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Development Plan for Rhoan Hill

Development Objective #1- Improve decision making. Action Items: y y y y Discuss my decision making ability with my General Manager. Include team members in the decision making process, if feasible. Weigh the risk of making a decision with incomplete information versus waiting to be fully informed. Consider the perspective of guests and other team members when making key decisions.

Development Objective #2- Create accountability for performance. Action Items: y y y y Clearly communicate expectations to employees and hold them responsible for meeting those expectations. Solicit feedback on my performance from employees, peers, and my General Manager. Provide timely feedback to employees and develop plans to address areas of weakness. Encourage employees to be responsible for their own performance objectives.

Development Objective #3- Demonstrate team orientation. Action Items: y y y Regularly involve employees in setting restaurant goals and objectives. Engage in one-on-one meetings with employees to discuss work-related issues. Maintain an open door policy for employees and other managers.

Development Objective #4- Focus on creating quality guest services. Action Items: y y y Follow-up with guests after significant interactions to ensure their satisfaction. Demonstrate a sense of urgency in the areas that matter most to the guests. Share customer feedback with employees and managers; use this information to discuss ways to improve guest services.

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Ensure that all employees are educated about Darden s core value of Being of Service . Regularly analyze how guest-related issues are handled and implement improvements to the process when necessary.