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Parker 1 Joshua Parker ENGL 1010 101 Professor Previte 23 June 2011 Why We Crave Horror Movies In-Class

s Essay #2 Revision People possess an inherent necessity to make sense out of what takes place around them. Cause and effect writing is established in this inherent necessity and provides people a way to make the connections needed to achieve a better understanding of their experiences. Stephen Kings Why We Crave Horror Movies effectively uses the cause and effect structure to stimulate and influence its audience through its focused purpose, thought-provoking cause and effect relationships, and appropriate tone. From the very first sentence, the text asserts that everyone is mentally ill (King 402). Not only does this claim allude to the essays overall purpose, which is to persuade the reader, but it also reveals the clear stance the text takes regarding the state of the human psyche. By taking this stance early, the text immediately stimulates a reaction in the reader whether he or she agrees with the idea or not. Additionally, because this firm stance is taken at the beginning of the essay, the reader is better able to assess the evidence presented in support of the thesis that everyone has an inner sociopath and watching horror movies helps keep it in check. Furthermore, the essay illustrates several causes as to why people watch horror movies. They go [t]o show that [they] can, that [they] are not afraid, to [reestablish their] feelings of essential normality, [a]nd [they] go to have fun (King 402). This wide range of immediate causes lends to the essays purpose by providing several avenues by which the reader can develop a connection. Also, , the reader is able to recognize a causal chain in which the text

Parker 2 states that [w]hen we exhibit [positive] emotions, society showers us with positive reinforcement[,] [b]ut if we deliberately [exhibit negative emotions], sanctions follow (King 403). ! However, the [negative] emotions [do not] go away, and they demand periodic exercise (King 404). ! Finally, the last link in the causal chain is implied; in watching horror movies we get to experience our nastiest fantasies without any ramifications (King 404). The cause and effect relationships and the causal chain lead to thought-provoking points for the reader to consider, as well as lending further support to the essays thesis and purpose. An equally important structural component is the essays tone, which is perfectly suited for its purpose. With a laidback, approachable tone, the text draws the reader in while simultaneously stepping down to his or her level. Perhaps the best example of this is when the text claims, Because it keeps them from getting out, man (King 404). This instantly influences the reader by providing a sense of comfort, which establishes a stronger connection with the reader. The tone of the text is appropriate for this essay because this essay is about fun. It is about a horror film urg[ing] us to put away our more civilized and adult penchant for analysis and to become children again (King 403). The structural strength of Stephen Kings Why We Crave Horror Movies is proven by quick assertion of its purpose, interesting cause and effect relationships, and fitting tone. These elements combine to produce a stimulating essay that allows the reader to make connections to interesting points, relate ideas to his or her own experiences, and to have a little fun.