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ORDER Wo, Avsp208se2¢8 Service Manual Production Mixer WJ-MX50 SPECIFICATIONS Source input x4 (SOURCE 1/2/3/4) Composite Video Input 1,0 Vp-p/75 Onme, PAL signal, ENC x4 S-Video Input ¥ signal; 10 Vp-2/75 Ohms, C sonal; 03 Vp-p/75 Ohms, Mini OIN 4 connector x4 Audio input SOURCE 1/2; XLA-typex2, +4 dm/600 ohms (Balanced), Left and Right SOURCE 3/4 Pn-jackx2, ~6 cBS/20 Kohms (Unbalanced) Lelt and Fight Auxiliary Audio Input x2 (Auxt/2) =6d85/20 Kohns, Pin-jack (Unbalanced), Left end Right Merophone Input {60 dBv/600 ohms, unbalanced, tip-ring-sleeve type phone jackx1 Eternal Camera Input 1.0 Vp-p/T ohms, PAL comeosiie signal, BNCX! Y signal; 1.0 Vp-2/75 ohms, © signal; 03 Vp-p/75 ohms, Mini DIN 4 connectors t GPlinput Make-contact, BNCXt Character (TITLE) Input 10-pin connector for optional Character Generator WV-KE12A, WJ-KB1S, Ww-B50, Program Output x2 (PROGRAM OUT 1/2) Composite Video Output 4.0 Vp-p/75 onms PAL signal, BNC <2 S-Video Outpu. Y signal; 1.0 Vp-p/75 ohms, C signal: 0.3 Vp-p/75 ohms, Mini DIN 4 connactorx2 Audio Output PROGRAM OUT 1; XLA-typex, +4dB5/47 ohms (Balanced), Left and Right PROGRAM OUT 2; Pin-jack 1, -6689/47 ohms (Unbalanced), .ett and Right Previw Output 1.0 Yp-p/75 ohne, PAL composte signal, BNCX! Back Burst Output Advance Syne Output Advance Relerence Output Headphone Output 20 dBv - ~B0dBv, 8 ohms unbalanced, tip-rirg-sleeve type 1one jack x1! Panasonic ——— Digital Etiects Matte Gorours Wipe Patterns Joystick Control Audio Mixer Others Video Samotina Frequency Range Frequency Responce Gain S/N (Typical) Differential Gain Ditterential Fase Paver Sowece Power Consumption Ambient Operating Temperature Ambient Operating Humility Dimensions Wight Nega, Mosaic, Mono, Paint, iil, Strobe, Mull, Trail, A/V Synchro, Frame Colour Bar, White, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Hed, Blue, lack. 287 Patterns Positioner, Colour Correction. A-bus, B-bus, AUX-1, AUX-2, Mi, Master ‘Autio-Follow, Avto-Take, Aulu-Fatle, Mennay, Spetial Muu 4:1: 1,Y = 143 MHz (936 fH, B-bit component Sync; 15825 KHzct300 Hz SU; 4433619 MH2eaU Hz Y/C signal, 4.5 Mts (at =248) Composite Video Signal 4.5 MHz (at ~308) ‘Aucio; 20 - 20 KH2 (at ~3 dB) ‘Unity (Video) 56 dB (S-Video), 50 dB (Composite), 70dB (Audio at 1 KHz} £8° (Composite) £5 % (Composite) 220 - 240V AC 50 He Operation mode; Approximately 450 Stand-by mode; Approximately SW o- 40°C, Less than 90% 480 (WW) 164 (H)< 396 (0) mm 68 Ko Weight and dimensions indicated above are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice Thie symbol warns the weer that uninouloted voltage with in the unit may have suifcient magnitude to cause electric shock, Therefore, it is dangerous to make any kind of con tet with ony inside part ofthis wri TQREDUCE Te max oF ECT SHER 00 This symbol slerts the user that imoortant trature con VICEABLE PATS NGI cerning the operation and maintenance of this unit has HETER SERVING TO. GUALIFED.seRvice sen reeiaaee Therefore. it should he read carefully in order to avoid any problems. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE ‘There are spacial componente uced in this equipment which are inpurtat for safey. These parts are incicated By “AS mark on the schematic diagram and the replacement parts list. It ie eeeentat thot those should be repleced with manufactures specified parts to prevent shock. fire. or other hazards. D9 not modify the original design without permission of manufacture CONTENTS Maior Operating Controls and Their Functions 3 Adjustment Procedure : 14 Location of fest Point and Adjusting Controls veces see 2D Chip Components a 2B Wiring Diagram 25 Block Diagram Meter board 26 Power board viene viene 27 Analog board oo... nl cee 2B Digital board 30 Switch board 22.20... Sees cette BH Audio board : a cee 32 Schematic Diagram Analog board ae DEBE SoSEEE 3B Digital board... cette viteeees 37 Audio board 22... eereenn Pies 3B Meter-1 board 2.2... viens vite al Switch board vee ——— se 42 power board 46 Meter-2 board... 2.2... ceseseeaes cee a7 Rear board ........ Seren fies 49 Conductor View ‘Analog board Beare GoGo S ease oSoHEE 35 Digital board «2.2... Serer vee 36 Audio board ...... COB EGDOSECHE a 39 Meter-1 board 2.2... viene a at Switch board ee aaa ce 4B Powerboard ........... 45 : Meter-2 board : 48 Rear board 50 Exploded View no vetoes see OT Replacement Parts List Soe tiene 52