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1/31/12 Nigeria Newspapers -National Mirror -News from Nigeria - Nigerian workplac

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31/01/2012 03:03:00
Nigerian orkplace fraught ith deceit,
dishonest, sa eperts
Incessant cases of dishonest and non commitment to duties b orkers, including
instances of theft of compan s properties, are still a regular occurrence in the nation s
orkplaces. MESHACK IDEHEN rites that a ne orkplace orientation based on integrit
and honest is required.
In Jul 2008,some workers of a new generation bank in Lagos were arrested, investigated and paraded on
1/31/12 Nigeria Newspapers -National Mirror -News from Nigeria - Nigerian workplac
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LeIevIsIon by LIe poIIce Ior LIeIr purLIcIpuLIon In u IIgI wIred Iruud LIuL LIe poIIce suId seL LIe bunk buck by
cIose Lo N1; mIIIIon. AIso In zo1o, u ugos bused pubIIsIIng ouLIIL run u serIes oI dIscIuImers und wunLed
noLIce Ior Lwo oI ILs empIoyees LIe compuny suId connIved wILI ouLsIders Lo sLeuI over N8 mIIIIon suIes und
udverLIsIng revenues Irom LIem.
n LIe sume veIn, Lowurds LIe end oI yeur zo11 uL Ajuo EsLuLe In ugos, u munuIucLurIng compuny suId LIuL
some oI ILs workers Iuve been Iunded over Lo LIe poIIce Ior InvesLIguLIons, uILer IL wus dIscovered LIuL sIx oI
LIe workers; (un uccounLunL, u sLore munuger und sLore keeper; u receIpL cIerk und Lwo securILy men) Iud
been workIng In Lundem wILI Iour oI LIe compuny s mujor suppIIers Lo cIeuL LIe munuIucLurIng compuny oI
Iuge umounLs oI money und Iurge quunLILy oI goods, LIrougI dubIous InvoIcIng, receIpLIng und enLry und exIL
permILs InLo LIe compuny s premIses.
Bused on LIese InsLunces, IndusLrIuI reIuLIons experLs ure oI LIe opInIon LIuL LIe rIsIng cuses oI empIoyees
dIsIonesLy especIuIIy wILIIn orgunIsuLIons, cuIIs Ior concerLed eIIorLs Irom sLukeIoIders, wILI u vIew Lowurds
gIvIng workers u new orIenLuLIon geured uL cuILIvuLIng und muInLuInIng u IIgI workpIuce moruI und eLIIcuI
vuIue LIuL Is bused on InLegrILy. ormer PrIncIpuI Humun Resource Munuger In LIe ederuI CIvII ServIce, und
currenLIy MunugIng PurLner, Soreb ConsuILIng nLernuLIonuI, Mr. KunIe RoLImI, LoId NuLIonuI MIrror LIuL LIe
noLIon LIuL dIsIonesLy und sIurp prucLIces exIsL prImurIIy In LIe pubIIc servIce Is u Iurce, us prIvuLe secLor
workers, IncIudIng LIe skIIIed und unskIIIed, muy Iuve overLuken LIeIr counLerpurLs In LIe pubIIc servIce, us
Iur us sIurp prucLIces ure concerned. WIIIe reILeruLIng LIe cuIIs by experLs Ior u new orIenLuLIon umongsL
workers, RoLImI udded LIuL sucI new orIenLuLIon Is LIe onIy wuy LIe counLry und ILs workers IuLure cun be
He suId, TIe IeveI oI dIsIonesLy umongsL empIoyees In LIe counLry, Lo u Iurge exLenL Is dIsLurbIng. Muny
workers LIese duys IInd wuys Lo sIorL cIunge LIeIr orgunIsuLIon, eILIer by noL puLLIng In quuIILy LIme und
commILmenL Lo LIeIr responsIbIIILIes, or connIvIng wILI ouLsIders or even compeLILors Lo suLIsIy LIemseIves uL
LIe expense oI LIeIr orgunIsuLIon . SpeukIng IurLIer, RoLImI sLuLed LIuL LIougI LIe unwIoIesome ucLs Is
LruceubIe Lo LIe unIrIendIy economIc sILuuLIon In LIe counLry, resorLIng Lo pIIIerIng Irom work, or puLLIng In
Iess eIIorL LIun requIred, muy evenLuuIIy Ieud Lo LIe orgunIsuLIon s demIse In LIe Iong Lerm.
On IIs purL, LIe MunugIng DIrecLor oI Buckground CIeck nLernuLIonuI, Mr. KoIu OIugbodI suId us purL oI LIe
new orIenLuLIon und upproucI Lowurds eIImInuLIng dIsIonesLy umongsL workers, consIsLenL cIeckIng up on
presenL und poLenLIuI empIoyees musL be uppIIed. AddIng BC pIoneered LIe screenIng und verIIIcuLIon oI
empIoyee s buckground, becuuse oI LIe need Lo curLuII und mInImIse LIe rIsk ussocIuLed wILI brIngIng on
bourd, peopIe Irom dIverse buckground Lo ussIsL In reuIIsuLIon LIe vIsIon und objecLIve oI u
compuny,OIugbodI expIuIned LIuL n LIe more LIun 1 yeurs oI LIe compuny s operuLIon, over 1ooo cuses oI
1/31/12 Nigeria Newspapers -National Mirror -News from Nigeria - Nigerian workplac
3/3 nationalmirroronline.net/business/business-and-finance/30198.html?print
fale and in ome inance, ciminal docoing and peenaion of cedenial hae been ecoded, an effo
ha ha gone a long a in nipping poenial dihone and deceifl ac ihin hei oganiaion.
Eplaining he impoance fo oganiaion o ake poacie meae again inenal hef and dihone
pacice , he BCI managing dieco added ha modificaion m hae o be made o policie in he a
oganiaion ae n. Oganiaion m be conean ih h emploee ge dihone o deceifl.
Qeion hold be aked. Thi ep i ciical in inclcaing a ne oienaion, becae moe han 50 o 70
pecen of oganiaional loe ae de o emploee hef . While alo blaming ome emploe a
eponible fo making emploee eo o hap pacice,Olgbodi eplained ha hen emploe make
pomie he do no keep, o hae an inenion of keeping, hen ch become he cae, he oke a
ding hee emploe o he oganiaion ae looe, and hen age ch aea.
Alo commening on he challenge, Managemen Epe, M. Michael Kaode emphaied ha dihone on
inide abe i no limied o angible ae alone. Woke ae geneall dihone in aea he don feel
ece, hogh he leel of ch dihone ma a fom oganiaion o oganiaion. Being coninall
lae o ok, non being able o ok a a eam and no commimen o aignmen ae alo fom of decei .
He added