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******************************************************************** SPYKA WEBMASTER - HTTP://WWW.SPYKA.

NET FREE WEB TEMPLATES AND RESOURCES FOR WEBMASTERS ******************************************************************** This is a free web template by spyka webmaster (http://www.spyka.net)

1. Customizing this template ----------------------------------------To change the text, content, links etc. open the index.html in your preferred HT ML editor, whether it be notepad, dreamweaver or frontpage. To change the CSS open styles.css in a HTML/CSS editor and change the appropriat e values to suit your needs. Need more help? Try our webmaster forums - http://spyka.net/forums 2. Terms of use/License ----------------------------------------This template has been released under a Creative Commons Attribution license, th is means you can use the template as long as a visible link to spyka Webmaster (http://www.spyka.net) remains in the footer. This condition can be waived by purchasing a template license for 8.00 (See 4. Te mplate License in this document) For more information of the license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ 3. Template License ----------------------------------------The link back to spyka.net and any other copyright/information relating to spyka .net can be removed with the purchase of a template license. A license costs 8.00 (Approx $12USD) per template per site and gives the site owner/webmaster the right to remove thi s information. To purchase a license or for more information see: http://www.spyka.net/licensin g 4. Other information ----------------------------------------Please contact us if you need more information about template licences, use of o ur templates or other queries - spyka.net/contact