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European Region

Paris Basin

Learning Outcome
Identify key points on Paris Basin
Sketch Map (Physical features, Urban area) Climate / Soils/ Relief Primary Secondary Tertiary

Review Exam Questions on Paris Basin

Physical Characteristics

Low-lying Syncline

in sedimentary rocks Rock layers folded in east Ridges or scarps on landscape

Fertile Vary

depending on underlying rock Different soil types- different farming areas (pays) Limon soils- centre of region, productive agriculture (Ile De France)



Seine Somme Loire


from West to East

West; Maritime Summers cool Winters mild East; Continental Summers hot Winters cold Inbetween; Transitional

Paris Basin
Primary Economic Activities

Important Factors
` Fertile soil ` Mild Climate ` Low-lying relief ` Educated farmers ` Proximity to wealthy urban market

` ` ` ` ` ` `

Fertile limon soil Mild climate, spring rainfall, long hours of sun Cereal crops- wheat, barley & maize Alluvial soils close to Seine Intensive commercial farming Mechanised farms Easy access to wealthy market

Agricultural Produce
` ` ` ` `

Wheat Barley Sugar beet Dairy farming (cheese & butter) Viticulture

Secondary Economic Activities

Paris Basin

Attractive to Industry

yAccess / Communications yPopulation yAgricultural Raw Materials yGovernment Policy

Access / Communications
y River Seine y Ports (Le Harve) y Road & Rail networks focus on Paris y TGV rail y Metro y Two international airports y Direct link to London via Channel Tunnel

y 21 million people skilled labour force y Wealthy y Market for luxury goods

Agricultural Raw Materials

y Cereals y Vines (Wine) y Cattle (Cheese, Beef, Milk) y Aromatic plants (Lavender) y These supply the food processing & cosmetic industries

Government Policy
y Eight Competitive Clusters y Bring industry, business & research together y Eg; Cosmetic Valley y 550 companies y 47,000 jobs y 11 billion turnover

Main manufactured products

y Cartier jewellery y Chanel fashion

y Yves Saint Laurent


y Citroen cars

Tertiary Economic Activities

Paris Basin

` ` `

45 million tourists each year Paris attracts 33 million of those. Tourism accounts for 25% of jobs in Paris

` ` ` ` `

Natural and Man-made attractions History Culture Scenery Fashion

Factors encouraging tourism


Easily Accessible

Air (3 international airports) road, rail (400 metro stations, TGV)

Range of Accommodation

Luxurious hotels to hostels

Variety of Attractions

Attractions in Paris City


Disneyland Resort Notre Dame Cathedral Louvre museum Eiffel Tower

Other attractions
` ` `

Fashion capital; Chanel, Dior,Yves Saint Laurent Boat trips on the river Seine Dance shows such as the Moulin Rouge

Attractions in the Paris Basin Region

` ` `

Medieval walled city Caen Beaches of Normandy (WW2 battle sites) Reims Cathedral

` `

Vineyards & Wine-tasting City of Versailles (history, art, architecture)

Exam Questions

Examine the factors that influence the development of primary / secondary / tertiary economic activities in a European region that you have studied. (30m) With reference to any one European region which you have studied, explain in detail two reasons why tourists might visit the region. (30m)