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Persuasive Writing


Name: _____________________________
Date: ______________________________ Title of Work: __________________________
Criteria Pts.
4 3 2 1

Position is clearly
Position is clearly Statement of
stated and
stated and Position is stated, but position cannot
Position consistently is not maintained be determined.
Statement maintained. Clear consistently
References to the ____
references to the throughout work.
issue(s) at hand
issue(s) are stated.
are missing.

Evidence clearly
Evidence clearly
supports the Argument is Evidence is
Supporting supports the
position; but there supported by limited unrelated to ____
Information position; evidence
is not enough evidence. argument.
is sufficient.

Some attempt to
Structure structure the
Structure of work
developed argument has been There is a total
Organization is clearly ____
reasonably well, made, but the lack of structure.
but lacks clarity. structure is poorly

Tone enhances
Tone is consistent Tone does not Tone is
Tone Of Letter and enhances contribute to inappropriate to ____
but there are
persuasiveness. persuasiveness. purpose.

Sentence structure
is generally Work contains Work pays little
Sentence Sentence structure correct. Some structural attention to
Structure is correct. awkward weaknesses and proper sentence
sentences do grammatical errors. structure.

There are four

There is one error There are two or
Punctuation and or more errors
Punctuation & in punctuation three errors in
capitalization are in punctuation ____
Capitalization and/or punctuation and/or
correct. and/or
capitalization. capitalization.

Total ____

Notes and Comments:

D. Brown/2005
The Learning Exchange