually meeting her again, then Facebook and other social network sites are a great choice, BUT if you wish to meet her again in the flesh, then you need to be talking to her or at least TEXTING her via her phone. Now, please note, that I am not saying you should not swap Facebook profiles with each other, but what I AM SAYING is that you do not want Facbook to be your ONLY means of contact. Just tell her that you are too busy to go on Facebook these days, and you would prefer to contact each other through phone calls. QUESTION: (sent to me) Because we are unable to know the context of something that is being said, for example, "I bet all you guys are like that" how, or more accurately, is there a way to tell whether or not she is being serious, playful or just teasing, because of the lack of knowledge to the context of what is being said, mis-calibration is going to be a big factor here and I have, many times, came of as arrogant or too cocky because I misread a text This is precisely why I tell my students as I have been telling you in this e-book, that speaking on the phone rather than texting is far better. It is hard to tell someones intention via a text. When speaking on the phone, you can get an idea of whether they are being playful or serious, and as a result you will be able to respond correctly. When/if a girl writes something o you such as I bet all you guys are like that she will usually leave a smiley face if she is joking around, but there of course cases where she will not add the smiley face (even if she is joking) Which will leave you none the wiser. The best way to respond to a question like this is to reply something that is cheeky and add your own smiley face symbol to help diffuse the situation. Again, getting her on the phone speaking to you is by far the best course of action. QUESTION: (sent to me) I recently have said a few edgy things to women before a first date via text and the conversation came to a halt. Do you think it is a bad idea to have too much banter via phone and text before first meeting? As I have said before, the phone conversation should be kept fairly short, and your objective should be to get her to agree to see you again ASAP. This question is a typical example of what happens when a guy spends to much time, energy and focus on keeping in contact with her via text and phone calls, rather than staying true to his objective (securing the date) QUESTION: (sent to me) What kind of tone should I use when I text a childhood friend I want to date? Again, you must get the girl speaking on the phone if you can, this way the commitment to the date will be far more solid.

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The tone here should not be sexual or very flirty, as she might still see you as the child hood friend she knew when growing up, and often it can come as a bit of a shock when the boy she once knew is suddenly a man with sexual intentions (especially towards her) My advice is to keep it friendly on the phone, and heat it up when on the date. QUESTION: (sent to me) Hi Kezia, what r some good phone topics and whats the best way to organize a meeting not using lunch or dinner. This is usually far easier to arrange than arranging a lunch or dinner date. Usually I dont advise guys to take the woman to a sit down long dinner for the first date anyway, as in my experience dinner dates can end up awkward and make it difficult to sexually escalate (unless a bar/part or club is organized after dinner). As for phone topics that lead to a date (what ever the location of the date is) I have answered this in the e-book already. QUESTION: (sent to me) What do I respond with if she relies to my text message WHO IS THIS? This usually ONLY happens, if you did not make enough impact on her in the interaction beforehand, or if she was drunk and genuinely cannot remember much of the evening. This is a tricky one, and unfortunately it is perhaps the WORST start you can have when trying to follow up with a date. WHAT NOT TO DO (mistakes most men make in this situation) lol, its me Peter, remember? I was wearing the red jumper Or I cant believe you dont remember me, how many men did you speak to that night lol Either of these is the classic answer she is expecting and consequently will make near to no impact on her what so ever. OPTIONS OF WHAT TO DO: Reply with Im the 5ft 2 hairy man with sweat patches under his arms that you declared your love to Or You told me your darkest secret of what you did 3 years ago, dot worry I wont tell anyone Or Youve got 2 guesses to get this right

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These are the best options you can respond with when in this situation, simply because they break the expected pattern that she is used to from other guys she might not have remembered giving her number to. These suggestions also force her to respond to the game that YOU are playing, rather than the game SHE is playing. I hope this e-book will be as beneficial to you as it has been for all my students. REMEMBER the text/phone game techniques and tips I have shared with you in this e-book will act as a lubrication between initial meeting and the follow up date. The most important part of the interaction is the amount of impact and sexual tension that you create BEFORE the lubrication period. If you get the girl hooked FIRST, then what you do after by way of texts and phone calls bares little or no importance. However, as I have stated before, women DO give their numbers out to guys whom they have not YET decided on (whether they like him or like him enough to meet with up him again) This is where the text/phone techniques in this e-book will help you clinch the deal.

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