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FADE IN Title Sequence 1. EXT.

PARIS, EIFFEL TOWER - NIGHT 1 TONY RAY, in his late twenties, wearing a trench coat and hat, with his hands buried in his pockets, walks across the shot. TONY RAY (V.O.) Paris. City of love. City of passion. City where my best friend died. TONY RAY carries on walking through the streets then cuts to a shot of two silhouettes similarly dressed to TONY. One pulls a gun on the other and fires. TONY RAY (V.O.) FAST-EDDIE was not the kinda person to get himself in a sticky situation, so when I learned that he'd got gunned down in some Parisian backstreet Cuts back to TONY. Turning into backstreet. TONY RAY (V.O.) I had to take matters into my own hands. That's when it all began... TONY walks into a doorway and knocks on the door. TONY RAY (V.O.) Being a private detective has its benefits, I got contacts all over the world and some are more useful than others... TONY opens the door and enters the room. 2. INT. PARIS, APARTMENT - NIGHT 2 DETECTIVE CHARLOTTE MONTANA, early to mid twenties, is sitting seductively on a chair wearing a glamorous dress and holding a cigarette. TONY walks in. TONY RAY You don't dress like a detective. DETECTIVE MONTANA I'm off duty. TONY walks to another chair opposite hers and sits down,

then gets a cigarette and she lights it. DETECTIVE MONTANA Would you like a drink MR RAY? TONY RAY I'm on duty. TONY smiles at himself but quickly hides it as DETECTIVE MONTANA gets up and pours him a drink. DETECTIVE MONTANA Your rules are different to mine. TONY downs it. TONY RAY So tell me, what happened here? DETECTIVE MONTANA FRANC, he's back. TONY looks surprised. FADE TO BLACK