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Q 1. Who has bowled the most maidens (six-ball overs) in a Test innings? Q 2. Which former first-class cricketer spent three-and-a-half years in prison during second World War? Q 3. Clarrie Grimmett, at 44, was the oldest man to reach 200 Test wickets. Who's next, at 36? Q 4. Which two sports are missing from this list, and why? Athletics, ___, Fencing, ___ and Swimming (note: it's nothing to do with the modern pentathlon) Q 5. Anura Tennekoon and Harilal Shah were the fiirst to do it, on the same day at the 1975 World Cup. Kevin O'Brien was the 12th and last (to date) to do it, in 2010. Shane Warne is the only one of the dozen to do it without getting out. What is it?

1. Alf Valentine sent down 49 maidens in one innings (from 92 bowled!) for West Indies v England at Trent Bridge in 1950. Bobby Peel actually bowled 56 maidens for England v Australia at Melbourne in 1884-85, but those were four-ball overs 2. EW Swanton 3. Stuart McGill 4. Cycling and gymnastics, and they are the only five sports to have been contested at each and every summer Olympics since 1896 5. They all scored 0 in their first one-day international as captain - Warnie made 0 not out.