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CHA3U1 American History

FINAL EXAMINATION Date: Time: Pages: Teacher: 1.5 hours 4 Mr. Flosman

Name: ___________________________ Instructions: 1. Check that you have all of the examination pages. 2. Print your first and last name on each page of the exam paper and on the Scantron card. 3. A mark of zero will be given to students who copy another students work. 4. Read each question carefully. Note the marks allotted for each question and plan the use of your time accordingly. 5. All answers are to be written in complete sentences, adhering to the standard rules of English usage with respect to punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, and spelling. Note: Point form answers will not be graded. 6. At the conclusion of the exam fold your exam paper with the foolscap pages inside of it like a book. On the outside of the exam paper write your name and the number of pages of foolscap you have used. 7. Be sure to write your name on each piece of foolscap used. You may write on both sides of the foolscap paper.


MULTIPLE CHOICE (26 x 1 = 26 marks) Time: (10 minutes) (T/I) Select the best answer for each of the following questions, marking your selection using a pencil on the Scantron card provided.


Identification (7 x 2 =14 marks) Time: (20 minutes) (T/I/K) Identify any seven (7) of the following terms. Having done so, explain their significance to American history . (Identification: 1 mark, Explanation: 1 mark) Watergate Salem Witch Trials Declaration of Independence Gettysburg Address Isolationism

Osama Bin Laden Gulf of Tonkin Emmit Till Marshall Plan Ronald Reagan

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Essay (1 x 30 =30 marks) Time: (50 minutes) (A/K/I)

Students are to answer one of the following essay questions. Students are STRONGLY ADVISED to construct a point form outline before answering the question to ensure their answer is both complete and unified. The answer itself must be written in full sentences and paragraphs, adhering to proper sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, etc. 24 marks will be assigned for historical argument and content 6 marks will be assigned for writing style and form Employing specific historical information drawn from three centuries, from 1619 to 2010, write an essay that defends or refutes ONE of the following statements or questions: 1) 2) Since its origin, America has consistently lived up to its city on a hill status. Since 1945, Americas values have been tested more than during any other time in its history. 3) America can be summed up by the last line of the Star Spangled Banner (national anthem); it states that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. 4) War is in the blood of every American.

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