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Dear: Ms.


My past English writing classes were filled with having to write essays, short stories, poem and things of that nature. I feel that I have gone through and passed the typical high school English classes everyone has had to take. Last semester I took English 1101 and this time around it wasnt the typical English class that I would have expected it to be. Through out the semester we wrote in our journals constantly and worked a lot on revising our personal literary papers. The entire semester we basically did activities that helped us in revising our paper and finishing our final portfolios. I dont have any concerns about this class for now, I just hope that throughout this semester my overall skills as a writer improve. Personally I dont enjoy reading or writing Im not against it, I just find it boring. Throughout out my middle school and high school career my teachers assigned books I had to read that I had no interest in. on top of that I had to write papers on those books. I guess having to do this constantly made me view reading and writing the way I currently do. I cant necessarily recall bad or good experiences about reading and writing. I always viewed it as something I had to do if I wanted to pass the class. I was never frustrated or complained about the work I always read and did my work because it was the only way out of the situation. The types of research I have done are research on books, places, products and I almost always wrote some form of informative research paper explaining my findings or summarizing my views on the information I have gained through my research.

Ifeanyi Umeugo