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Standard Grade Business Management Units 2 and 3 Revision

General Questions 1 2 3 Why would a Business Plan be prepared before starting a new business? Give 2 examples of information which would be contained in a Business Plan. Suggest 2 ways in which the Princes Trust can help with the start up of a new business. (2 KU) (2 KU)

(2 DM)

(a) Suggest 2 possible reasons why BT are relocating their Call Centre to India. (b) Suggest 2 problems BT could face by this relocation. TOTAL

(2 KU)

(2 KU) 8 KU 2 DM

Credit Questions 1 Other than the Princes Trust suggest 2 ways in which entrepreneurs can get advice in setting up their own businesses. Explain why the government is keen to support new business start-ups. (a) What is the Euro? (b) Describe 2 benefits of trading within the European Union. (c) What problems might a company encounter when trading in the European Union? TOTAL

(2 DM) (2 KU) (1KU) (2KU)

2 3

(2KU) 7 KU 2 DM