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Problem Statement

How do the differences between companies management styles explain the way they coordinated the production of the memory unit prototypes for the photocopying customer? Which company did better? 2. If Gamma was so much more effective than Beta, why didn t it the final contract? 3. What changes would you recommend to Beta and Gamma if they are to survive in the future in this increasing competitive industry?

Beta Vs Gamma- Analysis

Beta - Pros y Organizational Structure is Mechanistic y Organization structure is followed by rules and regulations y A clear hierarchy of authority y Centralized at the top level Gamma - Cons y Organization Structure is Organic y Organizational Structure is loose, free flowing and adaptive y Hierarchy of authority is not clear y De-centralized

Beta - Cons y Problem in communication y Information flow is not transparent y Subunit orientation y Regular progress meetings and brainstorming sessions required
y No quality check

Result y Preferred because the structure is suitable for large organization and long run

Gamma - Pros y Effective communication y Information flow is transparent y Team working together y Good only in small organization and short run y Can reduce the amount of time spend on meeting y Better quality Check Result y Not preferred because the structure is suitable for small organization and in the short run

Future Design
y Need for balance centralization and de-centralization y Centralization at the top level for certain

functionalities like financial, target setting and strategic decisions y Decentralization at the subunit level on resource allocation, team meetings, goal setting etc y Brainstorming sessions and transparency should be maintained in the information flow to who ever is concerned y Frequent update meetings will help in achieving synchronization